25+ Creative Advertisement Ideas to Get Inspired in 2022

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Advertising is the fundamental part of boosting any business. It’s around us every day. You can see advertisement samples everywhere; on billboards, on TV, in magazines, on the internet, etc. By having original and fresh advertisement ideas, you can make your ad significant among the others.

What is brand advertising?

Brand advertising is a type of advertising that focuses on promoting a particular brand or product. It is a form of marketing communication that promotes a company’s product or service and creates awareness and positive associations with the brand in the minds of consumers.

Why advertising is important?

As channels of communication available to marketers are proliferating, today’s advertising campaigns need to become more and more innovative. They need to come up with the best advertisement ideas to communicate with their clients and, in turn, reach the company’s goals.

According to Marketing Charts, online advertising takes the biggest share of media advertisement in the United States, followed by TV commercials.

The data provided by PwC, said that marketers spent about $121 billion on online advertising in 2020 and forecasted that this type of advertising would reach $153.0 billion by 2024.

ad marketing chart

So, to be successful in this huge market, your ad should be powerful enough to arouse people’s emotions and stay in their minds for a long time. It may directly or indirectly influence their buying decisions. This means that advertisement ideas can be a game-changer for your business.

How to create a creative advertisement?

It is essential, yet challenging, for all business owners to find creative ways to produce their advertisements. While thinking of new advertisement ideas, keep in mind that a good ad must be simultaneously informative and innovative to attract consumers’ attention.

Advertisement samples are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. But the hard part is to decide where to advertise to reach your intended viewers and catch their attention.

1. Ainfluencer

Promoting brands through Instagram influencers is one way that has become a trend these days.

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There are so many influencers actively working in their specific field of interest. When influencers most relevant to your field promote your brand, their followers pay attention and do not scroll away.

Using Ainfluencer, the process of making ads and finding the top influencers linked to your brand will be easy, secure, and free. It all starts with creating a free ad on the Ainfluencer marketplace.

You can find influencers in your field, invite them to your ad, make deals with them, and promote your brand. Or just create your ad and let the influencers reach out to you.

2. Google Ads

Google is everywhere! When people decide what to do, where to go, and what to buy, they always google it. By using Google Ads, your ad will appear when someone is looking for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. And if your advertisement idea is catchy enough, they will click on it at once.

One of the good things about Google Ads is its pay-per-click advertisement tool. It means you only pay for what consumers click on.

Google Ads

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that can be a good choice depending on your field.

Although the chances of opening all your emails have dropped in the past ten years, using email campaigns as one of your advertising strategies can still be a viable option.

Sending emails to customers can keep your products and services top of their minds.

Innovative advertisement ideas

Creativity is the key to having successful ideas for advertisement. But it’s not easy to always come up with original ideas, so don’t worry if you run out of new ones.

Here are some suggestions to win the attention of viewers in 2022:

1.  Local advertisements

As the name suggests, local advertising targets a local audience. By using location and cultural characteristics in your ad, you can build customer loyalty. Local advertisements are an excellent option for those who want to find small business advertising ideas.

2.  Bus stations

Bus stop advertisements can be used in specific areas. They are visible to both pedestrians and those using vehicles and let them know about your product or services.

Bus station advertising

3.  Bus advertising

By advertising on buses, you can show your moving billboards to local commuters, drivers, and pedestrians to promote your business. Bus advertisements can come in a variety of sizes.

Bus advertisements

4.  Street advertisements

Advertising on the streets is divided into different types, such as graffiti or stickers. Street ads can make people pause, think about the message, or even take photos with them.

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Street advertisements

5.  Pop-Culture advertisement

By referring to a popular movie or a famous person, draw audiences’ attention to your product or service.

6.  Emotional advertisements

By engaging your viewers emotionally, make them think about your advertisement idea and its message.

Emotional advertisements

7.  Funny advertisements

Another way to create an innovative advertisement is to try to be funny and make an inside joke.

Funny advertisements

8.  Use cute animals

Another catchy advertisement idea is to use cute animals in your ad. Adorable creatures delight people and make them feel good about your ad.

Advertisements using animals

9.  Using jingles

Although jingles can be annoying when they get stuck in your head, they are one fantastic way to come up with creative commercial ideas.

