15 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands of 2023 + Top Stores

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Each year more and more people are concerned about fashion and think of what they are wearing and how they are made. This increasing number considers adhering the environmentally-friendly products along with innovation, style, and trends. The goal that most of us have is to have the slightest impact on mother earth by purchasing from sustainable clothing brands while having our stylish fashion.

As a result, the demand for sustainable clothing brands that follow all the key steps in the process of their production to provide eco-friendly products and maintain their employee’s rights is increasing at the same time. This growth has brought massive competition in the fashion industry. Most sustainable clothing brands collaborate with influencers to promote their products and boost their ads. Check out the 20 free influencer marketing platforms on Ainfluencer to grow your business.

Dive into this article with us to find out about the top sustainable clothing brands worldwide and some of the best stores to cooperate with. Stay with us until the end!

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Why Sustainable Clothing Brands?

Sometimes, we buy clothes that can be so harmful to our environment and we are unaware of the process of its production. Purchasing recklessly from these unsustainable brands can have an immense impact on our planet. On the other hand, sustainable clothing brands that consider eco-friendly practices and ethical production aim to save our earth.

So, instead of buying products from fast fashion, we can alter our shopping to sustainable fashion. Why should we do that? What is the material used in these clothes? How do they not harm the environment? Questions like these cover our minds before changing our decision from fast fashion to slow fashion.

Sustainable clothing has numerous advantages that can help humans have a better living. It helps conserve our environment and the resources in it, reduces waste, enhances labor rights and the usage of healthier materials, and increases product durability and ethical manufacturing.

Now, will you ask yourself why should I purchase from sustainable clothing brands? I don’t think so as everything is clear and logical.

15 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands

In the realm of sustainable fashion, we have countless brands that offer a wide range of sustainable clothing. Most of these are based in America but overall, we have brands from around the world.

From shirts and T-shirts to pants, skirts, underwear, and other accessories, everything is made with ethical considerations, healthy materials and resources, and environmental-friendly practices.

Furthermore, most sustainable clothing brands uphold workers’ rights and make sure they have reasonable wages.

1. Pact: An American Sustainable Clothing Brand

When it comes to helping our environment, Pact can be a leading brand of sustainable clothing in the fashion industry. It offers adult and children’s clothes made with organic cotton, making it an earth-friendly brand. Aside from their top-quality products, they declare that labor rights are completely observed.

A Blue Shirt From Pact Sustainable Clothing Brand
An Organic Cotton Shirt From The Pact Brand

The company also claims that no animal skin, fur, or leather is used in the production, and they have the least impact on our natural surroundings. They believe they are the global leading fashion brand and one of the best sustainable clothing brands made in the USA.

Not only does it provide garments, but it is part of the Pact Group that also offers other services, including packaging, reusing, and recycling features.

If you are not living in the United States, do not worry! Pact has a worldwide shipping service to reach out to its clients.

2. Proclaim: Women’s Sustainable Clothing Brand

Another American company based in Los Angeles, California, offers bras made from earth-conscious fabrics and is a good sustainable women’s clothing brand. When it gets to the point of wearing underwear, Proclaim, as the brand name says, claims that they are one of the top sustainable clothing brands. They offer simple, convenient, and colorful lingeries that fit every woman.

5 Women with Different Skin Tones Wearing Proclaim Sustainable Clothing Brand
A Group Of Females Wearing Proclaim Bras

Shobha Philips, the founder of Proclaim, aims to provide underwears that match women’s skin tone. He states these lingeries are made with Tencel (totally sustainable), recycled water bottles, and post-consumer fiber. Along with this line of products, they make sure the workers receive an acceptable wage monthly.

Although Proclaim has quality offerings, some women are sensitive when it comes to underwear and should significantly consider this before purchasing.

3. Fair Indigo: An Ethical Clothing Brand

Fair Indigo is one of the best ethical and sustainable clothing brands in the market. It offers kids and adults organic-based clothes with a casual design. This earth-friendly brand is well-known for its quality and long-lasting products. From short-sleeves and long-sleeves to pants and skirts, Fair Indigo can be an ideal choice when thinking of reasonable shopping.

A Colorful Long Sleeve Collection of Fair Indigo Sustainable Clothing Brand
A Colorful Collection From Fair Indigo

The brand aims to keep the balance between economic growth, environmental protection, and social well-being. In addition to this balance, they follow everyday fashion and are known as one of the best trendy sustainable clothing brands.

4. Svala: Sustainable Bags and accessories

Many of us, including myself, enjoy having luxurious pieces and deluxe products. Speaking of opulence, Svala is a first-class luxury brand that offers vegan bags and accessories. It is one of the best sustainable clothing brands, with a vast line of products made from animal-friendly and plant-based materials.

Handcrafted Bags of Svala Sustainable Clothing Brand
Beautiful Accessories Of The Svala Brand

The non-polluting company is based in Los Angeles, California, and claims that products are handcrafted from premium natural resources without harming the environment. They also declare workers are making a living with a sufficient salary.

