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Artists and animators choose different platforms to showcase their talent and share what they have created with others. YouTube has helped many of these artists become known, and YouTube animators are no exception. Many of these content creators started their careers on YouTube and then got the chance to work with known companies. 

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best animators on YouTube who have built thousands and millions of subscribers. We can check their journey together to help the ones who want to know how to become a YouTuber find their way. 

What Are YouTube Animators?

Digital art has different branches and a popular one is animation. Animators create a series of images (called frames) and display them quickly to create animated videos.  These artists can create content around different fields, such as film, television, and video games, and in the case of YouTube animators, YouTube is where they showcase their talent. 

How Much Do YouTube Animators Make?

Just like other content creators, YouTube Animators can work for different purposes, such as comedy, storytelling, educational videos, video games, etc. They can earn money on YouTube through their views, subscriptions, and brand collaborations. So, it depends on the number of their views and the quality of their work. 

Top YouTube Animators To Check In 2024

Are you interested in animations? Here are some of the best male and female YouTube animators you need to check. 

1. Alan Becker – 26M Subscribers 

If you would like to learn physics with animation, Alan Becker is one of the best animators on YouTube you need to check. Alan Becker is an American online animator and artist who started his career in 2006 on Newgrounds. He posted an animation titled ‘Animator vs. Animation,’ and after it went viral, he decided to join YouTube the same year.  

He is still producing new episodes of the Animator vs. Animation series as well as funnily showing math and physics equations. Alan is now one of the most popular YouTube animators, with over 26M subscribers on YouTube and 1.6M followers on TikTok. 

2. Kurzgesagt – 21.6M Subscribers

Founded by Philipp Dettmer in 2013 as one of the first YouTube animators, Kurzgesat is now one of the largest animation and design studios. Today, a team of experts works on their 3D animations for YouTube, and in most of them, they discuss scientific, technological, political, and psychological topics. 

3. TheOdd1sOut – 19.4M Subscribers

When it comes to animators on YouTube, the ‘TheOdd1sOut’ is one of the first channels that comes to mind.  Robert James Rallison is an American YouTuber, cartoonist, and animator born in 1996. In 2012, he joined Tumblr and started sharing comic strips.  

Two years after starting his webcomic, Robert created his YouTube channel where he talks about his life story, thoughts, and opinions in animated videos. Today, he has around 20M subscribers and is one of the top YouTube animators. Besides YouTube, he is active on Instagram and has over 3M followers. 

4. Jaiden Animations – 12.3M Subscribers

Now, let’s look at one of the best YouTube animators, one of the known female YouTubers in her industry. Jaiden Dittfach is an American YouTuber and animator born in 1997 who has been active on YouTube since 2014. 

She started creating animated YouTube videos to talk about her personal life and the challenges she faces, such as toxic relationships, body positivity, anxiety, and depression. Today, most of her content is about video games such as Pokemon, Dungeons, and Dragons, etc. 

5. Machinima – 11M Subscribers

If you follow Minecraft YouTubers to learn everything about this game, there are also some animators on YouTube to check out. Machinima is an American online network owned by WarnerMedia. This company has a team of the best animators on YouTube who create content around video games, especially Minecraft, on their channel.

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6. SWooZie – 7.7M Subscribers 

Most people know Adande as one of three people who interviewed Barack Obama in 2016, but he is also one of the top animators on YouTube. Adande Thorne is a Trinidadian-American YouTube animator and comedian born in 1980. He created his YouTube channel in 2006 and loves to talk about his life with animated content. 

7. Domics – 7.32M Subscribers

Tumblr has been one of the primary platforms among popular YouTube animators to start their careers. Dominic Panganiban, known as Domics, is a Filipino-born Canadian YouTuber, animator, and cartoonist born in 1990. 

He started his webcomic on Tumblr in 2010 and gained over 100,000 followers till 2012. 

In most of his videos, he talks about his life and general topics such as Asian food, movies, etc. He currently has over 7M subscribers and is one of the most famous animators on YouTube. 

8. SomeThingElseyt – 4.4M Subscribers

Even though he created his YouTube channel in 2014, he didn’t post anything till 2016. Adam Ortiz Jr is one of the most popular YouTube animators, born in 1997. In 2016, he uploaded his first video, an animation about his car crash accident.

9. Alex Clark – 4.05M Subscribers

We all love the stories of our childhood, and one of the animators on YouTube who helps us remember them is Alex Clark. Alex Clark is an American comedian and YouTuber born in 1985 with over 4M subscribers on YouTube. His most viewed content is an animated video in collaboration with Swoozie titled ‘Cheating on Homework,’ which led to his fame. 

10. Ross O’Donovan – 1.5M Subscribers

Let’s finish the list with an Australian YouTuber who is also active on Twitch and Newgrounds for creating cartoons and animations. Ross started posting on Newgrounds in 2004; his username was ‘RubberNinja’. In 2013, he started an animated series on YouTube called Game Grumps and became one of the top YouTube animators. 

How To Work With YouTube Animators?

In recent years, one proven method among brands is collaborating with social media influencers and content creators in their niche. YouTube animators with thousands and millions of established subscribers can be great collaboration partners for many brands. That’s why we can see many of these creators talk about their sponsors in videos. 

These collaborations can help brands reach out to their target audience easily, and on the other hand, YouTube animators can increase their income. While working with the mentioned creators can cost a lot, hundreds of creators can match your budget. But how to find and contact them?

Ainfluencer – The Best Tool To Work With YouTube Animators

If you are new to collaboration and don’t know where to start, Ainfluencer is here for you! 

Ainfluencer is a free and end-to-end influencer marketing platform that connects brands and influencers in a safe marketplace. On this platform, you can easily discover influencers, talk with them using the in-app chat tool, close deals, and run campaigns. 

As we saw, many of the animators on YouTube are also active on other social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Ainfluencer helps you find these creators with the help of its AI-powered search tool and contact them in a couple of minutes. You can target influencers based on more than 20 criteria such as age, gender, location, audience demographics, etc. 

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Once you find your match, easily set your goals and run effective collaborations. Ainfluencer will keep your money safe on its trust escrow system till you receive the results. So if you are ready to collaborate with social media influencers, check out the community of over 500,000 creators on Ainfluencer for free now!


YouTube animators have become an inseparable part of the platform’s creative community and have gained massive followings for their 2D and 3D content. In this article, we’ve introduced you to some of the best artists to check out their journey and helped you find out how they could grow their audience. 


1. Who Is The Best Animator On YouTube?

Here are some of the best content creators on YouTube that are expert in creating animations:
Alan Becker – 26M Subscribers, 
Kurzgesagt – 21.6M Subscribers,
TheOdd1sOut – 19.4M Subscribers,
Jaiden Animations – 12.3M Subscribers,
Machinima – 11M Subscribers,
SWooZie – 7.7M Subscribers, 
Domics – 7.32M Subscribers.

2. What Is A YouTube Animator’s Salary?

There are no fixed salaries for YouTube animators, and their salaries depend mostly on their video views. However, based on a study done by Glassdoor, it’s estimated that they make $85,008 per year on average. 


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