20 Best Gym Clothing Brands: Be More Stylish at Gym

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Gym clothes are an essential part of any fitness routine. Not only do they provide comfort and flexibility during workouts, but they also offer numerous benefits that can help you get the most out of your exercise regimen. From allowing you to stretch out your body to maximize your workouts, gym clothes play a crucial role in achieving your fitness goals. Every athlete looks for the top gym clothing brands because they know investing in quality gym clothes can make all the difference in your performance and overall well-being.

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Get Discovered by Gym Clothing Brands 

As mentioned, many clothing brands are looking for influencers on Instagram and TikTok to promote their brand and products; especially newcomers to the world of gym clothes need to compete with top gym clothing brands to sell their products. Therefore, they usually dedicate a budget to their influencer marketing plan. Then, they join influencer marketing platforms and look for fitness influencers.

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Top Gym Clothing Brands 

Let’s check out the list of best gym clothing brands:

1. Nike

When discussing top basketball shoes brands, Nike will be at the top of the list. Like Adidas, Nike also produces its gym clothes with the latest technologies like Dri-Fit, which keeps the body dry and warm during various weather conditions. Furthermore, Nike is an eco-friendly brand that uses sustainable materials.

nike clothing brand

Moreover, Nike offers very comfortable yet stylish shorts and leggings to help you feel better while working out. The bottom-half outfits are designed with sweat-wicking technology. So, when you sweat while working out, the moisture will run down on your leggings and won’t create an uncomfortable feeling on your body.

2. Adidas

Undoubtedly, Adidas is one of the most popular gym clothing brands worldwide. Whether you want high-quality sneakers to run or relaxed and cool clothes to wear at the gym, you can always count on Adidas.

What makes Adidas clothes so unique for athletes is the technology this brand uses, such as HEAT.RDY, which is a technology used to maximize airflow and cut sweat during your most challenging moments. It is designed to keep you cool during hot summer workouts or at gyms.

adidas gym clothes

Addidas is mostly known for its amazing sports shoes. However, with the new READY technology, they have created gym clothes for every weather and location. If you are looking to work out in the cold weather, you should go for Cold.RDY to stay warm. But for going to the gym on hot summer days, try Hot.RDY to keep yourself cool.

Moreover, if you are looking to exercise outside, Adidas has got you covered. With Wind.RDY and Rain.RDY clothes, nothing can stop you from getting into a better shape.

Check out previous Adidas collaborations to discover who are the brand ambassadors of Adidas. 

3. AloYoga 

As the name indicates, the AloYoga brand has specific clothes for yoga, from leggings to mats. Therefore, most of their customers are Yogis who look for clothes or apparel for this sport. Furthermore, AloYoga works with top Yoga influencers on Instagram to showcase its products. Accordingly, Kendall Jenner, also one of the celebrities with the most followers on Instagram, is the brand ambassador of AloYoga.

Aloyoga clothing brand

You can find all types of fitness clothes such as leggings, sports bras, tops, shorts, and onesies. ALO pays a lot of attention to the beauty of its products. So, if you are looking for a stylish fitness dress, Check out their trending products.

4. Gymshark

Something that might make it difficult for some people to buy gym clothes is the size. Most brands have sizes between XS to XXL, but Gymshark has put its step further and has clothes for people with larger sizes. So, this UK-based brand offers its clothes in one more size: XXXL.

Gymshark is focused on fitness clothing so you can find anything related to the gym on their website. One of the main reasons for their popularity is the durability and high quality of their products.

gymshark clothing brand

5. Reebok

As a sustainable brand, Reebok mainly considers producing clothes using recyclable materials. Although its products come in various colors, none have been dyed with chemical materials; they used natural dye to create such colorful clothes.

Additionally, these gym clothes are made for different activities, such as running, dancing, yoga, or cross-training. Being eco-friendly and having a variety of gym clothes have made Reebok one of the best gym clothing brands.  You can buy gym and fitness clothes at up to 60% off.

reebok clothing brand

6. Girlfriend Collective

As the name indicates, Girlfriend Collective is a women’s gym clothing brand. Surprisingly, this brand designs women’s gym clothes in sizes XXS to 6XL! Showing that the gym is not only for fit girls; all women with different shapes and bodies can benefit from a workout. 

Since their target customers are women, they promote their products through female fitness models on Instagram. Are you a fitness influencer? Read more about how to make money on Instagram as a fitness influencer


One of the best things about Girlfriend Collective is that you can read the reviews before buying their clothes. Users can even submit some photos to help you select your products more carefully.

7. Under Armour 

Worrying about sweating at the gym? Under Armour gym clothes feature a technology called UA-Tech, which keeps the body cool and dry, and prevents the bad odor of sweating. Accordingly, Under Armour is quality clothing suitable for different activities. To give this brand more points to stay on the list of top gym clothing brands, we should mention that Dwayne Johnson, known as the Rock, is its brand ambassador.

under armour clothing brand

8. Outdoor Voices 

Like other gym clothing brands on this list, Outdoor Voices clothes are also produced with particular technology to keep the clothes cool and prevent sweating at the gym. One thing that this brand has in mind is that people should feel relaxed while working out, so they should wear clothes that give them this feeling. A cool, light, and dry cloth is something that can leverage the trainer’s performance.

outdoor voices clothing brand

9. Lululemon

Every gym clothing brand incorporates a specific technology to produce high-quality clothes and make them more comfortable. That’s the rule to compete in this world. Lululemon is also one of the top gym clothing brands with innovative fabrics such as Nulu, Everlux, and Luon in its clothes, making them more breathable, soft, and stretchy.


