7 Best Talent Agencies in Atlanta in 2024

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Are you looking for the top talent agencies in Atlanta? Whether you’re a newborn model, aspiring actor, or established influencer, Atlanta has many top talent agencies known for their industry expertise, diverse talent representation, and successful client placements to boost your career.

Whether you’re looking to break into television, Instagram as an influencer, film, commercials, or modeling, these agencies offer exceptional opportunities and personalized representation to help you succeed in the entertainment industry. We’ve done the research for you, so let’s discover the best talent agencies in Atlanta!

Top 7 Talent Agencies in Atlanta

Are you looking for the most popular and trusted talent agencies in Atlanta? Here’s a list of the most legitimate agencies.

1. Houghton Talent

Since it has become difficult to trust talent agencies, let’s explore one of the trusted agencies that many models and actors work with. Houghton Talent, one of the best talent agencies in Atlanta, has earned a strong reputation over 30 years for representing models and actors across TV/Film, commercials, voice-over, industrial, print, and live events.

Houghton Talent is known for its exceptional talent pool. It represents established actors, models, and voice-over artists while actively seeking new talent. This branding agency easily handles short turnaround times and offers excellent talent presentation options. Its experienced team is always available and honored to work with passionate individuals pursuing their dreams.

To learn more about this talent agency in Atlanta, you can visit their official website or check out their Instagram account, which has 11.7K followers.

2. J Pervis Talent Agency

Let me introduce you to another talent agency in Atlanta. Founded nearly 50 years ago, it has become one of Atlanta’s trusted agencies.

Over the past 50 years, J Pervis Talent has earned considerable recognition, focusing mainly on quality over quantity. They prioritize building lasting relationships and creating career opportunities by working closely with talent and clients. Their strong reputation allows them to operate in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York, offering opportunities on both coasts.

This talent agency in Atlanta has produced many masterpieces over the years. You’ve likely seen the series ‘Wednesdays’ starring Jenna Ortega, which gained significant popularity upon its release. The ‘Wednesday Dance’ became one of the most viral trends on TikTok and Instagram.

J Pervis Talent Agency has also produced other masterpieces, such as Stranger Things, Ozark, Never Have I Ever, and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

To learn more about this talent agency in Atlanta, Georgia, visit its official website or follow it on Instagram, which has 21.1K followers.

3. Atlanta Models & Talent

It’s time to check out one of Atlanta’s top full-service talent agencies, Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. This talent agency in Atlanta provides exceptional talent for TV, film, commercials, industrial projects, print work, and voiceover productions in Atlanta, the Southeast, and nationwide.

Given Atlanta’s significant role in the film industry, surpassing Los Angeles and New York City in projects and generating over $9.5 billion in economic revenue for Georgia, AMT’s TV/Film department works tirelessly to get their actors on set.

For fans of zombie apocalypses and ‘The Walking Dead,’ you might be curious about the agency behind this memorable TV series. Atlanta Models & Talent was the agency that produced ‘The Walking Dead’ along with many other movies and TV shows. This talent agency in Atlanta has also produced films like ‘Loki,’ ‘Outer Banks,’ ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’ and more.

AMT has you covered even when you’re looking for a host, spokesperson, or the new face for your product. They handle everything from corporate training videos to SAG national campaigns. For more information about this talent agency in Atlanta, visit their official website or follow them on Instagram, where they have 15.6K followers.

4. Classic Talnet Agency

Ready to meet one of the top talent agencies in Atlanta? Classic Talent Agency is a highly trusted and popular agency in Atlanta, well-regarded among its competitors and the world of cinema.

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Classic Talent Agency is a boutique agency based in the North Metro Atlanta. It brings industry expertise from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Classic Talent Agency offers classic LA-style representation in the Southeast while adhering to SAG guidelines. It focuses on providing the best opportunities for each talent.

This agency will be exceptional for you if you’re a fan of the love story between two of Marvel Studios’ most powerful superheroes, Wanda and Vision, portrayed by two of the hottest celebrities. As mentioned, this talent agency in Atlanta has produced ‘WandaVision’ and movies like ‘I, Tonya’ and ‘The Wonder Years’, among others.

Like other talent agencies in Atlanta, to stay updated with the latest news, you can visit their official website or follow their Instagram account, which has 1.5K followers.

5. Salt Model & Talent

If you’re an influencer or a famous model seeking a trusted, popular agency to work with, consider Salt Models & Talent—one of the most reputable talent agencies in Atlanta. Why should you choose this talent agency?

Salt Agency is a top-tier Atlanta-based agency founded by industry veteran Madeleine Almering. This agency embraces diversity and inclusivity, representing individuals of all ethnicities, shapes, heights, genders, and abilities. As a top talent agency in Atlanta, they place models with premier global agencies in New York, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, and beyond. Their clients range from Fortune 500 companies to local boutiques and startups. 

Salt is committed to finding and supporting new talent, helping them grow personally and professionally with hands-on career guidance and industry expertise. Salt Models will welcome you under its wing whether you’re a new face model or a seasoned influencer.

What’s truly fascinating and satisfying about this agency is that both the CEO (agency director and founder) and COO, Kelly McGill, were former models themselves. To learn more about them, follow their Instagram account, which has 42K followers, or visit their official website.

6. The Pink Light Model & Talent Agency

Since the number of trusted talent agencies in Atlanta has decreased over the years and with so many companies emerging, let’s explore another reputable and popular agency in Atlanta.

The Pink Light is a national agency headquartered in Atlanta, GA, specializing in models, talent, and event staffing. They specialize in promotional, trade shows, fashion, print models, and specialty talent for campaigns and events nationwide.

This talent agency in Atlanta was established in 2006 to meet the demand for a full-service agency. The Pink Light offers a diverse range of models and talent. They are well known for their brand-savvy, trendsetting approach, attracting clients from the fashion, commercial, and promotional industries worldwide.

Now that you’ve heard what we said, you might be tempted and curious to learn more about them. In that case, follow their Instagram account or visit their official website.

7.  People Store

Finally, it’s time to meet the last talent agency on our Atlanta list. People Store was established in September 1983 and has led the entertainment industry, bridging Atlanta, New York, and LA. Located in the heart of Atlanta, People Store represents a diverse roster of experienced talent for film, television, commercials, print, and voiceover opportunities.

For more information about this talent agency in Atlanta, visit their official website or follow them on Instagram, where they have nearly 20K followers.


Now that you know about the best talent agencies in Atlanta, you should understand that the city has become a vibrant hub for diverse talent agencies catering to the entertainment industry. These agencies offer personalized representation and exceptional opportunities for actors, influencers, models, and talent of all kinds. Whether you’re aiming for film, television, modeling, or commercials, Atlanta’s talent agencies provide a pathway to success in this dynamic field.


1. Do Talent Agents Cost Money?

An agent only gets a commission when you’re paid for a job. They can’t charge upfront fees or require you to use specific services, such as schools or photographers, as a condition of representing you.

2. Do You Need Experience to Get A Talent Agent?

Agencies typically require relevant experience or training before signing you. If you’re new, consider training and gaining experience to improve your chances. Research agencies to find the best fit for your needs.


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