10 Most Popular Gay YouTubers to Subscribe in 2024

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Are you ready to know some of the most popular gay YouTubers? These YouTubers are very popular among the LGBTQ community, and they are known for their exceptional support for those struggling with their gender and the judgmental stories they get from others.

Ready to know these famous gay YouTubers with their most viewed YouTube videos? Read this article to get to know them very well.

Top 10 Gay YouTubers

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and need the inspiration to come out, here is a list of the most popular gay YouTubers who will share their life as YouTubers and how they are dealing with their sexuality in public. 

1. Brandon Rogers

Ready to meet one of the most popular gay YouTubers? Meet Brandon, an American YouTuber, actor, and comedian born on August 3, 1988. He creates and portrays various characters on his YouTube channel. He also co-created the adult cartoon Helluva Boss, voicing the lead role of Blitzo, and plays the reporter Katie Killjoy in Hazbin Hotel. He is indeed a capable man who could become an excellent YouTube animator.

Rogers has 6.67 million YouTube subscribers. His path to success started at a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles. There, he made documentaries about plaintiffs’ lives, filmed by Gabriel Gonzales, for court use.

How did this lead him to become a great creator? As a gay YouTuber, he decided to create funny versions of these documentaries with Gonzales. He decided to become a YouTuber and started his YouTube channel, HotBananaStud, on January 7, 2006, and posts videos monthly. His YouTube channel is growing every day.

As a hot YouTuber, Rogers seems to be single and available. Who wouldn’t want to date this amazing man after all? 

2. Lucas Cruikshank

Get to know another famous gay YouTuber who was born in Nebraska. As an American YouTuber, he is killing it.

Lucas Alan Cruikshank was born on August 29, 1993. He is an old YouTuber from Nebraska and an American actor who created the character Fred Figglehorn and the Fred series on YouTube in late 2006​

As a member of the LGBTQ YouTube community, he came out publicly as a gay YouTuber in a video released August 20, 2013, saying, ‘I’m gay. I feel so weird saying it on camera. But my family and friends have known me for about three years. I just haven’t felt the need to announce it on the Internet.’

With 3.35 million subscribers on YouTube, he certainly has the best YouTube video ideas.

3. Calum McSwiggan

Have you heard anything about a handsome gay British YouTuber who worked for an HIV charity ‘Terrence Higgins Trust’? 

Calum McSwiggan, born on May 21, 1990, is an author, content creator, and radio presenter known for his work on LGBT+ issues. He started his career in content creation in 2013 and released his first book in 2020. 

He began sharing his experiences as a gay traveler through blogging in 2011, which led him to contribute to several books, including “Doing It” by Hannah Witton. In 2017, he signed with the literary agency Diamond Kahn & Woods to work on his first book.

However, McSwiggan faced legal issues in June 2016 when he pleaded guilty to vandalism following a hate crime incident against him. He was fined $400 for vandalism and ordered to pay $7,000 in compensation.

Please note that Calum has one of the most-viewed YouTube videos, and his account is still in the process of getting better.

4. AustinShow

If you like watching dating channels on YouTube, you should check out AustinShow. He’s an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and media personality who hosts talk and dating shows on Twitch, such as Love or Host. He also co-hosts the game show Name Your Price with Will Neff. AustinShow’s YouTube channel has 476k subscribers, but the latest video was posted three months ago.

5. Todrick Hall

Meet Todrick Hall, born April 4, 1985, an American singer, choreographer, and YouTuber. He first gained attention on the ninth season of ‘American Idol.’ Afterward, he built a large YouTube following with viral original songs, parodies, and skits.

But what made him so popular? It wasn’t just ‘American Idol’ or his live streams on YouTube. His success grew as he utilized YouTube, where he became well-known upon starting his channel. With 3.59 million subscribers, he’s mastered thriving on YouTube, continuously growing his presence.

