60+ Hottest Instagram Influencers To Follow [2022 Non-Celebrity]

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In this era, social media is getting more and more popular and the popularity of hot models is also on the rise. Instagram is ranked as one of the topmost platforms that is filled with hot models.

Are you looking to add some thrill to your Instagram feed by following sexy Instagram models? 

Look no further! In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the top attractive Instagram models out there and why you should follow them. From fitness stars to fashion bloggers, these influencers have something to offer. 

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60+ Hottest Instagram Influencers

1- Alison Kay Bowles (@alisonbowles)

Alison Bowles is a well-known American fashion model. She is known for her attractive appearance and charming smile. She rose to fame for being a model who has featured for several brands. Her photographs have appeared on magazine cover pages. She is well-known on several social media sites, including Instagram. 

Alison Bowles is one of the hot Instagram influencers and has a total of 255k Instagram followers, where she shares her mesmerizing hot images in different outfits and amasses her fans.

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2- Bree Smith (@bree.smith)

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Bree is one of the hot Instagram influencers with 61.5k followers. This micro influencer is a great fit for local brands looking for a beauty to collaborate and promote their brand awareness.

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3- Crystal Rischer (@crystaljanemodel)

She is one of the hottest IG models and has 15.7k followers. She is a successful model, actress, psychotherapist, and licensed clinical social worker.

Her Instagram account mostly consists of her traveling, family life, and fashionable photographs.

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4- Olga Cerpita (@olgacerpita)

Olga is another hot babe on our list who has worked as a model for New York – Decorum models, LA – Nous Models,  LA – Models Runway, Germany – Louisa Models, and Greece – Ace models.

Her Instagram account, with 24.9k followers, is full of her modeling and travel posts.

Contact Olga Cerpita

5- Zuzanna Bijoch (@bijochzuzanna)

She is an internationally renowned supermodel who first rose to fame as the face of Miuccia Prada‘s 2011 collection. She has since gone on to model from Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen, amongst a slew of others.

She is one of the top attractive Instagram models with 348k followers.

Connect with Zuzanna Bijoch

6- Tiffany Tran (@totallytiffanymn)

 Tiffany deserves to be on the list of sexiest IG models. She uses her Instagram account with 34.3k followers to share fashion, modeling, makeup, and travel posts.

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7- Lameka Fox (@lamekafox)

Lameka Fox is a popular model signed to IMG Models. She has since starred in campaigns for a variety of fashion labels and been featured in editorials for a number of renowned magazines.

As one of the hottest girls on Instagram, she has 222k followers.

Contact Lameka Fox

8- Kristina Kim (@kristina77785)

 Kristina Kim is another fashion model on our list. Her Instagram account, with 21k followers, is where you can see her modeling, travel, and lifestyle posts.

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9- Michele Malone (@michele_malone)

If you check out Michele Malone’s Instagram handle, you will see that she has uploaded many hot photoshoot photographs and some of her family and travel posts and Stories.

This hot fashion model has 23.9k followers on her Instagram account.

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10- Alanna Arrington (@alannaarrington)

Alanna Arrington is Victoria’s Secret model who’s also done work for American Apparel and Louis Vuitton. She was featured on the cover of Wonderland Magazine’s June 2016 edition.

She has become one of the hot Instagram influencers and gained 250k followers.

Connect with Alanna Arringt

11- Angela Jonsson (@angela.jonsson)

Angela is a model who lives in NYC. She has 22.5k Instagram followers and uses her IG account to share photos and videos of her flawless beauty.

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12- Velonika Pome’e (@veronicapomee)

Velonika is a plus-size model from Polynesia. She is undoubtedly one of the hottest IG models with 48.9k followers. This model appeared on the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and was the first Polynesian woman to do so. 

Her poses in her photos fully prove her sense of self-confidence and body positivity.

Collaborate with Velonika Pome’e

13- Bella Daria (@belladxoxo)

Are you looking for one of the sexiest IG models? Follow Bella Daria to be impressed by this hot swimsuit model’s charming face and dazzling looks.

Talk to Bella Daria

14- Bruna Lírio (@brunalirio)

Ragazzo Model Management and MC2 Models have both worked with her. She has almost 363,000 Instagram followers and is one of the sexiest IG models.

Bruna Lirio is an established model. Bruna was born in Brazil on September 11, 1994.

