30 Top Wine Instagram Influencers To Collaborate With In 2023

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Wine is a widely beloved beverage with a rich culture, history, and flavor. The wine business is expanding quickly, and influencers are assisting wine brands all over the world in this expansion.

Since many wine influencers are also sommeliers or wine professionals, they frequently use their extensive knowledge of wine in their influencer marketing campaigns. Wine influencers deliver a high return on investment for famous wine brands, whether they are writing reviews, visiting vineyards, or simply chatting with followers on IGTV over a glass of pinot.

Here are some of the top wine influencers on Instagram to collaborate with in 2023 and run the best wine marketing campaigns, as well as the ways you can find top wine Instagram influencers.

How to find top wine Instagram influencers?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to find influencers that can help you take your influencer marketing to the next level. It makes sense, then, that there would be a lot of top wine Instagram influencers out there. But how do you find the best ones? Here are some tips: 

1. Use an influencer marketplace.

2. Use related hashtags to find wine influencers.

3. Look for influencers who are active in wine-related groups and forums.

4. Search Google to find influencers.

5. Look at your followers and followings list.

6. Monitor your competitors’ social media followers, mentions, and tags.

7. Start following top wine blogs and food and wine bloggers.

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30 Top wine Instagram influencers

1- Megan Greco (@ifyoupourit)

Megan is a fun-loving wine-obsessed ditsy blonde from St. Louis, Missouri. She’s set out on a mission to educate you along the way and discover the best wines and spirits in every price range.

Although she has always loved wine and spirits, talking about them in the conversation has always seemed scary to her. She was aware of her passion for French white wines, but she wondered why they were not Burgundy in color. For this reason, she works hard to simplify things for you, make wine and alcoholic beverages more approachable, and provide reviews.

Megan Greco is now one of the wine Instagram influencers with 23.6K followers.

Contact Megan Greco

2- Casleah Herwaldt (@bythestem)

Casleah is a Certified Sommelier with a wide range of wine industry experiences. She’s organized sold-out events across Napa Valley, worked as a floor sommelier for a Michelin-starred chef, served as a brand ambassador for a New Zealand vineyard, and even started her own wine label.

As one of the successful wine influencers on Instagram, she has gathered 16K followers. She wants to make wine for everyone enjoyable, approachable, and thrilling! She’s constantly on the lookout for newly discovered wineries and the newest trends in the wine industry! She loves organizing wine events and presenting private and virtual wine tastings.

Connect with Casleah Herwaldt

3- Nicole Muscari (@grapechic)

Nicole Muscari is one of the top wine Instagram influencers with 32.8K followers. She left the fashion industry to pursue wine. Nicole has one of the top wine blogs, where she shares wine reviews and wine travel tips.

Talk to Nicole Muscari

4- Rebecca Meir (@winestyleto)

With more than ten years of experience working in some of Canada’s best restaurants, including Canoe, Luma, and Maple Leafs Sport & Entertainment, Rebecca continues to hone and broaden her keen palate. Her hunger for information about wine is never-ending, which is fortunate because she is frequently invited to wine regions throughout the world to explore, taste, and judge. Still, all roads lead her back home to Canada, one of her favorite wine regions.

Rebecca is a co-owner of Chef & Somm, the city of Toronto’s only custom-made private dining and sommelier service, together with her partner, Chef Eyal Liebman. Rebecca and her partners are successful food and wine bloggers.

Chat with Rebecca Meir

5- Olya S Troxel (@calwinelife)

She has almost ten years of expertise as a wine professional. Before her husband, she launched their own company, VinAtlas; she worked as a wine buyer, sommelier, wine bartender, consultant, and guest services representative at wineries.

They sold 2000 cases of our wine in two successful vintages. Together, they wanted to start a family, so they changed their brand concept to be more family-focused. The Troxel Family Estate trademark was thus established in 2019.

Olya is also one of the wine influencers on Instagram who has amassed 19K followers on Instagram.  

Partner with Olya S Troxel

6- John Jackson (@attorneysomm)

John is a lawyer who also holds a level four wine certification from the WSET (DipWSET with merit), and he spends a large portion of his time working in the wine industry. His wine videos, many of which concentrate on wine collecting strategies, wine recommendations, wine travel tips, and food and wine pairing, are how he pursues my passion for wine on his Instagram account. John has 22.8K followers on his IG account, where famous wine brands can find a chance to execute the best wine marketing campaigns.

Collaborate with John Jackson

7- Paige Comrie (@winewithpaige)

Paige Comrie is one of the popular wine influencers on Instagram and a wine blogger who started one of the top wine blogs, wine with Paige, to combine two of her favorite things: wine and photography. But it quickly evolved into so much more.

Now she shares her favorite wines with you along with the fascinating stories of the people who made them, look for the best wine experiences and products for you, and hopes to encourage others to lead a “wine lifestyle” wherever they may be. To her, that phrase means elevating every day, enjoying the little moments, and taking time to sip and savor everything life has to offer.

