Top 40 Dance Influencers on Instagram: Spice Up Your Collaborations in 2024

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With millions of followers and countless viral videos, dance influencers have transformed how we experience and engage with dance. They are creative storytellers who mesmerize their fans with their moves, and that’s how they communicate with people.  

Did you know dancers are also the ideal matches for influencer marketing? Because they usually have great engagement with their followers, most brands use  influencer marketing platforms to find top Instagram dance influencers for collaboration.

Are you ready to know some of them? In this post, we will provide you with the best Instagram dancers.

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Top Instagram Dance Influencers

From hip hop to ballet, contemporary to ballroom, they showcase their passion and skills, inspiring fans around the globe. Let’s meet a group of famous Instagram dancers who can level up people’s mood now. 

1. Vortox (@Vortox13)

Vortox is a young dance influencer from Navi Mumbai, with 4K active followers on Instagram. He shares his dancing videos on his account which are mostly routine, Hip-Hop and casual. 

Connect with Vorex

2. Irishdancevids (@irishdancevids)

As the name indicates, Irishdancevids is a special account for Irish dancers. Sharing different dancing videos has brought 34K followers to this account. This Instagram account makes lots of videos about dance in different places and Irish dance schools. This is an amazing Instagram account that you shouldn’t miss. 

Talk to Irish

3. Rockbottommovement (@rockbottommovement)

With more than 3K followers, Rocket Bottom Movement is a dancing company founded in 2012 by choreographer Alyssa Martin. Talented and creative dancers join this group to create a performance for different shows. 

Contact Rockbottom

4. Miranda Derrick (@itsmirandaderrick)

Dancing is in the genes of some people, and Miranda Derrick is one of them. She can dance with any music and any place. She shows her 1.5M followers how fun it would be if you let go of everything and move your body. That’s how she has turned into a famous Instagram dancer girl.

Connect with Miranda

5. Bass.osuna (@bass.osuna)

Most Instagram dancers follow a specific sport. Besides being a dance trainer and teaching tango, Bass loves volleyball. 

This dance influencer has over 13K followers on Instagram. Since he lives in DC, most of his followers might be in this region. Therefore, if you are looking for a local influencer who promotes your brand in Washington, you can count on Bass. 

Collaborate with Bass

6. Karolinakuras (@karolinakuras)

She is a famous special ballerina and photographer, who has over 61.4K active followers on her Instagram account. Karolina is a Canadian girl and one of the best dance influencers.

Chat with Karolin

7. Justjerk_sone (@justjerk_sone)

As one of the popular Korean influencers, Justjerk is an Instagram dancer with 36.7K followers. He is a member of the Justjerk team and mostly shares about his daily life and dancing performances.

Connect with Justjerk_Son

8. Vladkim (@vladkim)

The young Russian dance influencer Vladkim has 21.3K followers on his Instagram. He mostly dances Hip-Hop and shares it with his followers. Additionally, he is a choreographer and loves to train others who love Hip-Hop dance.

Connect with Vladkim

9. Burcuyahu (@Burcuyahu)

‘Ta da da da’ is the name this dance influencer has chosen for her dancing style. Burcuyahu is a Turkish dancer with more than 76K followers. As a micro influencer, she has great engagement with her followers. Furthermore, she mostly writes captions in Turkish, which makes her an ideal influencer for brands who want to grow in Turkey.

Connect with Burcuyahu

10. Worlddancepageant (@Worlddancepageant)

The World Dance Pageant is the most prestigious solo competition of the year! This is a dancing Instagram account with more than 11.9K followers and shares lots of dance videos of their members.

Contact The World Dance Pageant

11. Vitaliy_ulivanov (@Vitaliy_ulivanov)

Vitaliy Ulivanov is an Instagram dance influencer who has taken the platform by storm. His videos and tutorials offer a unique blend of contemporary dance style and creativity, making him one of the most sought-after content creators on the app.

From his intricate moves to energetic performances, followers have come to love Ulivanov’s work. Vitaliy is a Ukrainian dance influencer with over  87.5K followers. 

Chat with Vitaliy

12. Velocity Dance Convention (@VelocityDanceConvention)

Bringing together some of the world’s most talented Instagram dancers, Velocity Dance Convention is the premier dance event of the year. At Velocity Dance Convention, participants will be able to take part in master classes with renowned choreographers, learn from industry professionals and connect with fellow creatives.

Founded by Emmy-winning choreographer Mandy Moore, Velocity Dance Convention has become an important destination for dancers around the globe. The convention provides a unique platform for dancers to network and have their work seen – giving them an opportunity to make connections that can last a lifetime! 

From workshops on career development to Q&A sessions with top performers, Velocity Dance Convention offers something for everyone. This convention has an Instagram account with 79.8K followers. Therefore, dancers who are introduced on this page have a better chance to become celebrities.

At this year’s edition of Velocity Dance Convention, Instagram dancer Jayden Rodrigues will be headlining alongside other established artists such as Travis Wall and Kyle Hanagami.

