20 Best Mexican Instagram Influencers for Your Brand [2023 Update]

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Mexican influencers are powerful assets to market products and services to Mexican millennials. They have a large following of young people who trust their opinions and are more likely to buy the products they promote. While there are many Mexican Instagram influencers, the most successful ones have mastered the art of storytelling and know how to create engaging content. These influencers post photos and videos that showcase Mexican culture, food, fashion, and more.

Working with the right Mexican influencers can help businesses to increase brand awareness, reach a large and engaged audience, and create lasting connections with Mexican millennials.

If you are interested in Mexican traditions and lifestyle, or if you are a brand looking for Mexican influencers, here are 20 top Mexican influencers to get inspired on Instagram.

How to find Mexican influencers on Instagram?

If you’re looking for the best Mexican influencers on Instagram, you should try Google search, Instagram hashtag search, or influencer marketing platforms.

Google can be a great help in finding influencers on Instagram. You can type “ Mexican Instagram influencers” into the Google search bar and check the results to see if they are a good fit for your brand or not. 

You can also search for Mexican influencers by hashtags on Instagram. By typing “#Mexicaninfluencers”, you can check top Mexican influencers’ profiles and see if they are a good fit or not.

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20 Top Mexican Instagram Influencers you need to Follow

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1. Sira Pevida (@sirapevida)

Sira is among the top Mexican Instagram models, and influencers with 527K engaged followers. This Mexican model is also a fashion blogger who shares every detail about her outstanding styles and makes many great videos of what she owns in her closet.

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2. Pascal Nadaud (@pascalnadaud)

The former National Rugby Team player, Pascal, with 588K followers on Instagram, is one of the best Mexican male fitness influencers and among the top Mexican models on our list. His IG feed is filled with a lot of fitness content, modeling shoots, and travels.

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3. Chantal Torres (@chantaltorres)

Chantal Torres is a TV host and a famous Mexican influencer in the fashion and lifestyle niche. She has 492K followers on Instagram and over 41K subscribers on her YouTube channel. On her colorful IG feed, she posts daily vlogs, her styles, and her experience as a mother.

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4. Kim Loaiza (@kimberly.loaiza)

Kimberly Loaiza Martinez, known artistically as Kimberly Loaiza, is a Mexican influencer and a famous YouTuber. In 2016, she began her career on YouTube, and in 2020, she launched her song “Don’t Be Jealous”, which topped the charts in several countries and currently has 230 million views on YouTube. On her Instagram account, she has over 35M followers.

5. Danna Paola (@dannapaola)

Danna is a Mexican singer, model, actress, and above all, a top Mexican influencer. She gained popularity as a child actress and singer, starring in dozens of television projects throughout her early childhood and adolescence. She has 34.7M Instagram followers. 

6. Juanpa Zurita (@juanpazurita)

With 32.9M Instagram followers, Juanpa introduces himself as a storyteller from Mexico to the world.

He is one of the best Mexican influencers, vloggers, actors, and Mexican models. He became known in 2013 by making comedy videos on the Vine app. Later, he diversified his activities by publishing vlogs and entertainment videos on the YouTube platform.

7. Yuya (@yuyacst)

Yuya is one of the finest Mexican art influencers, with 16.8M followers on her Instagram. She uses her profile to create magic with her illustrations and aesthetic content. 

8. Lilia Cortes (@lilia_cortes)

Mexican content creator, Lilia Cortes, has 4.53% engagement on Instagram, which is above the 3.55% platform average, along with a very positive sentiment. She is a skincare and makeup lover with more than 148K followers.

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9. Alberto Preciado (@soyalbertopreciado)

Alberto Preciado is an Instagrammer and vlogger born in Tijuana. The 20-year-old has a very positive sentiment on Instagram and is considered friendly, kind, creative, and disciplined by his 657K followers. His largest audience (of 4.4M) sits on TikTok, and his followers commonly speak Spanish and English.

10. Ari Camacho (@aricamachoz)

Former magazine editor and digital strategy consultant Ari Camacho is the blogger behind The Double Denim, a resource for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related content. Ari is renowned for her bold prints, colorful accessories, and love for luxury. Ari has been featured in InStyle and she has 153K followers on her Instagram account.

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11. Salma Hayek (@salmahayek)

Celebrity and macro influencer Salma Hayek is one of the top Mexican influencers, with 24.2M followers on Instagram. She is a Mexican actress, director, and producer who was proposed for an Academy Award for her role in ‘Frida.