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15- Sarah J (@ilovesarahj)

She’s one of the hot babes on Instagram with 112k followers and is a Maxim Magazine model. Her Instagram account mostly consists of her traveling photos, workout videos, and fashionable photographs.

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16- Carina Harris (@carinafashion)

She is one of the top attractive Instagram models with 45.8k followers. Her pictures and videos are explicit, and she looks ravishing and desirable in all of them.

Talk to Carina Harris

17- Sarah Lunt (@sarahluntfit)

Sarah Lunt is a fitness trainer with 27.4k followers on her Instagram account. She is one of the hottest fitness and lifestyle models you can reach out to on Instagram.

Contact Sarah Lunt

18- Diana Banya (@dianabanya) 

Diana is an actress and a model. Her beautiful pictures are posted on her Instagram account and let her gain 10.9k followers. She is going viral, and more and more people started following her to get a glimpse of her new style.

Connect with Diana Banya

19- Krys Evans (@iamkrysevans)

This professional rapper, singer, and model is becoming more and more popular on Instagram. Her perfect body has made her one of the hot Instagram influencers.

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20- Cristiana Daia (@cristianadaia)

She is well-known for her glamorous photos and selfies on Instagram, and her followers love her pictures to the core. This sexy Instagram model has more than 3k followers on Instagram.

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21- swimsuit.hotties

This is one of the sexiest Instagram accounts. There are posts from hot babes on this account. People can contact them if they’d like to grow their Instagram account organically, with thousands of real followers who are interested in their content.

Collaborate with swimsuit.hotties

22- Eelle Monae (@elle.monae)

Elle Monae is an American model and reality TV star who appeared on Too Hot to Handle (Season 2) in 2021 as one of the contestants. Born in 1996, Elle Monae hails from Washington, United States.

As one of the hot Instagram influencers, she has gained 96.8k followers.

Talk to Elle Monae

23- Ka’la (@te_amo_kala)

Kala’s Instagram account, with 14.9k followers, is where you can see her sparkling photos, in which we can witness her precise interest in looking hot and glamorous. 

Contact Ka'la

24- Katrina V (@katrinalovev)

Are you looking for one of the hottest girls on Instagram? Then you should see Katrina’s account. Katrina is a gorgeous woman who has 38.7k Instagram followers, thanks to her natural curves and hot looks.

Chat with Katrina

25- Ashlyn Nicole Ste Claire (@ashlynsteclaire)

Ashlyn Nicole Ste Claire is a sexy fashion model based in Orlando, Florida. Her Instagram account, with 13.1k followers, is where you can see her work-related posts.

Connect with Ashlyn

26- Mollie Hannah Gould (@foreveramollie)

Mollie Hannah Gould is one of the sexy Instagram models with 79.7k followers. Her posts and Stories cover her fitness workouts, travel, lifestyle, etc.

Contact Mollie Hannah Gould

27- Koleen Diaz (@koleendz)

Koleen Diaz is a Filipina YouTuber, Instagram celebrity, and social media personality. She rose to fame and came into the limelight for her makeup and fashion specialist YouTube channel called xxoLeeny. She has garnered millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. 

As one of the sexiest IG models, she has 754k followers. Her busty curves and gorgeous face do all the talking while she gets clicked.

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28- Alyssa Lynch (@alyssalynch)

Alyssa Lynch is a Canadian-born actress, musician, model, and dancer based in Los Angeles. Alyssa Lynch also starred in the films “The Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story” and “The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story.” She is also a social media figure, with a large following on Instagram.

Contact Alyssa Lynch

29- Emma Rose (@emmaleger)

Emma works as a model. She rose to fame as a professional model who has been on the cover pages of magazines such as Maxim International, FHM Spain, and Men’s Health Greece. She is a fitness ambassador of Mass Nutrition Australia and Women’s Best company.

She is one of the hot Instagram influencers who has earned 617k followers by uploading her mesmerizing hot images and attracting her fans.

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30- Andreane Chamberland (@andreanec)

Andreane Chamberland is a Canadian model and social media star best known for her Instagram account. She has earned popularity for her chic fashion and risque bikini modeling with lifestyle photos.

Chat with Andreane Chamberland

31- Cassaundra Kelly (@cassaundrakelly)

Cassaundra Kelly is a famous Instagram Star born on June 16, 1989, in Canada. Model who has risen to fame for her self-titled Instagram account. She has earned massive popularity for her risque lingerie, bikini, and glam fashion modeling.