In May 2011, he posted an audition video for ‘I Wanna Be on Glee.’ Although the video was a hit, he wasn’t cast in the show. In November 2013, he starred in a pop music video for Virgin America, for which he wrote the song and lyrics. That December, he released a Christmas album, ‘Dear Santa,’ featuring covers of ‘This Christmas’ and ‘Sleigh Bells.’

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6. Connor Franta

Let’s introduce you to Connor Joel Franta, who was born on September 12, 1992. He is an openly gay American YouTuber, author, artist, and entrepreneur whose YouTube channel boasts over 4.83 million subscribers. 

On December 8, 2014, Franta shared a video where he came out as gay, expressing his acceptance and happiness with himself. He highlighted the support he found online and aimed to offer similar guidance to those struggling with their sexuality.

His “Coming Out” video, lasting six minutes, has garnered over 12 million views and more than 976,000 likes, making it the second most-viewed video on his channel.

7. Tyler Oakley

Meet Tyler Oakley, a standout among gay YouTubers. Born Mathew Tyler Oakley on March 22, 1989, he is an American YouTuber, actor, activist, author, television personality, and Twitch streamer known for his work supporting LGBT youth, rights, and addressing social issues like health care, education, and preventing suicide among LGBT youth.

Tyler has a deep understanding of the LGBTQ community’s challenges. With 6.67 million followers, he’s gained recognition from celebrities and organizations, including Liam Payne of One Direction, Chris Colfer of “Glee,” and Taco Bell.

The coolest part? His YouTube fame opened doors for him, including meeting former U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House and creating a video with First Lady Michelle Obama to discuss education. What an incredible opportunity!

8. Davey Wavey

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community and want to come out but need help to do it, Davey is the one you need. Davey Wavey (born July 12, 1983) is an American gay YouTuber who covers LGBT topics related to sex, relationships, and coming out. His YouTube channel has 1.63 million subscribers, and he has the best YouTube video ideas.

Wavey posted his first YouTube video on June 21, 2007. He gained fame with his 2007 video, “I Caught My Hot Neighbor Masturbating! (with sound),” which went viral and has over two million views. Wavey often discusses love and sex in his videos, frequently appearing shirtless to showcase his impressive abs and muscles.  

9. Doug Armstrong

Meet Douglas John Armstrong, a British online content creator and presenter, born on May 22, 1990. He has garnered over 200,000 followers on YouTube. Armstrong is known for his music videos covering lifestyle, travel, and entertainment. He resides in London, UK.

In 2015, Armstrong openly identified with the LGBTQ community and asked people not to make a big deal about it. His debut EP, “It’s Okay to Be Gay,” released in August 2018, addresses his sexuality. The EP includes four tracks: “It’s Okay to Be Gay,” “I Want a Boyfriend,” “I Wanna Wear a Crop Top,” and “What I Like About Guys.”

10. Tom Daley

The last one on our list will be a very handsome gay YouTuber. Thomas Robert Daley (born 21 May 1994) is a British swimmer, diver, and television personality. He is an Olympic gold medalist with many swimming awards. In 2015, he supported the LGBT+ charity Switchboard and worked with YouTuber Calum McSwiggan to give it a new name. He has 1.18 million YouTube subscribers. With the best Q&A content on his channel, he is killing it. 

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Now that you have read our little gay YouTubers list, you know how they become so popular, and you know that anything is possible. Coming out and telling everyone that you are gay should not be scary for you. All you have to do is accept yourself and stop caring what others think of you.


1. Who Is The Most Subscribed LGBT YouTuber?

Shane Dawson has the highest number of YouTube subscribers: 19 million people have signed up for his channel. Tyler Oakley and Eva Gutowski, with 6.76 and 11.1 million YouTube subscribers, are the next most followed gay YouTubers.

2. Who Is The #1 Biggest YouTuber?

American YouTuber MrBeast (a.k.a Jimmy Donaldson) currently holds the record for the most subscribed YouTube channel and is the second most subscribed YouTube channel overall, with 242 million subscribers. PewDiePie holds the record for having the most subscribed YouTube channel for 2063 days with 111 million subscribers and the number one followed account on YouTube.


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