Contact Paige Comrie

8- Mindy (@caliwinegal)

She started to fall in love with wine and the connections it made between people. Her first love, as someone who enjoys the finer things in life, was champagne… a bottle of Krug, to be exact. This love grew into a passion for all things wine! She took a deep dive into learning more about the world of wine by taking formal courses through WSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) and French Wine Scholar. 

Now she is one of the professional wine Instagram influencers and owns one of the top wine blogs, caliwinegal.co.

Talk to Mindy

9- Raquel Royers (@watchmesip)

Raquel Royers is a Certified Specialist in Wine and Spirits, and she has WSET Level 3. Her passion is everything and everything wine because she lives and works in wine country. She divides her time between Watch Me Sip, her blog, and Creative Sip Marketing, where she serves as a marketing consultant for other wineries and small businesses, assisting them in achieving their goals.

Negotiate with Raquel Royers

10- Sara Kaine (@ollyverthewino)

Sara Kaine is one of the other certified wine influencers who has WSET Level 3. This wine expert is also a world traveler, marketer expert, and lifestyle influencer. She is a micro influencer with 10.3K followers on her IG account who is ready to collaborate and grow your brand globally.

Contact Sara Kaine

11- Desiree (@winonoire)

She established WINO NOIRE to document her journey as a growing wine professional, and since then, she’s built a community of people who shares her passion for wine, travel, and lifestyle. Despite earning a level 3 certification from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), her reputation in the social media space has been built on her down-to-earth approach to wine and transparency with her audience.

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She is one of the best wine educators and wine influencers who is a good choice for your brand to collaborate with and grow top wine brands in the USA.

Talk to Desiree

12- Robert Vernick (@wineterroir)

He is a wine blogger, wine writer, wine influencer, or whatever label people use for content creators who leverage social media to build a community. As one of the wine influencers on Instagram, Robert Vernick has amassed 52K followers and can help top wine brands in the USA grow.

He has also started one of the top wine blogs Wine Terroir after earning his WSET Diploma to talk about what distinguishes one wine from another.

Collaborate with Robert Vernick

13- James Molesworth (@jmolesworth1)

In 1997, James Molesworth began working at Wine Spectator as a tasting coordinator. In 2004, he was elevated to senior editor. He serves as the chief taster for Port, Bordeaux, and the Rhône Valley in France, as well as Cabernet and Pinot Noir from California. Molesworth, a native New Yorker, was brought up by wine-loving parents.

Partner with James Molesworth

14- Paul Laurie (@essexwineman)

Paul Laurie is a wine columnist for Essex Living Magazine. He is well-known on social media with the handle Essexwineman for his global wine tastings. Paul promotes and raises money for The Burnt Chef Project, a nonprofit with the aim of making the hospitality industry healthier and more sustainable when he is not sharing his expertise and love of wine on Instagram.

Chat with Paul Laurie

15- Ashley (@smashleythegrape)

Ashley is one of the wine influencers who has gathered 23.4K followers on her Instagram account and is a good choice if you are looking for an influencer to run one of the best wine marketing campaigns.

This certified wine expert shares daily wine tips and wine reviews on her account.

Connect with Ashley

16- Wine Enthusiast (@wineenthusiast)

Wine Enthusiast is a comprehensive source for the curious wine lover. They offer global coverage of wine, food, travel, and cocktails, thousands of ratings and reviews, plus exclusive products from storage to stemware.

As one of the famous wine brands, it has 520K followers on its Instagram account.

Contact Wine Enthusiast

17- Lorena Woods (@lorenawinediary)

Lorena has probably been drinking wine for 12 years. As one of the wine bloggers, she’s made the decision to continue learning and really study for it, while also having fantastic experiences and surrounding herself with wine enthusiasts. 

Chat wirh Lorena Woods

18- Lexi (@lexiswinelist)

She started her blog and wine tasting business because she enjoys giving regular wine lovers approachable wine education and events. She’s passionate about providing wine recommendations, teaching the basics of wine tasting, and helping people to select wines they love.

Lexi is also one of the successful wine Instagram influencers with 14.8K followers.

Collaborate with Lexi

19- Madeline Puckette (@madelinepuck)

Wine Folly’s co-founder and chief wine expert is Madeline Puckette. She is a James Beard Award winner for Wine Communicator of the Year 2019 and a licensed sommelier. She worked as an electronic producer and graphic designer before founding Wine Folly in 2011. Wine Folly has become a phenomenon on the internet thanks to her passion and love for wine. Her beautiful infographics and in-depth, information-packed posts will extend your perspective on the world of wine, whether you are a wine expert or a newbie.

Connect with Madeline Puckette

20- Ken Fredrickson (@kenfredricksonms)

Following critical acclaim for his wine programs, while working with world-renowned chefs Charlie Trotter (Charlie Trotter’s ) and Wolfgang Puck (Spago, Chinois), Fredrickson ultimately attained the rank of Master Sommelier in 2000. 