Connect with Cassaundra Kelly

32- Corina Bunea (@corinaa_b)

If you are looking for hot Instagram influencers, Corina Bunea is all you need. She is one of the hottest girls on Instagram, with 427k followers. Her fit body, butt poses, and bikini poses make her one of the hottest properties on Instagram.

Contact Corina Bunea

33- Sophi Knight-Witkoff (@sophiknight)

Sophi Knight is a beautiful and famous young model and social media influencer born in Toronto, Canada, on November 5, 1998, and currently, she is living in Toronto, Canada.

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34- Danika Brysha (@danikabrysha)

Danika is one of the famous and trending celebs who is popular for being a model. She has modeled for numerous clothing brands like Forever 21, Target, and Kohls and is the founder and CEO of the healthy meal delivery series Model Meals. 

As one of the hot Instagram Influencers, she has 65.5k followers.

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35- Shelby Fetterman (@shhhelbss)

Shelby Fetterman is an Irish-born and American-based curvy fashion model and social media influencer. She’s well-known for sharing her hot, curvaceous modeling photos and videos on different social media platforms, especially Instagram.

Talk to Shelby Fetterman

36- Viktoria Kay (@viktoria_kay)

Viktoria Kay is one of the sexy Instagram models with 888k followers. She is a beautiful curvy Hungarian social media personality, fashion model, fitness model, and YouTuber.

Chat with Viktoria Kay

37- Tiffany Stanley (@tiffanystanley1)

She is a fashion and lingerie model who has appeared in publications such as Maxim, Esquire, and FHM. She is one of the hot Instagram influencers and her personal Instagram account has more than 870,000 followers.

Talk to Tiffany Stanley

38- Delphine Breyne (@delphinebreyne)

Delphine Breyne is a model and PMU artist. Her pictures are explicit, and she manages to keep them decent and hot enough to attract her followers. This sexy Instagram model has 38k followers.

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39- Josie Canseco (josiecanseco)

Josie Canseco is an American model who rose to prominence as the daughter of Jose Canseco, a former Major League Baseball (MLB) player. Jessica Canseco, her mother, is a former model as well. Josie was affected by her mother’s modeling career since she was a child, and she followed in her footsteps.

Connect with Josie Canseco

40- Tabria Majors (@tabriamajors)

Tabria Majors is a plus-size model from the United States. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 19, 1990. She is one of the hot Instagram influencers as well as a model. Tabira’s Instagram account has over 1.6 million followers. Tabria also worked as a production assistant.

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41- Sole Cardozo (@solecardozopy)

Sole Cardozo is a well-known Paraguayan model and Instagram star. She has a large following on several social media platforms. She is well-known for her lovely appearance and charming smile. Sole Cardozo is famously known for her incredible Instagram photos.

Contact Sole Cardozo

42- Daniela Medina (@dani_medinag)

She is a model and one of the hot Instagram influencers who is known for her darker and natural color aesthetic. She can often be seen modeling different swimwear, fashionable streetwear, and fitness-related content for her over 1m Instagram followers.

Collaborate with Daniela Medina

43- Morgan Ketzner (@morganketzner)

Morgan Ketzner is a well-known Instagram and Tiktok model from the United States. She’s been in a lot of videos. She is known for her amazing personality, beautiful looks, and cute smile. Her acts and Instagram photographs made her famous. 

She usually shares her fashionable outfits and modeling photos on her Instagram with her 1 million followers.

Chat with Morgan Ketzner

44- Molly Eskam (@mollyeskam)

She has one of the sexiest Instagram accounts and is considered one of the hot Instagram influencers with 1.3m followers.

This American model and internet personality who runs a self-titled vlog channel on YouTube is a swimwear and lingerie model who has walked the runway at events like the Courtney Allegra Runway Show. She was interviewed in Playboy magazine in July of 2020.

Contact Molly Eskam

45- Courtney Ann (@texasthighs)

Courtney Ann, popularly known as Texas Thighs, is an American model who has gained popularity through her named Instagram handle and has amassed over 1.2 million fan followers on the platform.

Chat with Courtney Ann

46- Amira K (@truemyracle)

Amira K is a popular Instagram star and an American model. She shot to fame on various social media platforms, especially Instagram.

As one of the sexiest Instagram models, she has 1.1m followers, and her looks, smile, modeling poses, and amazing personality make her stand out.

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47- Cloé Greco (@cloegreco)