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Getting to know Influencer marketing for small businesses problems can help you to know the reasons you fail on your influencer marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing has been all the rage recently, especially during the last two to three years.

But still, most business owners have unrealistic expectations of it.

It is indeed one of the most modern marketing tactics, but that doesn’t mean influencer marketing can make magic happen.

As data/research suggests, many small business owners are left dumbfounded when facing problems related to their influencer marketing strategy.

That’s the reason we’re going to address 4 problems with influencer marketing for small businesses.

Let’s dive in to find out what they are.

Working with Ineffective Local Instagram Influencers

Working with the wrong Instagram influencers is probably the most common trap you may fall into when using influencer marketing as part of your overall strategy.

According to research conducted in 2019,61% of marketers agree it’s challenging to find the best influencers for a campaign, suggesting this problem is far from solved.”

You’re doing the right thing if you decide to do manual research to find influencers for collaboration.

But, without knowing authentic sources to do your research might lead to ending up working with the wrong influencers.

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As a result, business owners can destroy their marketing efforts just because of this mistake.

Best Influencer Marketing Platform

Solution: Finding the Best Influencer Marketing Platform

What you want to ideally do to solve this problem in the first place is to use one of the top-notch influencer marketing platforms out there.

Doing so will allow you to:

  • create effective collaborations with the right Instagram influencers;
  • and also have the opportunity to find local influencers to level up your small business.

Choosing the right platform from the very beginning will lead to maximizing your marketing efforts because you’ll save a considerable portion of your resources.

Moreover, let’s suppose you’re worried about your audience demographics resonating with your brand values.

In that case, Ainfluencer provides you with different search filters such as location, the number of followers, and niche to help you connect with the influencer you’re looking for.

The platform is one of the leading influencer marketing services and by far the right choice for your small businesses as a guaranteed way to find the perfect Instagram influencers.

Setting Ambitious Campaign Goals

Not defining your influencer marketing campaign‘s objectives and setting unrealistic goals will lead to significant consequences on effectively marketing your small business.

Setting business goals is the first step before finding the right influencer.

Although an Instagram influencer that best fits your business’s values can act as a powerful tool for reaching your marketing goals, failing to be transparent about what you want from them gets you nowhere.

Even if you manage to find the right influencer, you need to have clear goals and a marketing plan to produce the best results.

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Solution: Write an Influencer Contract and Set Clear Goals

To solve the problem we just discussed, you need to write an influencer contract.

This is an absolutely essential step, even for small businesses.

Factors such as the terms of the agreement and seasonal campaign details should be apparent in this contract.

For example, with a long-term influencer partnership, you can plan to increase your followers, maximize your engagement, generate more leads and boost your product sales.

On the other side, a seasonal campaign helps you grow your brand awareness for a particular product while capitalizing on existing seasonal hype.

In case you wish to make the job easier for yourself, you can use an influencer contract template.

Not Measuring Your Marketing Results

Although influencers are accurate and skillful when it comes to promoting what you have, it doesn’t mean that you should skip measuring the campaign results.

Not being able to measure your strategy’s KPIs at the end of each campaign literally means wasting all the effort you’ve put in to succeed.

Solution: Monitor, Measure, and Follow up with analytics

Having a good idea of evaluating your success in your influencer marketing campaigns is a straightforward way to avoid another problem.

You can pay attention to these and other metrics to accurately assess the results:

  • Instagram’s Paid Partnership Feature
  • Setting up UTM Tagging
  • Conversion rates
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)

Having an Incoherent Content Strategy

Valuable content sits at the core of your business, and it’s the best way to arouse your audience’s interest and engage them more with your brand.

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You must be very well informed on how to work out a well-detailed content strategy that precisely targets your customers’ and prospects’ pain points and interests.

The wrong content strategy puts stress solely on advertising and increasing sales without considering your lead requirements; therefore, it ruins your brand awareness.

Solution: Come up with A Content Strategy

Content is the main thing that you can make use of to speak directly to your followers.

An excellent, effective content strategy would be the finest if extracted from both business owners’ and influencers’ ideas.

It looks into your followers’ interests with visually appealing content that attracts attention.

Then try out to deliver your branded content and messaging that you know will resonate with people.


We outlined the four most common problems with influencer marketing for small businesses.

Being aware of each problem helps new small businesses to run more efficiently.

Finding the right influencer, setting actionable marketing goals, measuring the marketing performance, and considering a content strategy can significantly contribute to your small business’s success.

It is likely to face any other type of problem while doing influencer marketing for your small business.

Also, if you’ve had any knowledge about other problems a small business may face in influencer marketing, let us know.