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In recent years, we have all noticed how artificial intelligence is taking all over the internet and we can see it everywhere. They have found their way to social media platforms, and there are many AI influencers on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. But who’s the creator behind them?

In this article, we will introduce you to some of Instagram’s most popular artificial intelligence influencers. Whether you want to know more about AI tools or find out how to become an influencer, checking these accounts can help you.

What Are AI Influencers?

It might look scary, but this is the future of our world. The concept of AI influencers is a familiar thing. The Japanese popstar Kyoko was the first artificial intelligence influencer created in 1996, but we can see them all over social media in recent years. 

3D artists create AI Instagram influencers with the help of CGI (Computer-generated imagery), motion-capture technology, and AI tools. They can act like a human and behave as their creators want and are used for different digital marketing strategies

10 Best AI Influencers

Are you looking for top-generated influencers? Here are some active users on Instagram. 

1. Lil Miquela @lilmiquela

One of the first and most well-known AI influencers with 2.7M followers on Instagram is Lil Miquela. Miquela Sousa, known as ’mononymously,’ is a fictional American character, singer, and Instagram influencer created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou.

As one of the first AI Instagram influencers, her profile was created in 2016 as a Brazilian-American 19-year-old girl. This fictional character has collaborated with luxury brands and created sponsored content for Calvin Klein and Prada. 

2. Lu Do Magalu @magazineluiza

Not all AI social media influencers started their work from Instagram. Lu Do Magalu is one of the top AI influencers who was first introduced on YouTube in 2009 to promote iBlogTV. Since then, she has been active on Instagram and YouTube, sharing unboxing videos, product reviews, and software tips for companies. 

3. Shudu @shudu.gram

Created by the fashion photographer Cameron-James Wilson in 2017, Shuduiss is one of the known AI influencers’ Instagram accounts. Shudu Gram is a computer-generated social media personality and model representing the Princess of South Africa. Cameron-James Wilson is the creator of this artificial intelligence influencer. 

4. Bermuda @bermudaisba

Introducing herself as Miquela’s sister, Bermuda is one of the AI social media influencers.  She represents herself as a young model from Los Angeles. This AI personality was created by a Los Angeles-based startup named ‘Brud’, founded by McFedries and Decou.

5. Thalasya @thalasya_

Now, it’s time to introduce you to an ‘it girl’ on Instagram, which is much more different than influencers you know. Thalasya is one of the famous AI influencers on Instagram, which was developed by Magnavem Studio in 2018. She is a travel blogger who shows different parts of Indonesia, from Bali to Jakarta. 

6. Imma @imma.gram

If you are interested in Japanese culture and want to know more about it, Imma is one of the AI social influencers you need to check. Imma is the first virtual human and AI influencer model in Japan, produced by Aww Inc. in 2018. On her Instagram page, she regularly shares photos with other known celebs in Japan. 

7. Blawko @blawko22

Another known name on the list of AI influencers, created by Brud FYI in 2016, is Blawko. This male influencer never shows his face completely; we have always seen him wearing a mask. Blawko shares fashion tips and tricks about street style, and we can see him with Miquela in many posts. Besides Instagram, Blaeko is also active on YouTube and has 5k subscribers. 

8. Kyra @kyraonig

Indians are also creative regarding AI influencers and have their own Instagram face, Kyra. Kyra is the first Indian virtual influencer with more than 200k followers on Instagram, even though she joined the platform in 2022. She has collaborated with some known names, such as brand endorsements with brands like Amazon Prime Video, boAt, and John Jacobs.

9. Aitana López @fit_aitana

The first AI-generated in Spain is Aitana Lopez, created by a Spanish modeling agency. She represents a pink-haired 25-year-old girl and has over 220k followers on Instagram. Aitana regularly collaborates with different fashion brand companies, and according to Businessinsider, she gets $1,000 per advert. 

10. Anna Cattish @anna_cattish

The last Instagram AI influencers on our list are a bit different. Anna Cattish is a Russian animator and illustrator who was created in 2011. She is one of the creative art influencers and shares her sketches on Instagram with her followers. If you like the life of an AI artist, make sure to follow her Instagram account.

How to Collaborate with AI Influencers on Instagram?

Similar to normal influencers, these accounts have an established audience on Instagram, and people who like to know more about technology follow them. Collaborating with the creator of these AI influencers can help you tap into their audience and increase your audience. But how do you find and reach out to these creators?

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Artificial intelligence is taking over the world in a big way and has found its way to social media platforms. In this blog, we’ve introduced you to some of the most popular AI influencers on Instagram and the creators behind them. Even though the number of AI-generated influencers is still limited, we can expect to see more as this technology grows fast.


1. Why Should I Follow AI Influencers On Instagram?

Following these AI influencers opens a gateway to a world of curated knowledge. Expect insights ranging from beginner-friendly explanations to advanced technical discussions, ensuring a tailored experience for every follower.

2. Can I Interact With These Influencers?

Absolutely! These influencers actively engage with their audience on Instagram. Feel free to ask questions, share your thoughts, and become integral to the vibrant AI discussions happening within their communities.

3. How Often Do These Influencers Post?

Each influencer maintains a consistent posting schedule, ensuring you receive a steady flow of engaging content. Stay tuned for frequent updates that keep you in the loop with the latest AI developments.


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