Top 10 Turkey Models in 2024: The Hottest Ones!

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In the fashion world, which usually follows the same trends, there’s something remarkable to discover – the stunning beauty of Turkey models

They possess a unique charm, elegance, and timeless fashion sense influenced by their rich culture and history. These women show that real beauty is more than what you typically see in fashion influencers. In this article, we’re walking you through the list of some exceptional models in Turkey who define beauty for our time. In addition, we’ll give you the best way to collaborate with them efficiently!

Let’s get started!

10 Famous Female Models in Turkey

Our ’10 Famous Female Models in Turkey’ list is your key to the exciting fashion and beauty industry in this country. These models, some famous worldwide and others on the rise, are guaranteed to grab your interest.

1. Buse Iskenderoglu

Buse Iskenderoglu is among the first women we talk about hot Turkey models. Beauty knows no boundaries when it comes to this remarkable talent. She claimed the coveted title of Miss Turkey World back in 2016, and ever since she has been making waves in the global fashion scene. 

Buse Iskenderoglu
Buse Iskenderoglu

What makes her special is not just how beautiful she is, but also how confident she is. Buse’s unique and daring fashion sense has made people from all over the world like her. Every time she does a fashion photo shoot, she does an excellent job, and that’s why she’s considered one of the best Turkish models. Her busy schedule proves how successful she is, as she always has lots of exciting projects and opportunities.

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Let’s introduce the second standout Turkish model on the list!

2. SimgeTertemiz

Simge Tertemiz is a top model in Turkey. She’s won lots of model awards and also works on TV. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with fashion brands, showcasing her versatile talent. 


What really stands out about Simge is how pretty she is and how her body is just right for modeling. She’s definitely one of the best female models in Turkey.

3. Hande Ercel

Is there anyone out there who isn’t familiar with Hande Ercel? Don’t think so! She’s not just an actress, she’s a Turkey Instagram influencer! With a staggering 31.2 million followers on Instagram, she’s a household name and a style icon that the world adores.

Hande Ercel
Hande Ercel

Hande Ercel from Turkey won the Miss Civilization of Turkey beauty pageant in 2012. She also came in second place in the Miss Civilization of World competition that year. 

4. Serenay Sarikaya

Starting as a Turkish model, she was the first runner-up in the 2010 Miss Turkey competition. In 2014, she was honored as ‘Woman of the Year’ by G.Q. Turkey for her undeniable beauty and charm, making her a standout as hot turkish model.

Serenay Sarikaya
Serenay Sarikaya

Serenay Sarikaya, with 10.2 million Instagram followers, is a beloved Turkish model and actress who gained fame through hit series like Medcezir, inspired by The O.C., and other shows. 

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5. Berrin Keklikler

When it comes to perfect matte looks and timeless beauty, you can’t overlook Berrin Keklikler. She was Miss Universe Turkey. Now, she’s a fashion superstar. She’s flawless in every way, from her stunning beauty to her unique style and grace. 

Berrin Keklikler
Berrin Keklikler

What makes her special is her endless creativity, which she uses to create exciting and unique fashion looks. Berrin Keklikler is the ultimate fashion model!

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6. Tuğba Melis Türk

Tuğba Melis Türk is a shining model among Turkish actresses. Born on September 7, 1990, she has 804K Instagram followers and made a lasting impact on Turkish television and cinema.

Tuğba Melis Türk
Tuğba Melis Türk

She became famous in 2011 by winning the Best Model of Turkey title. Her beauty and talent helped her become a TV and movie star. She started acting as Yasemin in the show ‘Büyük Buluşma.’ In 2010, she made history by being in ‘Hell 3D,’ the first 3D Turkish film.

7. Elif Ozkul

Elif Ozkul, who is 35 years old, is a popular TV host and model from Turkey. She’s known for her beautiful looks, with attractive blue eyes and wavy hair. What makes her even more special is her slim and well-toned body, which adds to her natural charm. 

Elif Ozkul
Elif Ozkul

Her amazing looks have made her very popular, not only on TV but also on her social media. Elif Ozkul is more than just a TV host and a Turkish model, she’s a beautiful person who has won the hearts of many with her presence.

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8. Ebru Sam 

Ebru Sam is one of the standout Turkey models at the age of 33. She’s received a lot of attention and even won the title of Miss Turkey. Ebru Sam is known for her unique mix of charm, and a strong presence in the Turkish modeling industry.

Ebru Sam 
Ebru Sam 

What makes Ebru Sam special is her daring fashion choices and her excellent sense of style. She’s not afraid to make bold fashion statements, set trends, and become a role model for those who admire fashion field.

9. Saadet Aksoy

Saadet Aksoy is a Turkish model and actress born in 1983 who is well-known for her amazing acting skills and her stunning beauty. With 172K followers on Instagram, she has a big fan base on social media. Moreover, her acting career has taken her to the international stage.

Saadet Aksoy
Saadet Aksoy

One of her best moments was in the 2012 movie ‘Twice Born,’ where she played a unique character named Aska, alongside famous Hollywood actors Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch. This film made her famous worldwide.

10.  Ayça Ayşin Turan

This hot actress and model from Turkey was born in 1992. She’s a popular Instagram model in Turkey, with a massive 6.2 million followers on her Instagram account, which makes her a big deal.

Ayça Ayşin Turan
Ayça Ayşin Turan

You might recognize her from the TV show with her name, but she’s not just that. She also acted in a popular Netflix series called ‘The Protector.’ She’s really good at acting, and she won a special award in 2021 for her role as Haziran in another TV show called ‘Ada Masali.’

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To Wrap Things Up

While fashion often follows the same trends, Turkish models shine with their extraordinary beauty. We’re about to explore the 10 famous female models in Turkey, from well-known global supermodels to rising talents.

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1. Who Are the Most Famous Female Turkey Models?

Here’s a list of well-known Turkish models:
1. Buse Iskenderoglu.
2. SimgeTertemiz.
3. Hande Ercel.
4. Serenay Sarikaya.
5. Berrin Keklikler.
6. Tuğba Melis Türk.
7. Elif Ozkul.
8. Ebru Sam.
9. Saadet Aksoy.
10.  Ayça Ayşin Turan.

2. Where Can I Find Turkey Models for Collaboration? 

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