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Have you ever followed a Muslim influencer? These individuals can be found worldwide and serve as inspiring examples, especially for those who may feel hesitant about expressing their beliefs or wearing a hijab on social media. While not all Muslim influencers wear a hijab, they demonstrate that anything is possible. Regardless of your religion, style, or appearance, you can pursue your dreams.

Ready to meet some of the most successful Muslim influencers on social media? Let’s explore and get to know some of the social media’s most influential Muslim figures and their impact on influencer marketing platforms. Let’s get started!

10 Best Popular Muslim Influencers on Instagram

This list features the best and most popular Muslim influencers in the world. Stay tuned to learn more about them!

1. Dalal AlDoub

Are you ready to meet the first Muslim influencer on our list? Dalal (born April 2, 1986) is a web video star, blogger, and social media influencer known for her makeup and style tutorials, vlogs, blog entries, and more. This 38-year-old influencer has 3.2 million followers on Instagram and over 894K subscribers on YouTube. Her blog is called ‘Dalalid’.

She began her influencer career in fashion and makeup, in 2012. Since she is from Kuwait, her influence quickly spread across the Arab world, captivating women with her makeup, fashion, and hijab-tying tips. 

A year after creating her Instagram account to reach a wider audience, she became a YouTuber, where she created style and makeup haul videos. Dalal has inspired Muslims worldwide to overcome self-imposed boundaries and embrace their identity freely and without limitations.

2. Huda Kattan

You’ve likely heard of Huda Beauty cosmetics, founded by one of the most influential Muslim influencers worldwide. Huda Kattan, born on October 2, 1983, in Oklahoma City, is an American makeup artist, beauty blogger, and entrepreneur known for founding Huda Beauty.

Huda Kattan, a well-known makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur, moved to Dubai in 2006 and later studied makeup in Los Angeles. She gained popularity through her beauty blog ‘Huda Beauty’ in 2010 and launched her cosmetics line with false eyelashes in 2013. Her makeup brand gained widespread credit, particularly after being modeled by Kim Kardashian.

This Muslim influencer expanded its product line to include a range of beauty products, experiencing significant success. Her eyeshadow palettes are incredibly popular among beauty influencers everywhere. Huda Kattan herself became a top influencer on Instagram and a notable figure in the beauty industry. 

Huda has an Instagram account with 4.2 million followers, where she shares posts about her brand, makeup tutorials, and her personal life with her husband, Christopher Goncalo, whom she married in Dubai in 2009.

Her brand also has an Instagram account with over 50 million followers, which is very exciting. This Muslim influencer also has a YouTube channel with over 4 million followers. She’s become a celebrity known worldwide.

3. Lean Deeb

Let’s meet a very popular Muslim fitness influencer from Dallas, Texas. Leana Deeb (born July 13, 2001) is a TikTok star, certified personal trainer, and Muslim influencer known for posting motivational fitness and nutrition content. She shares specific workout routines and tips to inspire her audience.

She studied kinesiology at the University of Texas at Arlington before becoming famous as a young Muslim influencer. One interesting fact about her is that she has always been a Muslim, and her faith has grown stronger over time. She started wearing the hijab in all of her videos and became even more popular. She teaches everyone that you can always achieve your goals regardless of religion.

When we say popular, we mean it. Leana Deeb has 5.3 million followers on Instagram, but the real bomb is her TikTok account, which boasts more than 12 million followers. She’s a true enthusiast, focused on sharing motivational videos and teaching self-training techniques.

4. Tamanna Roashan

Let’s meet an Afghan-Indian influencer on Instagram. Tamanna Roashan (born December 6, 1984) is a classified makeup artist, Muslim influence, and global beauty educator. She’s an Instagram phenomenon with 2.8 million followers and founded DressYourFace. Tamanna teaches live online makeup and hair classes on her official website. 

She began doing bridal hair and makeup at 17 and later attended cosmetology college. Afterward, she pursued a major in marketing and communications at Cal State University. Eventually, she transitioned into her career as a makeup artist and became one of the hottest influencers on Instagram.

This Muslim influencer also worked as a business manager at Lancome Cosmetics for eight years. She married Khushal Aqmal in October of 2010 and they had a daughter named Aliya in 2017. Later, she started offering makeup classes online with the makeup star Angel Merino.

Even though Tamanna is in her late 30s, she has successfully become one of the best Instagram models with widespread popularity.

5. Sabina Hannan

Let’s discuss another Muslim influencer, Sabina Hannan, born in England on February 5, 1996. She is a hijabi makeup artist and fashion influencer who rose to fame on Instagram, amassing over half a million followers. Sabina further expanded her presence by launching a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle YouTube channel, which now boasts 420K subscribers.