13. Joey Fontana (@JoeyFonataa)

As a nano influencer with 7K followers, Joey Fontanaa is an Instagram dancer with rising popularity. His videos have been liked and shared by lots of viewers worldwide, making him one of the most popular dancers on the platform. 

Joey Fontana has made a name for himself by combining his unique dancing style with his signature humor and witty quips that make each video even more entertaining.

14. Didier Djidjim (@did_crafty) 

He is a young talented dance influencer with over 6K followers. This Instagram dancer’s unique style is a combination of hip-hop, contemporary, and ballet techniques – all blended to create something entirely original. 

15. Will West (@_willwest)

One of the creative Instagram dancers is Will West, an influencer from England with 119K followers. Like other dancers on this platform, Will shares his dancing performances with his followers who are engaged with his content.

16. Colic Aleksa (@itsjosieb)

Josmery, also known as itsjosieb on Instagram, is an amazing dancer and content creator, with 5K followers. Her videos show off her incredible talent, skill, and creativity – often combining hip-hop with contemporary dance styles for spectacular effects.

17. Josmery Brito Do (@JosmeryBritoDo)

Josmery, also known as itsjosieb on Instagram, is an amazing dancer and content creator. Her videos show off her incredible talent, skill, and creativity – often combining hip-hop with contemporary dance styles for spectacular effects.

18. Sanchez_bboy (@sanchez_bboy)

Dancing is a popular hobby in Russia. Sanchez is another Russian Instagram dancer on the list who is taking the world by storm. His electric performances have earned him a reputation as one of today’s most talented boy dancers. He has 11.8K followers on Instagram.

19. Mette Linturi (@mettebirdy)

The skillful Instagram dancer, Mette got famous after joining AMCK dance agency, which introduces the talented dancers in London. Currently, she has 50.9K followers on her Instagram, where she usually sharesher group dancing performances. 

20. Maddie Ziegler (@maddieziegler)

The young and talented dance influencer, Maddie Ziegler has made a name for herself on the Instagram dance community. With over 13M followers on the platform, she is one of the most influential dancers and choreographers in the world. 

At 13, Maddie was part of ‘Dance Moms with Abby Lee Miller’ before being featured in five music videos from Sia. This increased her visibility exponentially and led to numerous tours and book deals as well as brand campaigns for products such as Ralph Lauren and Target. 

In addition to her successful career, Maddie has also been able to inspire many young people to pursue their dreams by sharing her experiences on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. She currently has an active presence on these channels where she shares her latest projects, dance routines, tutorials, tips, advice, and more!

21. Melinda Marie (@m_dancer18)

With her unique dance style and creative choreography, Melinda has been able to captivate millions of viewers around the world. As one of the talented Instagram dance influencers, her videos have become a source of inspiration for many aspiring dancers, who look up to her as a role model.

Throughout her career, Melinda has developed an amazing portfolio by exploring different styles such as jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and even acrobatics. She often collaborates with other renowned Instagram dancers to create exciting new content that elevates the art form of dance to new heights. 

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In addition to this, she also regularly shares tutorials and tips on her account for those who are looking for some guidance in their own practice.

22. Chloe Lukasiak (@ChloeLukasiak)

Besides being one of the most popular Instagram dance influencers, Chloe Lukasiak is a model, and actress. Lukasiak first rose to fame when she became a top four finalist on season four of the hit show ‘Dance Moms.’ She quickly gained notoriety for her incredible versatility as a dancer, taking on a variety of genres such as jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.

Afterwards, Chloe built a huge following on social media thanks to her inspiring posts and amazing dance moves, and now has 8.2M followers on this platform. 

In addition to showing off her impressive technique in performances, Lukasiak is also known for regularly posting fun dance videos to Instagram that feature both classical moves and more modern twists. 

23. Ian Eastwood (@ian_eastwood)

Born and raised in California, Ian Eastwood is one of the biggest names in the world of Instagram dance influencers. He started his career by posting his dancing videos on YouTube and Instagram. 

His talent soon caught the eye of some of the top names in entertainment, leading to appearances on television shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, and more.

Over time, Ian’s following has grown to 680K followers around the world. He posts videos regularly that showcase his unique style and creativity when it comes to dancing – ranging from hip-hop to gymnastics-inspired moves. He also puts out instructional videos for aspiring dancers who want to learn how he does what he does so well.

24. Kendall vertes (@kendallvertes)

This young American dance influencer and singer began dancing when she was 2 years old. Now she has become a professional dancer who loves dancing in Jazz and Contemporary styles. Furthermore, with over 11M followers on Instagram, Kendall is now the brand ambassador of ‘Band Energy Drink.’

25. Nia Sioux (@niasioux)

Not all famous dancers share dancing videos on Instagram. Most of them share their lifestyle with their fans. Nia Sioux is one of the well-known Instagram dance influencers with almost 6M followers. She is a brand ambassador of Savage X Fenty. 

26. Matt Steffanina (@mattsteffanina)

He is an American dance influencer with over 3.8M followers on Instagram and 12M subscribers on YouTube. Matt is a 31-year-old dancer, and his favorite dance style is hip-hop

In 2016, Matt won season 28 of The Amazing Race, which propelled his fame to a new level and allowed him to work as a dancer and host as well as an actor.