She shares many selfies with skincare and makeup brand photos besides the number of makeup-free photos in 2020 on her Instagram feed because she is not frightened to show her real face as a top Mexican model.

12. Yanet Garcia (@iamyanetgarcia)

Yanet is one of the most followed female fitness influencers from Mexico, with around 14.8M followers on Instagram. Interestingly, this sexy Mexican model is extremely popular because she started her modeling job when she was a fifteen-year-old girl. Later, she established a modeling school called “Yanet Garcia Models” at the age of 20. 

She is also a television presenter and meteorologist, and on some occasions, she appears as an actress on InkEntourage alongside Yolanda Andrade and Montserrat Oliver.

13. Jimena Sanchez (@jimenasanchezmx)

One of the very famous Latina Instagram models is Jimena Sanchezin, with almost 9.1M followers. This Mexican Instagram model is a television personality and sports broadcaster. Now she hosts eye-catching Fox Sports business on social media.

Jimena is known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian with her sexy Latina style. She decorates her Instagram feed with amazing daily content and a routine life basis. She is also on the list of top Mexican travel influencers.

14. Ninel Conde (@ninelconde)

Ninel Herrera Conde is one of the curvy women known as a sexist Instagram model with 5.6 M followers. However, she is a Mexican singer, actress, and television host widely famous for her performance in Rebelde, Fuego en la Sangre, Mar de Amor, and Porque el Amor Manda. She is also on the list of the greatest lifestyle influencers, and her Instagram feed is filled with travel diaries, new dresses and swimwear, and of course, brand partnerships!

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15. Paula Fernandes (@paulafernandes)

Paula Fernandes is one of the prettiest Mexican influencers with a lovely cute face and a following of 5M people on her Instagram. Named the 16th sexiest woman in the world, this sexy Latina Instagram model is one of the most famous Mexican influencers because of her professional persona and stunning style.

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16. Aleida Nunez (@aleidanunez)

Aleida Nunez, with 4M Instagram followers, is considered among the top Mexican Instagram influencers. She is an actress, singer, and Mexican IG model who gained popularity when she took the role in the television series Mujeres Asesinas.

Now she is collaborating with many fashion brands; hence her Instagram is filled with impressive colorful patterns and hot styles photos promoting different clothes brand account categories.

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17. Camila Sodi (@camilasodi_)

Camila Sodi is the other thick Instagram model in our list of Mexican models that appears as one of the hot Latina Mexican girls; she found her reputation as a singer, actress, and model with 2.6M followers.

One of her most appreciated activities is joining as an ambassador to the SVEWITHSTORIES campaign to raise funds to carry out actions that protect children in situations of COVID-19 outbreak.

18. Ximena Navarrete (@ximenanr)

In our list of Mexican models, Ximena is a Mexican TV host, an actress, and one of the prettiest Mexican Instagram models. She is also one of the most famous beauty influencers with 2.8M followers and is known as the beauty queen who won the 2010 Miss Universe contest.

Moreover, she partnerships with multiple Instagram brands, such as Vicoguadarrama, etc. to promote their products.

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19. Sofia Lascurain (@sofialascurain)

Sofia Lascurain is one of the popular Mexican models that acts as a style, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. She has worked as an official Kate Spade Mexico brand ambassador and was named the official blogger for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in 2012. Furthermore, she partnered with many high-end brands, including Coach, Guess, and Forever 21. She has 155K followers on her Instagram account.

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20. Issa Lish (@issalish)

The last youngest Mexican fashion model is Issa Laish. This Latina Instagram model has been teased due to her strange Japanese appearance. Because of her unique look, a famous Latina could grab a high number of users’ attention and has 52.9K followers that amaze and attract most of the Instagram audience by focusing on beautiful, odd Instagram content.

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1- Who is the most famous IG model?

Kendall Jenner is the most famous Instagram Model. She started her profession as a model when she signed up for a modeling agency at the age of 14.

2- How can I be an Instagram model?

All you need to be an Instagram model is to get more and more followers. But not just any followers, either. You need engaged followers who are interested in what you do and show their approval by liking and sharing your posts and commenting on them. Another important factor is to attract those followers who are niche-related.

3- Who is the most famous influencer in Mexico?

As of January 2021, Mexican social media content creator Juan Pablo Martínez-Zurita Arellano, better known as Juanpa Zurita, was the leading Instagram influencer in Mexico and has attracted about 11.2 million followers from the North American country.

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