5 Best Sites for Buying YouTube Watch Hours

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You may not know about it, but Your YouTube watch hours matter. The more YouTube watch time you get, the more visible your content becomes. This also will help push your YouTube channel towards monetization. 

In fact, one of the primary requirements for the partner program to qualify to earn money on YouTube is to establish more than 4,000 YouTube watch hours in a prior 12-month period.

How do you get there? Buy YouTube watch time to help increase your numbers and get closer to your goals.

Buy YouTube Watch Hours to Monetize and Win

Your channel can be great and your YouTube video ideas can be unique, but that doesn’t mean the time adds up and accumulates as quickly as you want it to. In order to increase the stance of your YouTube channel, you need watch hours. 

You can work on organic and natural engagement, but when you buy YouTube watch hours, it simply helps to improve your numbers and maybe even reach your goal faster.

The primary reason to buy watch hours is to monetize and 4,000 hours is a LOT. Think about it like this. If your best video is 30 minutes long, 133 people would have to watch the entire video to accomplish watch hours that meet the minimum.

While that may not seem like a lot of people, when you consider how many watchers will drop off or never finish the video, the number increases significantly.

To reach 4,000 watch hours on an average of people watching your YouTube channel for about 10 minutes, you need 400 people in the YouTube community to click your channel link and spend at least 10 minutes of watch time. 

This is where YouTube watch hour services can come in handy. You get more engagement in less time and the YouTube hours will increase much faster.

The great thing is that this organic engagement from purchasing watch hours will help your YouTube videos become more popular overall while also improving your watch time stats.

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The Top 5 Sites to Purchase YouTube Watch Hours

There are plenty of social media marketing agencies out there that can sell you YouTube watch time towards your channel’s growth. However, you are going to want to consider the quality of acquiring watch hours and what is required to help your YouTube channels thrive in this way.

Always look for a reputable service provider before just buying engagement from the first service provider you find.

The best sites to buy YouTube watch hours are going to stand out against the worst sites to buy YouTube watch hours thanks to quality, their real media services, and the qualifications of the social media marketing agencies you decide to work with. Choose wisely.

We’ve scoured the market to help you find a quality service provider for all of your social media platforms, specifically to buy YouTube watch hours and increase YouTube monetization. Check out our top picks below to start building your 4000 watch hours for YouTube’s partner program.

1. SocialsGrow – the Leader of the List

If you’re looking for the most reputable service providers to get 4000 watch hours and other YouTube services, SocialsGrow might be your most reliable service out there. 

SocialsGrow Features and Packages
SocialsGrow Features and Packages

When you buy YouTube watch hours from SocialsGrow, real viewers spend watching hours on your video URL, bringing you organic growth and ensuring that the viewing hours all fall within YouTube’s terms and conditions as well.

You focus on creating high-quality content and then let SocialsGrow amplify your target audience when you buy YouTube watch hours from the best sites to buy 4,000 watch hours from. 

You can buy YouTube hours in different increments, starting with 500 real media hours and going up to 2,000 organic watch hours. If your goal is 4,000 watch hours, then you can consider purchasing for another YouTube video.

When people buy watch hours here, they get excellent customer support, quick organic growth, and quality engagement that comes from real users and real media accounts every single time.

All the engagement from purchasing YouTube watch time will be added to your YouTube watch hours within 2-3 days. They offer a money-back guarantee so buying YouTube watch hours is protected.

Very few companies designed for buying YouTube watch time hours actually stand behind their offerings and make quality watch hours safe to purchase with the money-back guarantee as well as the promise of real users for their YouTube services.

To purchase high-quality engagement here, you just need your YouTube channel URL and a payment method. Once you are finished buying watch hours, you will see the numbers, and watch time start to increase right away until delivery is complete!

2. Audiencegain

Audiencegain is another good choice for purchasing watch hours. Here, they sell YouTube watch time hours in different packages and offer organic watch hours in increments up to 4,000 so you can get that engagement in one swoop for the partner program.

Your YouTube watch hours should start showing up quickly and the company guarantees delivery from buying YouTube engagement here. They do have quality customer service. 

