10 Best Mid-Tier Influencers to Follow in 2024

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Are you looking for affordable options for partnerships and collaborations with broad reach? That’s where mid-tier influencers come in. 

Using an influencer marketing strategy to advertise your products is an effective way to get people to buy them because many people trust influencers. But it can be challenging to do it right. Not all influencers are the same. It’s crucial to know which types of influencers, categories, and platforms will help you the most. 

Working with different levels of influencers can be helpful, and it’s smart to pick the ones that give you the best results for future partnerships. In this article, we’ll explore all you need to know about mid-tier influencers in detail and share a list of some of the best ones.

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What Is a Mid-tier Influencer?

Mid-tier influencers have between 50,000 and 500,000 followers. They’re usually professionals and experienced in the influencer world. This type of influencer often works with brands, does sponsored posts, and partners with companies for affiliate marketing, which is how they make their main online income.

Collaborating with mid-tier influencers can be better than micro-influencers because they have many people who like their products. They’re good if you want to do influencer marketing, but remember that the bigger the influencer, the more money they might want.

You may wonder: Why are mid-tier influencers good? Well, their number of followers makes them versatile for different marketing campaigns. They can take over social media accounts, host giveaways, run contests, and showcase and review products.

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Why Should Your Brand Collaborate with a Mid-tier Influencer?

They allow you to interact well with followers without the high cost of famous influencers. Still not convinced? Well, here are the reasons why you should work with a mid-tier influencer to promote your brand and increase brand awareness through social media:

1. Specialization

Mid-tier influencers focus on specific topics or niches, making their endorsements more credible and trustworthy than celebrities promoting various products without expertise.

2. Hard Working

Mid-tier influencers achieve their status through dedication, creativity, and effort. They aim to grow their follower base to higher levels and remain ambitious in their pursuit of broader influence.

3. High Engagement

Mid-tier influencers interact with their followers, offering a platform to promote products or services directly to a targeted audience of up to 200,000 followers, enhancing engagement and credibility.

4. Social Media Visibility

Social media algorithms prioritize engaging content, making mid-tier influencers more visible than celebrities. Higher engagement rates ensure that promoted content reaches a larger audience.

5. Cost-Effectiveness 

Collaborating with mid-tier influencers offers a significant return on investment compared to mega-celebrities like Kylie Jenner or Beyoncé. With lower fees and a more targeted audience, brands can achieve effective exposure and engagement without exhausting their marketing budgets.

Now, it’s time to introduce the best examples of mid-tier influencers! Let’s go!

Top 10 Mid-tier Influencers

Here’s a list of top influencers who will help you achieve your goals after collaboration:

1. Dabito – @dabito (236K Followers)

Dabito is a creative person who makes homes look super cool. He writes a book called ‘Old Brand New: Colorful Homes for Maximal Living,‘ he’s also a designer, artist, and author. He loves using bright colors and mixing things to make homes look awesome. 

Many people follow him online, about 236K people, to be exact! Dabito’s Instagram is full of fun and colorful pictures that show off his style. Magazines like Better Homes & Gardens and the New York Times have also noticed his work is great! If you want to collaborate with him, tap on the following button!

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2. Carly Rowena – @carlyrowena (178K Followers)

She’s not just a regular fitness influencer; she’s also a wellness coach and a content creator. Carly believes in connecting with your body and the world around you. She’s organized retreats in different places like Peru and Africa where people can make friends and feel more confident.

During the lockdown, Carly wrote her first book, My Beautiful Body. It’s all about loving your body and what it can do. She’s also made an app called Moodment to help people feel better and more connected every day. She’s also a personal trainer and shares workout videos on Instagram for her 178K followers.

3. Nick Neves – @dad_beets (57.1K Followers)

Nick Neves, also known as @dad_beets on Instagram, is a dad and husband who loves to cook delicious meals. On his Instagram, you’ll find lots of yummy food ideas. 

Nick wants to inspire people to cook at home and enjoy it. He makes cooking look easy and enjoyable. His Instagram feed is so good that he even won an award for Best Food Instagram. So, if you’re looking for delicious recipes and cooking inspiration, Nick Neves is the mid-tier influencer you must follow!

4. Sofi Manko – @fit.bysofi (285K Followers)

Sofi Manko is a popular actress from Ottawa and one of the popular mid-tier influencers with 285K followers. She’s known for her roles as Sunny in Scalper and Melissa in Occult Anonymous. While she keeps her personal life private, Sofi stays focused on her acting career, always working to improve her skills.