10. Outside-the-Box advertisements

It will be a clever idea if, say, your billboards are not just a boring rectangle off the highway.

Out of the box advertisements

11. Artistic advertisements

By using your artistic side, make people pause, think, and wish to take a picture with your ad.

Artistic advertisements

12. Use the environment in your ads

Be creative and use the environmental elements in your advertisements. Try to make something funny or exciting from the things around you.

Environmental elements in advertisements

13. Using recognizable signs

Using recognizable signs in your ad can be an imaginative advertisement idea. Grab the viewers’ eyes and promote your brand to them.

Using signs in advertisements

14.  Use the product in an unexpected way

Be creative by using your product in a new way in order to attract more viewers. The following advertisement sample will show you how a highlighter was used to create the portrait of Che Guevara.

Highlighter usage advertisement

15. Creating an Instagram grid

Use an Instagram grid to show your ad in a bigger picture. With the increasing usage of social media platforms, this trick will be so useful and practical.

Creating an Instagram grid

16.  Creative business cards

Business cards, especially creative ones, are a brilliant way of presenting your business. Depending on what your business is, you can have so many fresh ideas for making your own business card.

Creative business cards

17.  Video advertisements

Another creative advertisement idea is to use inspirational videos to convey your message. By making videos, engage people’s emotions, and for their part, they will share your videos.

18. Juxtapose imagery

You can easily attract your viewers’ eyes by putting your product alongside other images or imagery to make a contextual connection between them.

In the following advertisement, you can see the merging of the reader’s face with the book cover.

Juxtapose imagery in advertisements

19. Show, don’t tell

By using the “show, don’t tell” approach, you convey things that words can’t. You must create something to help your audience decide the value of your product or service themselves, without you mentioning it.

In this FedEx advertisement sample, the viewer can see how small the world can be if they transport things with FedEx.

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Show advertising concepts

20. Show your benefits

To build brand awareness, show the audience how your product or service makes their life easier. It also helps people know what to expect from your brand. This advertisement sample shows Volkswagen’s park assist option.

Show your benefits

21. Highlight the problem

By highlighting the problem, remind the audience of their essential need for your product or service. The following IKEA advertisement is created to highlight the lack of closet space.

Highlight the problem

22. Attack the enemy

Rather than showing the benefits of your product, show your audience the problem itself. In this ad sample, you can see the replacement of teeth with one of its arch enemies.

Attack the enemy

23. Show the individual parts of your product

Make an innovative picture by showing all the individual pieces that make up your product.

Individual parts of your product

24. Exaggeration

To have a memorable ad and make your product or service look far better than what it really is, you can use exaggeration.

In this advertisement sample, the person’s shirt has become so white that it blocks the shadow.

Exaggeration in advertisements

25. Do challenges

Use the power of the internet to promote your brand. Engaging with your audience is essential for having a good advertisement on social media. Do a fun challenge with your co-workers, like the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS awareness.

26. Try Misdirection

By using incredible and totally unexpected graphics, make your ad attractive and eye-catching.

The advertisement below grabs your attention with a girl in a bikini, but it is actually about illiteracy.

Misdirection in advertisements

27. Let others advertise for you

If you want to enjoy free advertising, be creative in making ads and make everyday things interesting so that people would like to take a picture of them. People sharing their photos on social media would be an excellent advertisement-free experience for you.

Making people share your advertisement


Remember that advertisements are fundamental to building and presenting your brand to people and gaining a reputation. With fresh advertisement ideas, you can reach your goals and boost sales.

You can freely use Ainfluencer and make the process of creating ads easy for yourself.

 How do you advertise creatively?

Use these advertisement ideas for having a creative ad:
1. Local Advertisement
2. Bus and bus shelter advertising
3. Street advertisements
4. Reference pop cultures
5. Be funny
6. Be artistic
7. Make your audience emotional

What is a creative idea in advertising?

A creative idea in advertising refers to choosing an original and interesting idea in your advertisements to capture viewers’ interest and promote your brand. Showing your artistic side, making jingles, and highlighting the problem, are some of the innovative advertisement ideas that would help you.

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