The 10 Best True Crime YouTubers in 2024

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True crime YouTubers are content creators who focus on creating videos about real-life criminal cases, mysteries, and murder crime scenes. They delve into detailed research, gather evidence, and provide comprehensive coverage and commentary on the events.

If you want to become a YouTuber, exploring content creators within your niche is crucial to draw inspiration and enhance your creative vision. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to the top 10 True Crime YouTubers in this blog. Perhaps the next big YouTuber could be you!

Top 10 True Crime YouTubers

As you know, YouTube is a top place for true crime enthusiasts, offering easy access to countless haunting true crime stories. If you enjoy watching and solving mysteries, stay with us to know the best ones in this niche.

1. Bailey Sarian (7.17M)

Did you know that most victims were found by ordinary people, not the police? This is how paying a little more attention to what happens around you can save a person’s life. Starting to watch the top True Crime YouTubers not only provides excitement but also encourages you to pay closer attention to your environment.

Let’s get back to our topic! Bailey is one of the hottest true crime YouTubers, specializing in True Crime, history, and makeup. She believes it’s an odd combination to love all those things at once. She will share her stories and her knowledge, and she will help you enjoy makeup. Besides being a True Crime YouTuber, you can also consider her one of the best beauty YouTubers to follow.

2. Law&Crime Network (5.46M)

One cool thing about true crime YouTubers is that some actively contribute to solving real cases. They often assist law enforcement by gathering various evidence for their YouTube channels.

Dan Abrams, a top true crime YouTuber, created his channel to simplify the complex legal world. His team provides real-time news updates and live coverage of fascinating trials and legal stories.

3. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network (5.38M)

As you know, some cases are never solved at the end, which means the offenders may not face justice, and the victim’s body is never found.

To watch solved and unsolved true crime stories, try BuzzFeed. It’s one of the most popular true-crime YouTubers, offering a comprehensive destination for various topics such as mystery, true crime, conspiracy, and the supernatural.

4. True Crime Daily (5.3M)

True Crime Daily is a channel on YouTube specializing in true crime stories, and its podcast is hosted by Ana Garcia, a female true crime YouTuber who provides detailed evidence using various field professionals’ expertise.

Ana is one of the best true crime YouTubers and has covered many cases so far. Many think she could be a crime detective instead of a YouTuber. 

5. Kendall Rae (3.69M)

Her channel is used to spread awareness for victims and their families. She covers the case from the victims’ perspective, making it feel real as if you were involved. Kendall is indeed one of the best True crime YouTubers.

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6. Eleanor Neale (2.63M)

Want to know one of the most popular female true crime YouTubers? Eleanor is indeed on our list of the hottest YouTubers. Her recent videos are about a woman murdered on Christmas Eve. Something so interesting, isn’t it?

7. Bella Fiori (2.58M)

Bella mostly covers cases about true crime, but there’s a little bit of everything sprinkled in there—fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, and cooking. She is one of the hottest true crime YouTubers and is also a fashion influencer. She covers both solved and unsolved murder cases and presents them to audiences on YouTube.

8. BOZE vs. the WORLD (1.03M)

Boze is a true crime channel run by a hot Black YouTuber. Her videos mostly involve explaining murder cases, gathering evidence, and presenting it to the camera and the audience.

9. Criminally Listed (915K)

Criminally has been listed as a Canadian-based YouTube channel for true crime fans. They seek to bring you the most interesting true crime stories and unsolved mysteries that you’ve never heard of before. This channel is created, written, and narrated by the team at Criminally Listed.

10. True Crime Recaps (457K)

Chris and Amy upload new videos every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday about true crime and horror stories on their True Crime Recaps channel. Their longest videos are 25 minutes, as their audience demands, making them one of the best true crime YouTubers.

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The world of true crime on YouTube is full of interesting mysteries, stories, and even horror. Whether you like reading about history or learning about unsolved cases, these true crime YouTubers bring unique perspectives to keep you entertained and informed. So, if you enjoy crime stories, these YouTubers are worth checking out!


1. What Is The Best Channel For True Crime In The UK?

Crime + Investigation Play is the top true crime streaming channel in the UK, and you can watch it on Prime Video Channels. With over 70 channels to choose from, you get live and on-demand entertainment and sports. You can subscribe to individual channels without bundling or long contracts.

2. Are There Any Good True Crime Documentaries?

Watch exciting true crime documentaries like The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, and Beware the Slenderman. They feature great interviews, lots of research, and captivating storytelling that will keep you hooked.


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