Beyond acting, Sofi shares content focused on mindfulness, workouts, and self-care. She’s passionate about helping her followers become their best selves, often posting about fitness routines and healthy living. Whether it’s sharing what she eats or workout routines in vlogs, Sofi aims to inspire others to prioritize their health.

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5. Astin Hancock – @yourlifeiswhatyoumakeit (203K Followers)

Astin Hancock, known as @yourlifeiswhatyoumakeit on Instagram, is passionate about DIY projects and home improvement. With over 203,000 followers, she’s built a community of enthusiasts who share her love for creating and transforming spaces. 

Astin became an Instagram influencer at a young age, and now she shares her crafty endeavors with the world through her social media accounts. She enjoys showcasing her favorite home decor brands and documenting her creative process through vlogs and posts. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next DIY project!

6. Bailey Drew – @heybaileydrew (51K Followers)

She’s one of the mid-tier influencers who is interested in traveling and sharing her adventures with her 51K followers. But that’s not all! Bailey is also big on personal growth and being a dog mom! 

Her vlogs take you around the world, showing off awesome places to stay and visit. She’s spent a whole summer in Europe, so she’s got the inside scoop on what products are essential for long-term travel, and she makes sure to share those gems with her followers. Bailey’s feed is all about living life to the fullest and making every moment count!

7. Jody Boehmer – @muaythaijody (119K Followers)

Let’s introduce one of the beauty influencers on Instagram: Jody Boehmer, also known as @muaythaijody. With a 119K followers, she’s like your friendly guide to skincare and beauty, especially if you’re over 40. 

Jody’s all about empowering her followers to reach their beauty goals. On her page, you’ll find loads of advice on skincare, makeup, and beauty products she loves. This mid-tier influencer dives deep into reviews and always has incredible recommendations from different brands. Jody’s platform is not just about products; it’s about feeling confident and fabulous at any age!

Looking for mid-tier influencers with mouthwatering content? Check out the following creator!

8. Dave Patera – @dinnerswithdave_ (212K Followers)

Dave Patera, with 212K followers on Instagram, is a food enthusiast who loves to travel and cook. He grew up enjoying delicious meals like pasta with pork neck bone gravy and lamb stew with raisins and cinnamon. His passion for food and travel led him to leave his job as a marketing executive to focus on exploring different cooking around the world.

He recreates dishes he’s tasted during travels and develops recipes. His creative cooking videos and tutorials showcase his love for food and cooking gadgets, captivating the attention of food lovers on Instagram.

9. Nicole Vasquez – @nicolevas (69.6K Followers on TikTok)

Nicole Vasquez is a mid-tier influencer on TikTok with nearly 70K followers. She also has 17.7K followers on Instagram. She’s all about trendy clothes and modern fashion. 

She shares her excellent style tips on TikTok. One of her popular series is’ 30 Days of Fits,’ in which she shows off her everyday outfits. This fashion influencer has even partnered with big brands like Urban Outfitters and Revolve. So, if you’re looking for fashion inspiration, Nicole’s got you covered!

10. Olivia Jones  – @olivia.a.jones (107.3K Followers on TikTok)

Olivia Jones is a 23-year-old mid-tier influencer living in Arizona. She’s not super famous on Instagram, having around 7,684 followers. Olivia Jones is pretty big on TikTok, with over 107,000 followers! So, people consider her a mid-tier influencer.

She talks about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, but what’s cool is that she’s into sustainable products. Olivia is great at finding new brands and products that are in style. She shares them with her followers so they can stay up-to-date and look trendy. In addition, she cares about the environment, so if you’re into eco-friendly products, you should take a look at her page!

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Wrapping Things

Mid-tier influencers are great choices for growing your business because they have a decent number of followers, making them suitable for different influencer marketing campaigns. When someone becomes a mid-tier influencer, they usually have more time for your brand than those aiming to become macro-influencers. Those at the lower end of the mid-tier range would also be very genuine, as they’re eager to grow their followers and partner with brands.


1. How Much Do Mid-Tier Influencers Make?

They can earn from $100,000 to $500,000 yearly because they reach more people and keep them interested, which makes big companies want to work with them.

2. What Are the Pros & Cons of Working with Mid-Tier Influencers?

When you think about teaming up with these influencers, remember they’ll represent your brand, so choose wisely. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of collaborating with mid-tier influencers:
They have a loyal group of followers who are interested in similar things.
They’re cheaper compared to big-name influencers.
They’re usually easy to get in touch with.
They don’t have as many followers, so their impact might be smaller.
They’re more likely to take on any campaign, which could mean less commitment to yours and a risk of promoting competitors.


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