Remember, as opulence increases, so do the price and affluence. So, Svala is not a cheap sustainable clothing brand. If you are looking for an affordable sustainable clothing brand, you can check out…

Svala has a beautiful motto that says: A tree is planted with every order.

5. Sézane: A French sustainable clothing brand

We all know how special European brands are in the fashion industry, especially French ones. The French company called Sézane, which believes in ethical and sustainable production, comes out as one of the most sustainable clothing brands. This environmentally-safe company claims to help the world become a better place and cares about our society.

A Unique French Design of Sézane Sustainable Clothing Brand
The Unique French Collection From The Sézane Brand

This Paris-based brand maintains sustainable commitments and a fair production line with various quality pieces. They offer beautiful Parisian style and luxury fashion, including knitwear and workwear to the world.

Although the brand offers certain pieces for men, it mainly focuses on women’s wear and is well-known as a sustainable women’s clothing brand.

6. ABLE: A sustainable clothing brand for women

Time for feminists to shine! ABLE is feminist brand supporting women and one of the most sustainable clothing brands worldwide. They not only believe in sustainability but also care about women’s society. The company has hard-working women as workers who are reasonably paid and believes by providing opportunities to people, especially females, we would have a better society.

A Collection of Bags of ABLE Sustainable Clothing Brand
ABLE’s Leather Bag Collection

ABLE, the sustainable womens clothing brand, guarantees all of its production lines undergo eco-friendly practices and ensures everyone good quality and lasting products. If the dresses and garments are not as expected, they promise to change or repair them to make them more suitable for users.

Barret Ward, the founder of the ABLE brand, has a different perspective on fashion and cares about each finger working to produce a specific product. The businessman not only cares about women and hand-made goods, but is also strongly concerned about poverty and is increasing its awareness.

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7. Tentree: A Canadian sustainable clothing brand

If you are looking for a more sustainable outdoor clothing brand, Tentree is the brand you should dive into, as it offers a wide range of essential and casual garments at reasonable prices. The Canadian-based company sees sustainability before anything else and believes zero waste should be made.

A Casual Hoodie of Tentree Sustainable Clothing Brand
A Casual Hoodie Made By Tentree

All the products are ethically made worldwide with organic materials, including cotton, hemp, and Tencel. Tentree has a wide collection for everyone and is known as one of the sustainable clothing brands affordable to purchase.

The term ‘Tentree’ refers to planting ten trees after each purchase. This commitment is how much they claim to care about our environment and society.

8. Patagonia: an outdoor sustainable clothing brand

Patagonia is one of the finest sustainable outdoor clothing brands with a high commitment to sustainability. They offer men, women, and children clothes made with natural components and resources.

Patagonia: A Sustainable Outdoor Clothing Brand
A Man Wearing Patagonia Red Jacket With Other Outdoor Gear

Established in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, this American company is one of the oldest in the sustainable fashion industry. It has more than ten branches and factories across the world, all dedicated to ethical production.

Besides selling casual outdoor clothing, Patagonia offers a wide range of sports gear, including equipment for mountain biking, climbing, surfing, skiing, trail running, etc. It is similar to Columbia and The North Face brands but way more sustainable.

9. 337 Brand: A women-sustainable clothing brand

337 Brand offers a collection of leisurewear garments for women. This sustainable women’s clothing brand is based in the USA and has worldwide shipping. They ensure all the products are eco-friendly and follow ethical practices.

337 Brand: A Sustainable Clothing Brand
337 Brands Casual Wear

If convenience and quality is your priority, you can trust 337 Brand, where everything is made precisely with organic and natural materials. They are also committed to fair trade and employee rights.

Furthermore, they vow to plant a tree with every purchase, just like the Svala brand mentioned earlier.

10. Katla: Stylish Sustainable clothing brand

With a positive perspective on our environment, Katla is one of those brands that see sustainability before anything else. They offer loungewear clothes made from organic cotton for adults and children.

Katla: A Sustainable Clothing Brand
Katla NFT Logo On Its Hoodie

Katla is famous for its minimalist and stylish fashion with top quality and comfort. They aim to bring the aesthetic type of fashion to its peak and expand eco-friendly clothes.

The sustainable clothing brand’s name comes from an Icelandic volcano.

11. Quince: An affordable sustainable clothing brand

This sustainable clothing brand is a combination of luxury, comfort, and well-being. It offers goods made from recycled, safe, and organic components. Quince has unbelievable prices and is known as an affordable sustainable clothing brand.

Quince: A Sustainable Clothing Brand
Quince Cashmere Collection

Despite its reasonable prices, the slow-fashion company also features high-quality products made from cashmere, silk, and leather.

Based in the USA, Quince has paid partnerships with more than 50 well-known manufacturers worldwide and has branches globally.

12. Amour Vert: Eco-friendly clothing brand

Founded in 2010, Amour Vert is a remarkable organization that brings modern aesthetic fashion into sustainable and ethical practices, providing completely earth-friendly products to end consumers. This trendy sustainable clothing brand focuses on style and quality in its garments for both genders.

Amour Vert: A Sustainable Clothing Brand
Amour Vert Colorful Collection

The term ‘Amour Vert’ means green love in French, where green refers to environmentally-friendly goods. They plant a tree for every order and have a true passion for keeping a sustainable balance.