He is a Wine and Spirits Professional who is active on Instagram as one of the wine influencers to share his wine reviews and experience with his 51.4K followers.

Chat with Ken Fredrickson

21- Stella Rosa® Wines (@stellarosa)

In addition to making semi-sweet, semi-sparkling Italian wines that have won awards, Stella Rosa is about evolving with the spirit of the times when it comes to wine trends and popular culture.

As one of the famous wine brands, the Instagram account of Stella Rosa has 219K followers.

Contact Stella Rosa® Wines

22- Melissa & Jeff (@drinkthebottles)

Melissa & Jeff are married wine bloggers with 12K followers on their Instagram accounts. They write about wines that they know you will enjoy. Their Instagram account is where you can find their wine reviews, food, travel, and everything about their wine tribe.

Connect with Melissa & Jeff

23- Chrishon Lampley (@lovecorkscrew)

Chrishon Lampley is a black female businesswoman that is taking on the wine industry and expanding her brand. She is also one of the successful wine influencers on Instagram.

She used to own Three Peas which was an art gallery and bar on Michigan Ave in Chicago. Her passion for wine began to grow as a result of the frequent requests for wine-pairing suggestions from her clients.

Chat with Chrishon Lampley

24- Jon McDaniel (@mcvino82)

One of the most well-known wine professors and professionals in America is Jon McDaniel. He was named Wine Enthusiast’s 40 Under 40 Tastemakers, Food + Wine Magazine’s Sommelier of the Year, and an Italian knight in Piemonte and Verona.

Having worked in every aspect of the wine industry, he brings expertise and enthusiasm to both the consumers and the wine trade. He is also one of the wine influencers whose wine Instagram account has more than 14K followers.

Negotiate with Jon McDaniel

25- Wade Cellars (@dwadecellars)

Wade Cellars strives to make the wine industry more inclusive to people of all backgrounds by consciously growing production and creating opportunities for access and education for all those who choose to indulge in this affordable luxury.

He has one of the top wine blogs, and Instagram accounts as one of the well-known wine influencers. If you want to execute one of the best wine marketing campaigns, don’t miss the chance to collaborate with him.

Partner with Wade Cellars

26- David Razzari (@_drazzari)

David Razzari is a wine enthusiast who has become well-known for his online reviews and recommendations. He has amassed a large following of wine enthusiasts who appreciate his honest and informative approach to wine education on Instagram. 

Chat with David Razzari

27- Pascaline Lepeltier (@pascalinelepeltier)

Pascaline Lepeltier, a master sommelier who was born in France and now resides in New York, is responsible for 2000+ wines at Racines NYC, one of the best wine locations in the country. Pascaline became the first woman to receive the prestigious “Personality of the Year Award” from La Revue du Vin de France in 2019 after being chosen as the best French sommelier in 2018.

Contact Pascaline Lepeltier

28- Domaine Artefact (@domaine_artefact)

Mark and Lynn together have built the Estate from the ground up, sharing all responsibilities beginning with the vision of the estate to planning, planting, and management. Their travels abroad have provided them the great fortune to experience wine from some of the best wine regions in the world. When it comes to creating wines for Domaine Artefact, Mark, a self-taught winemaker, brings his sophisticated palate, skill, and enthusiasm. Lynn imbues Domaine Artefact with her warm spirit and generous hospitality.

Chat with Domaine Artefact

29- Julia Coney (@juliaconey)

Julia Coney, a wine industry specialist, author, and the founder of Black Wine Professionals has put her knowledge of the wine business into a useful tool for black wine professionals. Coney has contributed to many publications and attracted many commercial collaborations in her capacity as a contributing editor for Wine Enthusiast and Vine Pair.

Connect with Julia Coney

30- Robin & Andréa (@mcbridesisters)

Robin and Andréa’s found themselves together in California, fueled by a shared passion for all things wine, wine-making, and a desire to shake up the industry with a blend of old-world elegance and new-world finesse. It was then that the McBride Sisters Collection was born.

They are also famous wine influencers on Instagram with 150K followers, ready to help famous wine brands run the best wine marketing campaigns.

Talk to Robin and Andréa


In conclusion, these are the top wine Instagram influencers to collaborate with. They have a great following, engage with their audience, and produce quality content. If you’re looking to get into the wine industry or grow your wine business, these are the people you want to work with.

1- What is a wine influencer?

Wine influencers are influential social media users, bloggers, or vloggers with numerous followers and a taste for wine. They have a passion for wine, and working with them will help you expose your products to a wider audience.

2- How do you promote wine on Instagram?

Here are some tips to promote your wine on Instagram:
1- Get Started with Instagram
2- Use Hashtag Strategy
3- Create Your Own Instagram Wine Story
4- Put the spotlight on the collaboration with a client/visit from a wine lover.
5- Show what work is going on right now at the winery.

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