10. Puma 

Undoubtedly, this list will not be complete without mentioning one of the best gym brands clothing in Germany, which is also the brother of Adidas! Although Puma could never compete with Adidas, it is still one of the best brands providing clothes for running, training, soccer, motorsport, and golf. Additionally, the Puma collaboration team includes top celebrities, such as Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

Puma clothing brand

11. Rhone

Founded in 2014, Rhone is one of the top men’s gym clothing brands, offering a variety of sports clothes, from fitness to shorts or polo shirts for just walking. Since the activewear of this brand is exclusively produced for men, they collaborate with male fitness influencers on Instagram to promote their brand. 

Rhone clothing brand

12. Sweaty Betty 

If you are looking for a gym clothing brand for women, you can definitely find Sweaty Betty interesting. This brand provides products for different activities such as training, yoga, running, tennis, and swimming; all come with a minimalistic design, which is the trend of this brand.

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Did you know fashion influencers also collaborate with sportswear brands? Therefore, if you are a fashion blogger interested in training, you have a chance on Ainfluencer!

Sweaty Betty clothing brand

13. Quince

Although Quince products are made from high-quality and luxurious fabrics such as cashmere, silk, wool, and linen, they are still among the low-price gym clothes. Furthermore, Quince is also a sustainable brand that not only offers products using organic materials, but also incorporates sustainability into its packaging.

Quince clothing brand

14. Fourlaps

Producing gym clothes is not all about style and design. The most important part is the functionality. Fourlaps also incorporates innovative fabrics that keep the body cool and dry. They also try to make their clothes as comfortable as possible, so the athlete feels more flexible and relaxed while doing stretches or heavy workouts.

Fourlaps clothing brand

15. Elite Eleven

All the good gym clothing brands are not located in the US. Let’s take a trip to Melbourne, Australia, to introduce the next top gym clothing brand. Elite Eleven is the top brand in Australia, offering fitness and fashion clothes. Like every sportswear brand, Elite Eleven also focuses on functionality and lifestyle and provides products for different sports like running, cycling, yoga, and boxing.

The stylish design and durability of this brand’s gym clothes are why it became so popular worldwide. Brands that are very popular in a region or want to promote their products only in one place usually look for influencers in the same location. That’s why Australian fitness influencers are the best options for promoting gym brands in Australia.


16. GymPro Apparel

Sustainability is the most critical factor for all clothing brands. GymPro is also among the popular gym clothing brands that focus on this aspect of clothes production. GymPro Apparel is unique because it is a fitness brand producing stylish, innovative, high-end clothing to suit the everyday athlete.

GymPro Apparel

17. RyderWear 

Competing with top brands is not possible if you don’t provide high-quality and stylish clothes. Keeping that in mind, Ryder Wear has a collection of sports clothes for yoga, running, cycling, and boxing. Furthermore, its clothes are not made to wear inside the gym; they are stylish and colorful enough to be worn outside the gym for running or walking.

Brands that want to focus on their yoga products usually collaborate with Yoga influencers to promote them.

RyderWear clothing brand

18. New Balance 

What makes New Balance a great brand for sportswear is the quality materials and technologies it employs to make clothes more durable and comfortable to use. It also offers clothes for different activities such as running, training, tennis, and soccer.

New Balance clothing brand

19. The Gym King

As one of the premium gym clothing brands for men and women, Gym King combines fashion and fitness to create stylish and high-quality clothes for activities such as running, training, or swimming. Therefore, no matter if you look for tracksuits, hoodies, leggings, or swimwear, you can find a stylish and durable product on the Gym King website.

The Gym King clothing brand

20. Gorilla Wear 

No matter what sport you do, Gorilla Wear offers various products such as tank tops, shorts, leggings, hoodies, and swimwear. However, this brand is more popular for its bodybuilding and fitness clothes. Brands that offer swimwear usually collaborate with bikini models to exclusively promote their swimming apparel.

Gorilla Wear clothing brand

Bottom Line

Choosing the right gym clothes can make a huge difference in your workout experience. That’s why knowing the best gym clothing brands to buy sportswear is important. The right gym clothes not only can provide comfort and support, but also offer style and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals.

With so many options available, it’s essential to consider factors such as quality, affordability, and sustainability when making your choice. If you have a gym clothing brand and want to promote your products, influencer marketing can help you compete in the crowded world of popular gym clothing brands.

The best option is to sign up on Ainfluencer for free to search for influencers in your field. The process is easy and quick, first, create a campaign and then find influencers based on category, gender, or location. In the end, send them your offer and start collaboration.

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