20 Top Nursing Influencers To Follow In 2024

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What are you looking for on social media platforms? Do you use it for entertainment or to take advantage of opportunities to gain knowledge from people such as nursing influencers?

Have you ever felt the need to seek medical advice? I could really feel the information gap, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Those anxious days when you thought you had Coronavirus at every sign. Nurse bloggers on Instagram were extremely helpful back then.

Nurses, on the other hand, are no longer required to subscribe to a nursing journal in order to stay current with their practice. There are numerous options for obtaining nursing educational resources these days. Finding influencers on social media in the nursing niche is one of them.

Nurse bloggers and influencers are excellent sources of information because they share insightful experiences. So, whether you are looking to learn something new, be up to date, or for entertainment, read this blog to find the best nurse influencers!

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How To Find Nursing Influencers?

Before we get into the best nurse content creators, let’s talk about how to find Instagram influencers. Nursing influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms can provide nursing education as well as lifestyle, wellness, and beauty advice.

Following nurse bloggers, you can also access nursing communities where they can exchange thoughts and queries. Here are three of the most popular ways to find influencers out of the many available.

Use an Influencer Marketplace

Marketplace tools are one of the simplest ways to find influencers. Influencer marketplaces allow you to find influencers in any niche by location, gender, and influencer type. You can also easily contact them if you are looking for a brand ambassador or someone interested in doing sponsored work.

One of the top influencer marketplaces is right here.

Find Nursing Influencers Using Ainfluencer

There are many influencer marketing hubs and resources available, but Ainfluencer stands out. By using the insights and analytics offered on the “Campaigns” tab, you can create campaigns on Ainfluencer and track your influencer marketing campaign to determine its success.

The dashboard that Ainfluencer gives you is in no way sophisticated. Influencers can be filtered based on their gender, location, quality, and the types of influencers. For instance, if you’re looking for nursing influencers, go to your dashboard, select “Find Influencers,” enter a keyword or their username (if you know them) in the “Keyword” section, and then select “Search” to find the influencers who are best suited to meet your needs.

Find influencers using Ainfluencer

Top Instagram Nursing Influencers

You may be looking for nurse influencers for many reasons, but the most important goals of finding nurse bloggers are to see what nursing programs they use or to use healthcare advice. So, try to find some of them that share more educational information with their audience.

Additionally, if you want to find the best influencers to do affiliate marketing with or collaborate with them and create campaigns try to filter them according to your desired location and niche. The number of followers is also important. Micro influencers with 10K to 100K followers can have the most impact on raising your brand awareness.

In the following, there are 22 influencers who share useful content. Go through their account and contact whoever is more related to your needs.

1. Tyler (@thevisualnurse)

Tyler, a visual nurse with 110K Instagram followers, is evolving from a micro influencer to a mega influencer. On his account, you can find a lot of helpful information. His bio states that he assists new nurses with basic rhythms at 25 mm/s! Therefore, it may be a useful resource for those who are new to the nursing profession.

Connect with Tyler

2. Whitney Kleiner (@themodernpractitioner)

She is a micro influencer with 15.2K Instagram followers. As previously stated, micro influencers are the most effective collaborators on Instagram. Whitney Kleiner is a natural minded nurse with the handle @themodernpractitioner on Instagram.

Her bio states that she uses natural approaches to assist people in healing, growing, and thriving. She has two children, and photos of them can be found on her account. Her content includes advice and products for hair and skin care.

Talk to Whitney

3. John BSN,RN (@nurse.johnn)

John BSN, RN, is a well-known nurse on Instagram, with 678K followers and the username @nurse.johnn. Following this nurse will keep you entertained for hours. He has also collaborated with Nurse Blake, another famous nurse blogger on Instagram, in creating funny clips.

Contact John

4. Julia (@thenursejulia)

ATL-based Nurse Julia is a popular figure with 35.7K followers. She is a board-certified nurse practitioner who posts about self-care, lifestyle, and health education on her Instagram page. She is also the creator of the @thenurselink and @absobilitypr accounts.

Collaborate with Julia

5. Alice Benjamin (@asknursealice)

America’s favorite nurse blogger, Nurse Alice Benjamin, has 47.3K Instagram followers under the username @asknursealice. She is a nurse practitioner who posts about health and beauty. She is also a Chief Nursing Officer (CNS) @nurse.org and a Medical Contributor @nbcla. On various websites, you can also find Nurse Alice podcasts.

Connect with Alice

6. Amanda (@theresumerx)

A nurse practitioner (NP), expert, and speaker Amanda helps people find, land, and love their dream job; she has 30.5K followers. Her Instagram page is a helpful resource for anyone looking for work because she guides users through creating the best résumé to land the jobs they want.

Have a chat with Amanda

7. Zermina Akbary (@living_wholelistic)

One of the other specialists in hormones, fertility, and the gut is Zermina Akbary, MSN, BSN, RN, CHHC, and FDN-P. She posts information on various topics related to the healthcare industry, including functional medicine, women’s health, parenting and family advice, medical advice, healthy eating, and many others. She is a good choice if you want to find a micro influencer because she has 10.4K followers and a high engagement rate.

