10 Best Hotels That Work with Influencers in 2024

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Are you looking for dreamy hotels that work with influencers? If so, read our complete guide to find places that are searching for collaboration with creators. 

If you’re a hotel influencer, you may know that an influencer hotel collaboration can earn you money. But finding hotels to work with can be challenging. This article will discuss some great hotels looking for influencers and how you can team up with them. 

Ready? Let’s get started!

Top Hotels That Work with Influencers

Here are some great hotels that collaborate with influencers and resorts that team up with travel influencers. Choose the one that fits you best. 

1. Marriott 

Marriott is a hotel that knows how to work with social media influencers. It was one of the first hotels to work with influencers for influencer marketing. Instead of controlling everything, Marriott lets influencers do their thing, such as surprising a lucky guest with a dance party orchestrated by a famous YouTuber.

Marriott: hotels that work with influencers

Marriott gave four influencers control of their Snapchat account for a week each. These influencers shared their travels to different cities and promoted Marriott’s rewards program. Amazing, right? It might sound scary to hand over your social media account, but it’s a great way to reach new audiences and connect with the influencer’s followers.

Marriott Hotels wanted more people to know about them and visit their hotels. They also wanted to create valuable content for people interested in travel, so Marriott started working with influencers. If you’re going to collaborate with this hotel, click the following button!

Collaborate with Marriott Hotel

2. Hilton Hotels

They’re trying to make travel fun for everyone, especially younger travelers. They have the Hilton@Play initiative, where they organize live music events in their hotels. It’s like a big party, but only for special guests. 😉 Do you want to get in? If so, you must be part of their Honors Rewards program and have collected many points.

Hilton Hotels
Hilton Hotels

They’ve had some famous singers, like Nick Jonas, and you can even watch them live online. It’s so exciting that people want to stay at Hilton Hotels just to be part of the next big music event. If you’re keen on teaming up with Hilton as an influencer, you must complete the request form with all the necessary details on their website. 

3. Sun Peaks Resort

The third option is a cool ski spot called Sun Peaks Resort in Canada. They teamed up with a famous adventure photographer and Instagram influencers to showcase their excellent ski runs and fun events. 

Sun Peaks Resort
Sun Peaks Resort

They want to increase their brand awareness and get more people to know how great their resort is, so they shared many pretty pictures, Instagram Reels and stories, and fun videos on Facebook. It worked well, and more people started following Sun Peaks online. They showed that even small businesses can be successful on social media!

4. Moxy Hotels

This smart hotel, Moxy, works with influencers. They partnered with a famous YouTuber, Taryn Southern, to make cool videos. Taryn interviews other well-known people in a room that looks like one from the hotel. People loved her funny interviews so much that Moxy Hotels sponsored more. 

Moxy Hotels
Moxy Hotels

Even big companies like Marriot noticed and worked with Taryn to make funny videos for Moxy. These videos got a lot of attention on social media, especially Snapchat. Moxy measured their success by looking at how many people saw the influencers’ posts and videos. They found out that they took over 3 million impressions! Want to be the next influencer to shoot up their impression? Click on the button!

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5. Vistana Signature Experiences

These hotels team up with famous brands like Sheraton Vacation Club, Westin Vacation Club, and Marriott Bonvoy. They’re all about making your vacation unforgettable in the United States, the Caribbean, or Mexico.

Vistana Signature Experiences
Vistana Signature Experiences

Guess what? They’re hotels that collaborate with influencers! If you’re great at creating engaging content, have a large number of followers, and love to travel, they want to hear from you. So, are you? Click on the below button!

Collaborate with Vistana Signature

6. Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton collaborates with influencers to promote their brand. They team up with various influencers, from well-known Instagram travelers to smaller ones like photographer Chris Aznar. By doing this, they aim to connect with different types of people all over the world. 


Instead of using generic photos, they prefer authentic content created by influencers with active engagement. These influencers are invited to stay at Ritz-Carlton properties for up to a week, with expenses covered, to share their experiences with their followers. Wow! 

7. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

You might not know the name Fairmont, but you’ve probably heard of some of their cool hotels, like The Plaza in New York or The Savoy in London. They have about 90 hotels worldwide!

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Even though these hotels are already famous, Fairmont still wants more people to know about them. So, they work with influencers. These are people with lots of followers on social media. The influencers visit the hotels and show them to their followers. They even get to go behind the scenes. It’s like giving their followers an insight into what staying there is like. 

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Regarding hotels that work with influencers, they invite famous people like Cara Delevingne and Tom Felton to stay at their hotels during events like London Fashion Week. 

Are you looking for hotels that work with micro-influencers? The next option is for you!

8. Giraffe Manors

Imagine a beautiful place in Kenya, surrounded by stunning nature. You might think celebrities would be the ones to show off such a place, right? Well, not for Giraffe Manor. This special spot is part of The Safari Collection, offering the best stays in Kenya.

Giraffe Manors
Giraffe Manors

Giraffe Manor decided to team up with smaller influencers, such as mid-tier influencers focusing on travel. They believed that even though these influencers have fewer followers, such as micro-influencers, their followers are loyal. This means more of their followers are likely to visit Giraffe Manor.

Working with these micro-influencers has another advantage: they really know what their followers like and don’t like. So, if you’re new to Instagram, this hotel is the best brand collaboration for you!

9. Hurawalhi Maldives 

It is one of the amazing hotels that work with influencers. Moreover, it’s perfect for adults who want a fancy vacation. 😍 It has an underwater restaurant, so you can see all the fish while you eat. Cool? The hotel is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and clear blue water that will make you never want to leave.

Hurawalhi Maldives 
Hurawalhi Maldives 

They love working with travel influencers with many followers and making awesome content. So, if you’re a social media content creator and you love to travel, this could be the perfect place to visit and share with your followers!

10. Radisson Hotels

Radisson Hotels, like Radisson Blu Bali Uluwatu, are famous worldwide. They’re hotels looking for influencers who love their hotels to work with them. They see these influencers as friends who help spread the word about their unique places to stay.

Radisson Hotels
Radisson Hotels

If you love to travel and share your adventures online, Radisson might want to work with you! Just tell them about yourself, like which social media you use the most and what things you like to share. They also want to know how many people follow you. If chosen, you can stay at one of their fabulous hotels and create content. So, if you’re excited about exploring beautiful places like Bali, click on the following button and collaborate with Radisson!

Collaborate with Radisson

How to Find Hotels That Work with Influencers?

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To Wrap Things Up

Hotels that work with influencers will increase their brand awareness and reach more people. Being on social media is important now, so hotels are teaming up with popular social media creators to attract more people. So, if you’re an influencer, it’s a good opportunity for you to collaborate with them and make money. To do so, sign up on Ainfluencer for free and make your first deal!


1. How to Get Free Hotel Stays As an Influencer?

Try to incorporate details about the hotel’s past partnerships or collaborations. Then, use a professional email address to contact them. Start your email with a brief introduction about yourself, mentioning your name, where you’re from, and that you’re a travel blogger.

Keep your email short and simple. Provide details about when you plan to stay at the hotel, even if it’s just a rough date range. Explain why you chose their hotel specifically. Do some research and find something unique about their hotel that stands out to you, like spacious rooms or a great location. This personalized approach will make your pitch more effective.

If you use Ainfluencer to find and collaborate with hotels that work with influencers, you can send a direct message to them through the Chat box.

2. What Is the Influencer Campaign for Hotels?

The main aim is to get more people booking rooms and spending money. Hotels team up with influencers who share their places with their followers, which helps them get more bookings and make more money.


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