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This company does have some requirements for getting the largest YouTube watch hours packages. For example, if you are buying YouTube watch hours of 4,000 hours, you need a video length of at least 60 minutes to make it work.

Buying YouTube watch hours is simple if you meet the criteria. It’s safe and private here as well.

3. Lenos

If you aren’t in a hurry when buying watch hours, Lenos offers a quality service. You will need to be patient as they have a message on their site that they are backed up with watching demand, making it take longer to perform delivery for you.

They are a highly rated company and allow you to get the full 4,000 hours in one go. They use safe practices so that you don’t end up banned or in any kind of trouble from the process.

This company markets that their organic approach will help increase your engagement through comments and other means at the same time as providing the hours for your tab. They do offer a guarantee for lifetime watch hours as well as a guarantee to subscribers.

They promise no drops in subscribers or hours, giving you some added reassurance. Retention is one area this company stands out.

The downside is you may wait up to 3 weeks for total delivery of your hours. However, their practices and their approach are very safe and reliable.

4. Pilum 24

At Pilum 24, you can choose from 1,000 to 4,000 total hours for your purchase. The YouTube watch hours are said to be safe and quick for delivery. This site is slightly more expensive than some of the competitors out there, but their services are highly rated still.

You make the purchase and your engagement will arrive on the YouTube channel within about 7-14 days. It’s a slower process, making it look more realistic when suddenly your watch hours significantly increase. It’s a short time frame but still requires a little bit of patience to wait for.

This company is also a great choice if you want a variety of payment options to choose from. They accept major credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, cryptocurrency, and more. Look for the logo of your preferred payment source to see if it is compatible here.

5. Neptuneviews

Neptuneviews is a unique provider with a lot to offer. They too know that you need 4,000 total YouTube watch hours so they try to make it simple for you to obtain that number. 

If you don’t need quite that many, you can go as low as 1,000. The delivery will start within the first 24 hours and will take several days to complete depending on the package that you choose.

The company promises guaranteed results as well as secure payment solutions. They have customer service always on standby so you get a response within 60 seconds when you need help. They provide you with very specific steps to fulfill the order so be sure to note those requirements and do it correctly.

This company even accepts PayPal, which is very unusual for this type of service. They also have a nondrop views option if that interests you!

Final Verdict: Who Is the Best to Buy YouTube Watch Hours From

In our humble opinion, SocialsGrow is certainly the leading provider of watch hours and many other services that involve social media. They are a tried and true provider that has a great reputation and they do things right.

The customer service is excellent and the delivery speeds are reliable. You probably won’t find better package options or prices when you compare the quality of the service and the customer-forward approach.

It is ok to do some checking and find the provider that works for you. Each of these here is a great choice, but our top pick is SocialsGrow for many reasons. You simply can’t go wrong with any services you use from them.


Q1. How Do You Monetize on YouTube?

You need to meet the requirements for the partner program and then complete an application and be approved. One of the biggest qualifications to monetize is to have at least 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months, as well as 1,000 subscribers.

Q2. Is It Safe to Buy YouTube Engagement?

As long as you choose a quality provider and take time to ensure you are not getting scammed, it is perfectly safe. Look for guarantees, always make sure you aren’t getting fake viewers, and check for secure checkout details.

Q3. How Can You Choose the Best Option for This?

Your preferences will be important, but you also want to check out the quality of the provider. Look at packages, prices, guarantees, customer service, and their delivery process. Choose a reputable company to ensure you get great results.

Q4. How Quickly Can You Get 4,000 Hours?

This varies depending on the provider. In most cases, you should be able to get these hours within a few days. However, some companies state that it may take 14-21 days so always look at the details to know for sure.
You want those hours to be delivered quickly, but you also don’t want them to be fake or suspect. Quality matters here.

Q5. What Happens If I Get Fake Watch Hours From My Purchase?

This is why it is SO important to look for a quality provider. Companies like SocialsGrow promise that they never use fakes or bots and they have the reputable background to back that statement up. You need to be mindful of this detail when choosing a provider.
If you don’t protect yourself and you end up with fake hours, this could get you into trouble with the platform. You don’t want to risk being shut down or getting banned so make a wise decision.

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