Top 10 Black-Owned Clothing Brands [for Men & Women in 2024]

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Keeping a brand successful for a long time can be hard, especially for businesses owned by minorities like Black-owned clothing brands

If you’re a customer looking to support these brands or an influencer wanting to boost their awareness on your social media, but you’re not sure how to find them, don’t worry.  There are many influencer marketing platforms you can use to find and collaborate with them.

In this article, we’ll provide a list of the top Black-owned clothing brands for men and women, ranging from big names like Tier and Telfar to smaller ones like Rebecca Crews. 

Let’s get started!

List of Black-Owned Clothing Brands

No matter if you are a micro-influencer or macro-influencer, consider collaborating with these brands and increasing their brand awareness through your social media to make money. Here is a list of black-owned (wo)men’s clothing brands. 

1. Tier – (@tier_nyc)

Tier NYC is a Black-owned urban clothing brand that was founded by Nigeria Ealey, Esaïe Jean-Simon, and Victor James in 2015. They create vibrant windbreakers and stylish flannel tops. Their clothing, worn by basketball stars like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, includes comfy loungewear in bold colors and unique patterns. Tier’s collection features knit sweaters, cozy cotton hoodies, and stylish satin pants.

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2. Brandon Blackwood – (@brandonblackwoodnyc)

If you can grab anything from Brandon Blackwood, You will have a super luxury item in your collection. They started in 2015 and made stylish accessories that famous people, including Taylor Swift and Ice Spice, like. This black-owned clothing brand even designed an outfit for Beyonce’s special tour!

One of their first bags had a strong message about ending racism. Now, celebs like Saweetie, The City Girls, and Kim Kardashian love wearing their items. Amazing, isn’t it? Some attractive items from the brand include the Mini Kendrick Trunk, The Micha Jacket, and the Mink Slides. Check their Instagram page to see their other products.

3. Savage X Fenty – (@savagexfenty)

This black-owned clothing brand used to focus on comfy clothes, but now they’re into cool streetwear, especially with their new Game Day collection. The Game Day collection, dropped just before Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, stands out. Rihanna, the boss, might team up with PUMA again! Exciting, right? 

Savage x Fenty, part of Rihanna’s fashion world, has inclusive sizing for everyone.

4. Off-White – (@off____white)

Looking for black-owned luxury clothing brands? Go to Off-White! Virgil Abloh’s fashion brand, Off-White, greatly impacts today’s streetwear trends, with over 10 million Instagram followers. Even after Virgil’s passing, the brand, owned mainly by LVMH, keeps going strong. They’ve teamed up with big names like Nike, Levi, Évian, and IKEA, continuing to release collections and collaborations in honor of Virgil’s vision and style. 

That’s what you call a real legacy!

5. Telfar – (@telfarglobal)

In 2005, Telfar Clemens started his cool fashion brand, Telfar. It became famous for its stylish clothes, especially a special bag known as the ‘Bushwick Birkin.’ This bag became really popular in New York City and beyond. 2020 was a big year for this black-owned clothing brand. Telfar makes more than just bags – they also have cool clothes and other stuff. They often work together with other big brands to create awesome things.

Now, If supporting black-owned sustainable clothing brands is something you would like to be a part of ( obviously!). Here’s one of them!

6. Jade Swim – (@jadeswim)

They’re a part of black-owned clothing brands that make eco-friendly swimsuits. They use leftover materials and ECONYL, a unique nylon made from recycled plastic like old fishing nets, to make clothes. So, Jade Swim is one of the affordable black-owned clothing brands.

Their designs are influenced by New York City and created in Los Angeles. The brand’s style combines minimal and sexy items, perfect for swimwear and everyday clothes. They share pictures of their products on their page with 57.9 thousand followers. Click on the following button to collaborate with them!

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7. The Brooklyn Circus – (@thebkcircus)

Brooklyn Circus, or BKc, is a cool black-owned urban clothing brand. They make clothes with a story behind them, like denim and varsity jackets. BKc wants to show the cool styles from American history and highlight the importance of looking good in a unique way. It’s one of the black-owned clothing brands for men that is a must for any gentleman. 

You can check out their Instagram, which has 103K followers, to see pictures of classic college and street styles.

Let’s take a look at one of the black-owned clothing brands for women. Shall we?

8. BLANKWardrobe – (@theblankwardrobe)

BLANKWardrobe is a brand focusing on women’s clothing and lifestyle. They aim to make fashion easy and practical while teaching women how to build a versatile wardrobe with stylish basics. The brand emphasizes pieces that can be mixed and matched to create various outfits!

There’s good news! According to their Instagram, you get free shipping if you spend over $100! This makes it budget-friendly and affordable among black-owned clothing brands. 

9. Wales Bonner – (@walesbonner)

Designer Grace Wales Bonner began this brand in 2018, and it’s famous for its neat and stylish designs. Initially, they were the black-owned clothing brands for men, but now they also have options for women and have become one of the top sports brands that offer. Even though the brand is entirely new, it’s become famous, and even celebrities like Megan Markle wear it. 

This brand is one of the independent and black-owned luxury clothing brands, offering a variety of prices, starting from $400 up to $2,000. Keep an eye out for their newest collection on Wales Bonner’s Instagram.

If you’re looking to amp up expensive and luxury items in your wardrobe, be sure to check the following brand!

10. Rebecca Crews – (@rebeccacrewsofficial)

A talented artist, Rebecca Crews started her clothing brand in 2021. She got the idea when she couldn’t find a tuxedo-style outfit for her 30th wedding anniversary with her husband, actor Terry Crews. The brand combines classic and modern styles, perfect for strong, feminine women who want to look and feel great.

This black-owned women’s clothing brand costs between $2,000 and $4,000. Pretty much, isn’t it?

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To Wrap Things Up

To sum it up, when you choose to buy from Black-owned clothing brands, you’re getting cool and unique clothes and helping and cheering on Black businesses. In this article, we’ve provided a list of top black-owned clothing brands to help you find them.

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1. Is Telfar a Black-owned Clothing Brand?

Yes, Telfar is a Black-owned brand. It was started in 2005 by designer Telfar Clemens.

2. Why Is the Telfar Bag So Popular?

The Telfar brand makes more than just bags; they also have clothes and shoes. However, the Telfar bag is super popular, especially because famous people like Oprah Winfrey, Selena Gomez, and Beyoncé have praised it.


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