How to Increase Your YouTube Subscribers and Views Organically: Top 9 Tips

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You have created a YouTube channel and a robust YouTube marketing strategy, but have trouble increasing your YouTube subscribers and views. You have asked your family members, colleagues, friends, and near and dear ones to subscribe to your channel. However, they are not engaging with all your videos regularly, keeping you from making money on YouTube

To grow your YouTube subscribers, views, and overall engagement, you can work on the following easier tips and tricks.

Why Do Views Matter on YouTube?

Views are one of the crucial factors that influence the YouTube algorithm. Gaining more YouTube subscribers and views can increase your chances of getting your content pushed by the algorithm to more audiences. 

Also, views are important in monetizing your YouTube channel and getting a good return on investment. Moreover, you can increase brand awareness and develop brand credibility by increasing your view count. 

Once you achieve your target viewership and grow your YouTube subscribers, you can achieve your YouTube marketing goals in the long run organically.

Why Are Subscribers Significant on YouTube?

The higher subscriber count provides a wider reach to your YouTube content regularly, especially when they have turned on notifications. Real subscribers are loyal fans who subscribe to your channel when they find your videos relevant to their preferences, values, and interests.

Examining which of your videos get the most subscribers over time will provide detailed insights into which type of content you must create to further expand your subscriber count. Moreover, subscribers also have a feed from which they can access all their subscriptions conveniently. As a result, they can watch all your new videos.

Best Tips and Tricks to Grow Your YouTube Subscribers and Views

In this section, we will explore effective strategies to organically grow your YouTube subscribers and views. Using these tips and tricks helps you enhance your channel’s visibility and engagement, ultimately leading to sustained growth and success.

#1 Follow a Strict Content Schedule

Create and commit to a specific posting schedule so that your subscribers and viewers know when you will upload your new video. This tip can also allow you to keep your team on a recording and editing schedule. It can also help to post more frequently at the beginning of the campaign. 

Create a lot of content in advance before launching your channel to regularly post some content for the next few months. When your followers consistently find some interesting content, they will not get bored.

#2 Upload Your Video at the Correct Time

Post your videos at the right time when most of your audience is online. This will allow your subscribers to access your content right when it goes live on the platform. Using the trusted scheduling tool can help ease the scheduling of your content and fit with your content calendar.

#3 Create Your YouTube Channel Trailer

Just like a movie trailer, a YouTube channel trailer gives a summary of what your channel is all about. If you are creating a channel for your brand or business, then it must reflect your product qualities and brand value in some way. Use trailer description to describe your video, channel, and what your audience can expect. Note that the trailer starts playing automatically when users come to your channel. Thus, pay attention to the first 3-10 seconds using the best quality music, sound effects, editing, and dialogue. Remember to update your channel trailer based on other changes in your channel.

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#4 Add Regular Features

Include interesting regular features to keep your viewers interested and engaged in your videos. Add all features that your audience can look forward to at the end of a video. You can try reading your favorite comments from the last video. You can also create a playlist for your viewers to enjoy. It will help in creating a sense of expectation, community, and hope for people who regularly watch your videos. This can be a great trick to increase watch hours which is an imperative metric that YouTube uses to favor content in the suggested videos algorithm.

#5 Transcribe Your Videos

Video transcription is vital to expand the reach of your content to all people including hearing-impaired audiences. Adding captions can make your videos more engaging with around 85% of videos watched with the sound turned off. Transcription also translates a choice, presenting your content to global users. As a consequence, you can get opportunities to gain global YouTube views. On the help page of YouTube, you can access a step-by-step guide to prep your transcript file.

#6 Promote Your Channel

Including other marketing platforms such as social media, email marketing, etc. in your YouTube marketing campaign can attract new subscribers. Promote your YouTube channel links and videos on other social media platforms where you already have a huge audience base, blog posts, and emails. You can also use a consumer insight tool to search for micro-communities that are relevant to your niche and share content where relevant. Social media channels can also be used to tease upcoming videos.

#7 Plan Subscriber-Only Incentives and Special Offers

Host subscriber-only giveaways to reward your subscribers with special gifts and incentives. You may offer anything such as a customized swag gift from your company, an extra percentage off a sponsored product, quick access to new exclusive content, or a free demo of your software or new app. This would encourage people to subscribe to your channel and win amazing prizes.

#8 Thumbnail Optimization

Creating a custom thumbnail and keeping it updated is important for a higher click-through rate on your videos. Thus, use thumbnail optimization to keep getting clicks on your videos. Pay attention to how your thumbnail relates to your content title and use that strategically, enticing viewers to click to watch what that is all about. Some content creators and brands also use graphics or text to liven up their YouTube thumbnails.

#9 Allow Embedding

Enable embedding to allow your viewers to spread the positive word about your videos and work. The more users watch your video, the more YouTube subscribers and views you will gain. It can also bring a new subscriber in the process. By default, embedding is allowed on all the domains. However, if you have already disabled embedding, you can prevent restriction by heading to Studio Content Manager. 

So, here you are getting ideas of all the main aspects to keep in mind while working on YouTube videos for promotion. We wish you all the best and still you want help you can ask us.

Final Words

Growing your YouTube subscribers and views organically requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. Following the tips and tricks outlined in this article allows you to significantly enhance your channel’s visibility and engagement.


1. How Often Should I Post Videos on My YouTube Channel?

Consistency is key. Posting at least once a week is a good start. As your channel grows, consider increasing the frequency to keep your audience engaged. Make sure to maintain a schedule that you can realistically stick to over the long term.

2. What Is the Best Time to Upload Videos on YouTube?

The best time to upload videos can be different depending on your audience. Generally, late afternoons and evenings (around 2 PM to 4 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 11 AM on weekends) tend to be effective. Use YouTube Analytics to identify when your viewers are most active.

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