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Talk to Zermina

8. Sarah Warren (@shesinscrubs)

Sarah Warren, ADN RN, is a nurse content creator and advocate with 105K followers. “A nurse here to change the world,” she says in her bio. She is also a speaker and writer, as well as the founder of @dontclockoutorg. There is a wide range of content available on her account on Instagram, such as nursing interview tips, healthcare news, nursing community information, and so on.

Connect with Sarah

9. Liz (@im.nurse.liz)

Liz is a family nurse practitioner with 32.4K Instagram followers and the handle @im.nurse.liz. She likes to assist people, particularly nursing students, and uses her page to share her experiences and healthcare commentary. With educational information. She also shares pediatric nursing tips, so following her account is a good idea for anyone looking for advice in a variety of nursing domains.

Negotiate with Liz

10. Chris Hernandez (@chrisflakoo)

Chris Hernandez, who lives in New York City, has 22.7K followers. He is a nurse and a digital creator who does quite well at Yamuleé Salsa Dance, so he can be considered a dance influencer too. He is also a model and a solo traveler. Chris Hernandez is an advocate/activist and brand ambassador.

So, it can be said that he is to be one of the best nursing influencers on Instagram. On his page, you can find coupon codes for Clove, Fuego, Eko, and other brands.

Talk to Chris

11. Robyn Stoetzel RN (@naturalnurserobyn)

Here is another micro influencer with 15.1K followers. Nurse coach Robyn Stoetzel, RN, goes by the Instagram username @naturalnurserobyn. According to her, she transitioned from a traditional bedside nurse to a nurse who teaches wellness in a Chiropractic Office.

On her page, you can find advice on skincare, health, and medications. Chicago is where she is located.

Start negotiation with Robyn

12. Nurse JJ (@juliaj.nurse)

Nurse JJ, who has 30.6K followers, is one of Instagram’s cute nurses, an RN, and a creator of humorous content. There is no informational content about nursing or health care on her page, but there are many funny videos to keep you entertained.

Connect with Nurse JJ

13. Chelsea (@cecestudyguides)

Chelsea is a nurse educator with 80.5K Instagram followers and the username @cecestudyguides. According to her bio, she distributes nursing study guides and assists nursing students in succeeding in school and passing the NCLEX. Her page contains useful information; she is one of those educational nurse bloggers who cares about her audience.

Start negotiation with Chelsea

14. Chrissy (@chrissycrna)

Chrissy is a beautiful Instagram nurse and digital content creator who has 32.1K followers. She is a nurse anesthetist, and her IG bio states that she empowers ICU nurses and future CRNAs to care confidently. You can learn from Confident Care Academy by listening to her podcasts.

Negotiate with Chrissy

15. Amanda Elwell (@nursingschool_struggle_)

Amanda Elwell, BSN RN CEN from Maine, has 29.6K followers on Instagram. She is a mother, wife, RN, and NP student. She is also a trauma nurse who creates educational, humorous, and inspiring content for those who work in the nursing field or are interested in this niche.

Connect with Amanda

16. Erica (@themindfulnurse_)

Erica MSN, RN, is a beautiful Instagram nurse and digital creator with 20.2K followers. Her page contains content about nursing, healthcare, fitness, and inspiring self-care quotes. She is a trauma/neuro MSN RN, wife, and also mom blogger.

Start negotiation with Erica

17. Sarah (@Registerednursern_com)

With 141K followers, Nurse Sarah is one of the famous Instagram nurses. Her account contains useful information about the most recent NCLEX lectures and videos. She is one of the cutest nurses on Instagram, and her page is a goldmine of information for anyone studying nursing or interested in keeping up with the latest patient care news.

Contact Sarah

18. Mariela (@nursemariela)

Mariela, with 78.9K followers, is a travel nurse with a strong online presence as a nurse humor and career growth influencer. She is based in multiple locations, including Rhode Island, Maryland, Texas, Hawaii, and currently Massachusetts, reflecting her travel nursing career. She likely shares her experiences as a travel nurse and provides humor and insights related to the nursing profession. Additionally, she may also offer advice and resources for career growth within the field.

Negotiate with Mariela

19. Hadley (@nurse.hadley)

Hadley is a cute nurse influencer with 130,000 followers on social media. She shares stories from her experiences as a hospice nurse and a mother. She is also an author and her book has came out with Penguin Random House in 2023 called “The In-Between.” Additionally, she is the founder of a nonprofit organization called “Hadley Hospice House.”

Connect with Hadley

20. Blake (@nurse.blake)

One of the most well-known nurses on Instagram that completes our list of nursing influencers is Nurse Blake, who has 953K Instagram followers under the @nurse.blake username. She posts amusing videos that can uplift nurses and other viewers.


In this article, we have compiled a list of the top nurse content creators to assist you in finding the best nursing content on Instagram. Nursing influencers can provide NP students with valuable information. They can also serve as brand advocates and ambassadors if you manufacture healthcare products or provide healthcare services.


1- What are nurse influencers?

A nurse blogger is a person with nursing education and credentials such as a BSN, ADN, or RN. They assist new students in expanding their knowledge and demonstrating how to succeed in the nursing field. You can also think of them as your brand’s supporter or ambassador if you are a company or brand that manufactures products for the healthcare sector.

2- What social media do nurses use most?

The most popular social media platforms for nurses to use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, according to a study that examined how nurses interact with social media. Influencers in nursing who post humorous videos are also noticeable on the TikTok platform.

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