The Ultimate List of 10 Best British YouTubers in 2024

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If you’re a brand owner who wants to reach a UK audience, and you’re looking for British YouTubers to promote your products, you’re in the right spot.

Even though Britain is a small island, it’s home to some of the hottest YouTubers from fashion to beauty niche. By collaborating with these social media influencers, you can make a big impact with millions of views from around the world, especially the United Kingdom.

Now, wondering how to find the best ones to follow? In this article, we’ve provided a list of the top British YouTubers (male & female) to help you out. 

Let’s get started!

Top 10 UK YouTubers (Male & Female)

We’ve made a list of the most popular British YouTubers in 2023 by ordering them by their number of subscribers. Here are the British YouTubers and channel names from different types of influencers:

1. DanTDM

Subscribers: 28.3M

Niche: Gaming

DanTDM, or Daniel Robert Middleton, started his YouTube channel in 2012 and now has 28.3 million subscribers. This British YouTuber got famous for playing Minecraft. DanTDM has a super popular channel, winning Kids’ Choice Awards and even setting Guinness World Records for his dedication to Minecraft. 

Daniel Robert Middleton
Daniel Robert Middleton

This is one of the British Minecraft YouTubers who has earned both a Golden Play Button and a Diamond Play Button for his YouTube achievements. While he mostly does Minecraft videos, you can also find him talking about other games like Roblox and Pokemon.

Now, it’s turn to introduce you to one of the black British YouTubers!

2. Harry Pinero 

Subscribers: 13M

Niche: Comedy

Harry Pinero, the funny British YouTuber, loves making people laugh with his comedy videos. Besides being a comedian, Harry does a bunch of other things like performing, hosting, and being a social media influencer. Lots of people follow him on Instagram because he shares funny and relatable stories.

Harry Pinero
Harry Pinero

Whether he’s making us laugh or giving us a peek into his life, Harry Pinero keeps things real and entertaining for his fans.

Now, let’s take a closer at one of the British gaming YouTubers!

3. MoreSidemen

Subscribers: 8.11M

Niche: Gaming, Challenges 

Moresidemen is a cool YouTube channel from the UK that’s all about gaming and challenges. They team up with big gaming names like PlayStation UK and Xbox UK. The group, made up of KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, TBJZL, Benzinga, Vikkstar123, and W2S. In addition, the British gaming YuTubers run four channels – Sidemen, MoreSidemen, SidemenReacts, and SidemenShorts – where they share lots of different videos.


On Moresidemen, you can find all kinds of stuff in their videos, like challenges, funny skits, and playing video games. They do everything from reviewing games to playing them for you. 

So, if you want awesome gaming videos from talented UK YouTubers, Moresidemen is a channel with 8.1M subscribers you should definitely check out!

4. Morgz Mum 

Subscribers: 3.36M
Niche: Challenges, Pranks

Morgz Mum, whose real name is Jill Hudson, is a popular British YouTuber known for her videos on challenges and pranks. With 3.36 million subscribers, she’s gained fame not just as Morgz’s mom but as a content creator herself.

Morgz Mum 
Morgz Mum 

Her content includes a mix of comedy sketches, vlogs, and diss tunes. Jill Hudson has achieved significant success by collaborating with brands like UKTV and LadBible Group. Her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, making her one of the wealthier UK YouTubers.

5. Tanya Burr 

Subscribers: 3.13M

Niche: Fashion, Beauty

This British YouTuber has 3.13 million subscribers, 40 videos, and 16.8 million views. She worked in a beauty niche. People mostly liked her friendly style, before making YouTube videos.

Tanya Burr 
Tanya Burr 

Tayna is famous for teaching makeup, haircare, skincare, and fashion tips. In 2014, she started her own makeup brand called Tanya Burr Cosmetics. Although she doesn’t post videos anymore (since 4 years ago), she has a connection with fans through social media. 

6. Eleanor Neale 

Subscribers: 2.6M

Niche: Beauty

She’s a British YouTuber who makes beauty videos for her 2.6 million subscribers. She’s from England and became popular on YouTube by sharing makeup tips, vlogs, and true crime videos. Eleanor has already teamed up with brands like Garnier UK.

Eleanor Neale 
Eleanor Neale 

She has a YouTube series called ‘Where Is’. If you buy products from it, all the money goes to a charity. This charity aims to stop child sex trafficking. Amazing, isn’t it? 

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7. Samantha Maria 

Subscribers: 1.76M

Niche: Lifestyle

She’s one of the famous British YouTubers (female) who started making videos in 2009 after finishing her fashion degree. At first, she was known for helping people create stylish outfits on a budget, but she’s changed things up over the years.

Samantha Maria 
Samantha Maria 

Now, Samantha talks about all sorts of life stuff on her channel. She shares her experiences with being a mom, and dealing with work, and even talks about serious things like domestic abuse. It’s not just about fashion anymore – she gives really useful life advice in her videos with 1.76M subscribers.

8. Freddy My Love 

Subscribers: 1.15M

Niche: Fashion, Modeling

Freddy Cousin-Brown runs a channel called Freddy My Love. She talks a lot about fashion and modeling on her YouTube channel. She’s not just a fashion influencer on YouTube, she’s also a fashion model. 

Freddy My Love 
Freddy My Love 

Freddy always keeps her videos interesting by posting a new one every week. She’s one of famous British female YouTubers, with more than 1.15 million subscribers and 44 million views on her YouTube videos. She shares her personal style, fashion tips, and favorite beauty products on her page. Moreover, Freddy and her sister ‘CoCo’ often make fun YouTube videos. 

9. Simon Wilson 

Subscribers: 1.05M

Niche: Traveling

He’s a British travel influencer and YouTuber who has 1.05 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Simon’s life story is interesting. He left university to become a filmmaker and entrepreneur. 

Simon Wilson 
Simon Wilson 

Simon has already collaborated with famous brands including Knorr and Jamie Oliver. His videos show exciting adventures, such as exploring the world’s seven wonders and traveling to North Korea.

10. Failrace 

Subscribers: 533K

Niche: Music, Vlogging, Writing

It is the name of Alex Day’s YouTube channel. It is all about music, vlogging, and writing. He’s from England and became famous for his song ‘Forever Yours’. It sold 50,000 copies in just one week. 

Alex Day
Alex Day

This macro influencer has teamed up with major players like PlayStation and Xbox. It proves his expertise in the influencer marketing industry. Alex Day shares musical videos and fun vlogging on his YouTube.

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To Wrap Things Up

YouTube is a popular social media platform for videos these days, thanks to the top British YouTubers. If you’re looking for gaming or looking for fashion and beauty tips, there are UK YouTubers making videos about your interests and earning some money while doing it.


1. What Is a British Minecraft YouTuber?

A Minecraft YouTuber is someone who makes and shares videos all about the game Minecraft. According to YouTube’s official report, these creators got one trillion views altogether in 2021!

2. What Kind of Videos Do Minecraft YouTubers Make?

Minecraft YouTubers create different types of videos, like:
Collaborations: They team up with other famous YouTubers for videos together.
Speed Runs and Challenges: This includes building huge structures super fast.
Tutorials and Lessons: They give advice on the game or talk about the Minecraft community.
Speed Builds: Making structures quickly.
Transformations and Mods: Showing off changes and cool additions to the game.

3. Who’s the Best British Minecraft YouTuber?

DanTDM, also known as Daniel Robert Middleton, born on 8th November 1991 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England, is widely seen as one of the best British Minecraft YouTubers. He’s also called ‘TheDiamondMinecart.’ DanTDM is a YouTuber and gamer who went to the University of Northampton.


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