Before becoming an influencer as her permanent job, she worked in a nursery. Originally from Bangladesh, she now lives in London, England. This British YouTuber announced her engagement in February 2020 through a tweet from journalist Dan Walker.

When you visit her profile on Instagram, you’ll see nothing but beauty and charm. Ever since she created her account, she has consistently posted about her lifestyle and travels to the most beautiful spots in the world. She could be an excellent travel influencer on Instagram.

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6. Manal Chinutay

The sixth Muslim influencer on our list is Manal Chinuty. Manal was born on October 13, 1992, in Canada. She is a popular beauty vlogger and YouTube star known for her hijab tutorials and hauls. On YouTube, she has amassed over 350K subscribers, and on Instagram, she has more than 300K followers.

She is among the highest-paid Instagram influencers known for her unique video style, which involves wearing a full hijab. This Canadian influencer began her journey to fame by leaving medical school to pursue nursing. 

Her career started in high school when friends and classmates noticed her great makeup skills and asked her to do their makeup. Eventually, she began selling makeovers. Later, in 2013, this Muslim influencer started her YouTube channel.

7. Hani Sidow

Another Muslim influencer who gained recognition from Glamour Magazine UK is Hani Sidow. Born in England on January 17, 1996, Hani is a makeup artist and beauty influencer. She graduated from Middlesex University in London with a degree in Advertising, Public Relations, and Media. Hani is likely one of the first influencers to align her college major with her career as an influencer.

This Muslim influencer has also served as a brand ambassador for Huda Beauty and as a freelance beauty editor for The Guardian. On her Instagram, she has been photographed with the renowned makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. She has over 190K followers on this platform. 

8.  Amena Khan

Are you seeking uplifting and friendly content on YouTube and Instagram? Amena Khan, a British fashion designer and internet celebrity, founded Pearl Daisy, a fashion company specializing in headscarves. Notably, she made history as the first hijab model in a L’Oreal hair-care campaign.

Amena Khan, born in Leicester, England, in 1983, grew up in a Hyderabadi Muslim family from India. She started wearing the hijab in her early twenties but stopped at 36; both decisions were made freely. Amena was inspired to become a model due to the lack of positive representation of her background on television. This Muslim influencer married Osaama Khamkar in 2006 and has two children.

In 2017, Amena Khan was featured in Elle Magazine as an Indian Muslim influencer. She discussed her experience wearing a headscarf and combating stereotypes, highlighting the difference in treatment before and after wearing a headscarf.

In 2018, Vogue Magazine honored Amena as L’Oréal’s first headscarf-wearing ambassador, highlighting the campaign’s significance in starting discussions and offering relatable representation for young people. This Muslim social media influencer has more than 500K followers on Instagram.

9. Nura Afia

Let’s talk about Nura Afia, a Muslim influencer in America who became a CoverGirl brand ambassador in November 2016. She made history as CoverGirl’s first ambassador to wear a hijab.

This Muslim influencer grew up in Aurora, Colorado, with five siblings and attended Smoky Hill High School. Her mother, Anne, who was originally Christian from Lebanon, converted to Islam before marrying Afia’s Moroccan father.

In 2011, as a mother, Nura Afia launched her career by watching beauty videos online and creating her own using borrowed electronics. She grew her YouTube and Instagram following to 210K subscribers and 266K followers.

In November 2016, CoverGirl named her an Instagram brand ambassador, making her the first hijab-wearing model for the brand, promoting their ‘So Lashy! BlastPro’ mascara. Despite support from many Muslim women, she faced criticism for wearing a hijab while promoting makeup.

10. Mariah Idrissi

Mariah Idrissi, born August 16, 1992, is a British model, public speaker, and online personality. In 2015, she became the first Muslim hijab-wearing model to appear in H&M’s ‘Close the Loop’ campaign. This led her to become a prominent figure in ‘modest fashion,’ appearing on domestic and international news programs. In 2016, she signed up with Select Modeling Agency and later joined Insanity Group Management in 2017.

This Muslim influencer is also known for advocating for Syrian women’s hygiene. She spoke at TEDxTeen with a talk titled ‘Changing the Face of Fashion’ and participated in the NHS campaign ‘Represent’ to promote blood donation. Recognized as a role model for modest fashion, she shares her insights through social media and speaking engagements. To learn more about her, follow her Instagram account.

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Now that you know about the most famous Muslim influencers, you understand their challenges in reaching where they are. It’s not easy to go against societal norms and beliefs, especially when only 3% of the world’s population is Muslim. Muslim influencers serve as inspiring role models in life.


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