16 Inspiring Black YouTubers You Should Know in 2023

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In 2023, YouTube is booming with various content creators who are making an impact in the digital space. From beauty influencers to travel vloggers, and comedy creators to tech experts, black YouTubers are actively reshaping the standards. If you are about to start your YouTube channel, here is your first step: how to become a YouTuber.

There are rumors about YouTube being racist to black YouTubers, some say they receive moderation penalties more than others on the platform, but our fellows resist. Famous black YouTubers are doing fine, Their presence on the platform has created a space for representation and diversity, paving the way for future generations of content creators. 

Here we are to present the cream of the crop in every category, Welcome to the world of black YouTubers!

1. Alissa Ashley

mong black female YouTubers, this girl gained 2.3M subscribers with only 45 videos related to makeup. Alissa has also collaborated with major beauty brands such as NYX Cosmetics and e.l.f. Cosmetics to create inclusive makeup collections. 

In addition to her YouTube career, Alissa Ashley has also created her own makeup line called Alissa Ashley Beauty, which includes a range of high-quality makeup products designed for people of all skin tones.

2. Oneika Raymond

Oneika Raymond, also known as Oneika the Traveler, is a black Canadian travel writer and television host. speaking of top black YouTubers, Oneika has more than 22K subs at the moment. She has traveled to more than 115 countries, documenting her journeys through her Youtube channel. Her videos provide a blend of travel advice, cultural insights, and personal experiences.

‘Travel is not always pretty. It’s not always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.’

 Oneika Raymond

3. Makeup Shayla

Among black makeup YouTubers, Shayla is the one who is working on her body as well as her face. Her channel showcases her improvements in losing weight and working out. If you need inspiration for going to the gym, Shayla is here!

“I want to inspire people who may not have had it easy growing up, like me, that anything is possible.”


4. Massy Arias

Massy is a workout geek. She is in great physical shape. This is Massy Arias‘s website where you can get help for a better healthy life and shaped body.

Massy Arias started her fitness journey after struggling with depression and an unhealthy lifestyle. She has since become a certified personal trainer and has gained a following for her fitness and health-related content.
Massy is active on other social platforms like Instagram. If you want daily exercise, there are many black fitness influencers on Instagram as well.

5. Brandi Jackson Wellness

29K people from all around the world gathered on this channel for Holistic Ambition conversations. Brandi Jackson published a book titled ‘Boundaries And Balance: How To Say No And Still Be Likable in your most essential relationships 2 years ago. This channel is for you if you want to learn how to make soap or DIY masks.

6. Erick Prince

This passionate black male YouTuber has a dream of being the first African American to visit every country in the world. 19.2K subscribers are with him in his travel experience.

Moreover, Erik Prince served as a Navy SEAL from 1990 to 1995 and later founded Blackwater USA in 1997. Erik Prince has also been involved in politics and has been a supporter of the Republican Party. He served as an informal advisor to the Trump administration and was reportedly involved in a plan to establish a private intelligence network to counter the ‘deep state’.

7. Jeff Jenkins

Jeff is our funny black YouTuber. Yes, he hasn’t hit 1k subscribers yet, but his videos are fun and engaging, for example, one of his videos is about scuba diving, and I really enjoyed watching how he dives into the ocean and explores.

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Alternatively, Jeff has his own website, ChubbyDiaries, which is a virtual network dedicated to enthusiastic plus-size travelers who have a keen interest in exploring the world, trying out novel cuisines, and acquiring ingenious tips during their travels.

8. Fit Men Cook

‘No crash dieting. No magic pills. Just food. Balance.’ this is their motto! In order to lose weight, you need balance and only balance. On this channel, you see the healthy life of this black male YouTuber. You’ll know many quick healthy recipes and Meal Preps ideas. 

9. Grandbaby Cakes

This channel is made for cake-aholics! Jocelyn Delk Adams knows the weak spot of people with a sweet tooth, Cakes! The variety of cake models is remarkable, from cultural cuisines to southern comfort dishes. 

Jocelyn has been featured in various publications, including O, The Oprah Magazine, Food & Wine, and Southern Living.

10. Stephan Speaks

Among the most popular black YouTubers, Stephen is the golden star. He saved many lives and relationships by answering relationship questions, ‘Does he really loves you?’ ‘What are the signs?’ and stuff like that. Stephan Speaks is the author of several books, including ‘God Where is My Boaz?’ and ‘He Who Finds a Wife’, which provide practical advice and insights for singles seeking long-term relationships.

11. DangMattSmith

Meet our black reaction YouTuber, DangMattSmith. With over 14M subscribers, Matt is mostly known for his reaction videos. He is 24 and lives in Los Angelis. MattSmith has a website, where he sells clothes for men and women, and various accessories are also available.

12. Serayah

Among famous black YouTubers, Serayah pursues music. She is a singer with a soft and lofty voice. Serayah was born in Encinitas, California. We can expect great things from her in the future. Her music video ‘Driving Me’ ft. Jazze Pha has got 1.5M views. 

13. TM Twins

They excel in talk shows, live dance classes, music videos, and pranks. Both born and raised in Houston on January 17, 2004, Taneeyah and Meniyah have gained popularity through their series, ‘college videos’. With 179K subscribers, I must say, they are among the funniest black YouTubers.

14. Marques Brownlee

One of the most well-known black YouTubers in tech reviews is Marques Keith Brownlee, also known professionally as ‘MKBHD’. He has his own podcast called ‘Waveform’ made for gadget lovers and tech heads. 

He also won the Shorty Award for Best in Tech in 2019 and the Streamy Award for Best Tech and Science Creator in 2020.

15. Rich Black Guy

It has been estimated that in the last 30 days, this rich black guy earned $62.8K from his YouTube channel. He was born on August 13, 1989, and loves to record shorts with comedic sketch approaches, often featuring his 12-year-old son as a central character. 

16. Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach

Meet World’s #1 Vocal Coach, with 9.23M subscribers on YouTube. Cheryl is a formally trained opera singer featuring motivational coaching videos, especially for kids. She provided different vocal courses on her website at reasonable prices. 

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Who Is The Best Black Gaming YouTuber?

ActionJaxon. With 587K, he is the most popular black gaming YouTuber. The videos are really fun. The profile picture speaks out the most!

Who Is The Most Popular Black Male YouTuber?

As we mentioned in the article, Marques Brownlee with 17.2M subs at this moment.

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