Although the brand is French-named, it is a sustainable clothing brand made in the USA.

13. Girlfriend Collective: A sustainable brand

Started its activity in 2016, Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable clothing brand covering all ethical practices. It offers casual, convenient, and eco-friendly clothes for exercise and sport. From comfortable leggings to dresses and jumpsuits, everything is made of recycled water bottles.

Girlfriend Collective: A Sustainable Clothing Brand
A Group Of Young Women Wearing Activewear From Girlfriend Collective

The eco-friendly brand provides activewear for women and men. They recently released their men’s collection with various garments.

Although it features both genders, Girlfriend Collective mainly focuses on women’s wear and has a vast collection for them, including maternity clothes. Therefore, it is known as a more sustainable women’s clothing brand than men’s.

Moreover, the company has circular initiatives to recycle the product sold, conserving the material.

14. Summersalt: Sustainable Swimwear brand

Summersalt is a swimwear sustainable clothing brand made with recycled material. The company is based in America but has partners across the world, especially Aisa, which is their main manufacturing area. They take precise action to produce ethical fashion garments and care about their workers’ rights.

Summersalt: A Sustainable Clothing Brand
An Organic Swimsuit From Summersalt

Although the brand generally focuses on swimwear, they also offer athleisure and loungewear. The term ‘Summer’ in ‘SummerSalt’ refers to the hot weather and that is when the bikinis and swimsuits come out.

The prices of Summersalt are so reasonable, making it a cheap sustainable clothing brand.

15. Christy Dawn: A sustainable Clothing brand

Christy Dawn, a Los Angeles-based sustainable clothing brand, produces natural and organic garments. The American company believes that every component and material comes from our planet and zero waste should be made.

Christy Dawn: A Sustainable Clothing Brand
A Beautiful Dress From Christy Dawn

All the products of Christy Dawn are ethically made with environmental practices in India and the United States of America. They provide good quality, comfortable, and luxurious clothes at affordable costs.

In addition to ethical production, they have extra care for their laborers and workers, ensuring a good life for them and making the company a fully sustainable one.

Top 5 Shopify Stores to Buy Sustainable Clothing Brands

Now that you’re satisfied with sustainable clothing brands, it is time to find a place to purchase it from. Numerous Shopify stores are available that are excellent e-commerce platforms to buy sustainable garments. I will mention some of these for you below.

1. The Good Trade

The Good Trade is a remarkable establishment for buying ethical and sustainable-made products. It helps customers find their ideal sustainable brands and purchase eco-friendly products. The company’s main purpose is to support fair trade and workers’ rights by promoting the brands that follow these practices.

2. Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing is an excellent organization that is deeply dedicated to selling sustainable brands and helping our environment. Aside from style, trend, and fashion, the most significant aspect they care about is sustainability.

3. Reformation

Established in 2009, Reformation has a passionate commitment to the sustainable fashion industry. They are one of the chief brands in this industry, offering brands products that are made from natural resources and safe components without being harmful to our planet.

4. Everlane

Everlane is the true meaning of dedication and commitment. Their strong and serious devotion to sustainability and ethical production has had a great impact on the fashion industry. For them, social well-being and a safe environment is the priority when it comes to sales.

5. People Tree

Founded in 1991, People Tree has more than 30 years of experience in the sustainable, ethical, and slow-fashion industry. They truly believe in labor rights and eco-friendly practices. People Tree sells products made with natural, organic, and recycled materials with a strong commitment to sustainability.

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In conclusion, selecting sustainable, slow, and ethical fashion can have positive impacts on our environment and society. Some of the top sustainable clothing brands are available with various collections to help end consumers find their ideal pieces of clothing.

Besides these brands, some of the best stores that sell them are also mentioned for you to collaborate with. Therefore, it is up to you to make the decision now and start shopping for eco-friendly and safe products. The more we attract people to sustainability and ecological balance, the more our planet will last.

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1. What Are Sustainable Clothing Brands?

Sustainable Clothing Brands offer products that undergo ethical and sustainable manufacturing, which means the components are produced naturally without any pesticides, the material is environmentally friendly, and cares about social well-being. Generally, they want the smallest impact on our planet while providing comfortable and trendy clothes.

2. Why Sustainable Clothing Brands?

The reason we should purchase from sustainable clothing brands is their countless benefits for our environment and everyday life. They help reduce waste, conserve resources, use safe and recyclable materials, increase product endurance and longevity, and support fair labor wages.

3. What Are The Top Sustainable Clothing Brands?

Fair Indigo
337 Brand
Amour Vert
Girlfriend Collective
Christy Dawn

4. What Is A Special Factor About The Tentree Brand?

Tentree brand deeply cares about saving our planet and focuses on maintaining a sustainable balance. To keep to their commitment, they plant 10 trees with each sale they have. Not only it is an excellent advertising method but also helps our environment stay green.

5. What Are The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands And Stores To Collaborate With?

The top stores and sustainable clothing brands to connect with are mentioned below:
The Good Trade
Thought Clothing
People Tree

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