27. Aliya Janell  (@thealiyajanell)

Calling herself a ‘Movement Artist’, Janell is a professional dancer who you might have seen on the back stage of top singers, such as Beyonce. As an Instagram dance influencer, she has 2.3M followers who love following her lifestyle and watching her dancing performances. 

In addition to dancing, Janell is a creative choreographer. She consistently posts a range of videos on Instagram, featuring everything from hip-hop-inspired dances to contemporary pieces. Furthermore, she has recently moved to LA from her hometown of Oklahoma City. Therefore, she can be on the list of top Los Angeles influencers for collaboration.

28. Lauren (@laurengottlieb)

With her unique blend of jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary styles, Lauren has quickly become one of the most famous Instagram dancer girls, with 2.9M followers on this platform.

She began dancing at a young age with dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Today, Lauren has accomplished that dream through her many successful performances and her growing online presence. 

Additionally, she has been able to use Instagram as both a way to showcase her talent and reach out to other aspiring dancers who can look up to her as an inspiration.

29. Vanesa Seco (@vansecoo)

With more than 1.2M followers, Vanesa is quickly becoming one of the most popular Instagram dance influencers out there. Her energetic and innovative choreography has made her a beloved figure among her followers.

Originally from Mexico, Vanesa moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in dance at age 19. In just four years, she’s made quite a name for herself as an influencer on social media platforms like Instagram. From posting her dancing videos to creating tutorials that teach others how to follow along with her moves, Vanesa shares different content on her social media accounts, which have made her one of the top Instagram dancers around. 

30. Galen Hooks (@galenhooks)

One of the most successful and inspiring Instagram dancers is Galen Hook, a dancer and choreographer, with 546K followers on Instagram.  Hooks is no stranger to using her moves and attitude to inspire others. 

Since hitting the dance scene in 2008, Galen has been consistently improving and achieving greater success over time. She has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood and music, including singing icons such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.

31. Michael Damesk (@michaeldameski)

Like most dancers on Instagram, Michael introduces himself as a dancer, choreographer, and creative director. He is also an actor and singer, and totally an artist. He has been dancing since the age of five, winning multiple world titles in formation ballroom and Latin American dancing. 

As an Instagram influencer, Michael shares his journey as a dancer while inspiring others to follow their own passions too. He has 472K followers on Instagram.

Having appeared on shows like ‘So You Think You Can Dance Australia’ and ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Michael has become a household name in the world of dance. His videos on Instagram are filled with high-energy moves that both inspire and motivate viewers.

32. Amanda LaCount (@amandalacount)

The Instagram dance influencer from St. Louis, Missouri, has been sharing her unique style of dance on social media for years now and is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after dancers online.

Since launching her own YouTube channel in 2016, Amanda’s captivating moves have earned her over 40M views and a loyal fan base of 319K on Instagram that continues to grow each day. What sets Amanda apart from other Instagram influencers is her innovative choreography that blends hip-hop, traditional African, and Latin styles with contemporary flair.

Her signature twerks and high-energy routines draw in viewers’ eager to learn her distinctive technique. Amanda is good at modeling and acting, too. She can be a great match for brands who look for plus-size models on Instagram.

33. Melvin Timtim (@melvintim2)

Started dancing from a young age, Melvin Timtim is an Instagram dancer who has over 290K followers. Melvin’s moves are both innovative and classic, and he always finds new ways to push the envelope. His fans love watching him perform live. In addition, they also enjoy watching his tutorials and learning from his techniques.

34. Mariel Madrid (@_marimadrid)

Being a mom wasn’t an obstacle to Mariel from following her dancing career. Known as Mariel Madrid, this dance influencer and choreographer has 225K followers on Instagram. She has choreographed various acts and was both a choreographer and dancer for the competitive hip-hop dance team Choreo Cookies until 2015. 

Meanwhile, she is a part of the YouTube collaboration channel Keone and Mari.

35. Talia Favia (@taliafavia)

Talia Favia is a Los Angeles-based choreographer, dancer, and artist with more than 111K followers on Instagram. She has taught and choreographed all over the world, including the United States, Czech Republic, Poland, and Russia among others. 

36. Gabriela Barra (@gabibbarra)

With 70.6K followers, Gabriela is an American Instagram dancer, who has performed in different shows and concerts. 

As a professional dance influencer, she specializes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and salsa is nicknamed the “Rotodancer.” She is also known for her affiliation with the ‘LUX Dance’ company and posts photos and videos of dance-related activities on Instagram.

37. Jared Jenkins (@_jjenks)

Originally from Philadelphia but living in New York, Jarek Jenkins is a black dance influencer on Instagram with 38.6K followers. 

After graduating from Georgetown University in 2006 with a degree in Finance, he took his first dance class. Since then, he has had the opportunity to train with some of the top choreographers in the industry.

Now, Jared is a current faculty member at Broadway Dance Center in New York City and a guest teacher at Movement Lifestyles and Millennium Dance Complex.

38. Dana Alexa (@danaalexa_)

One of the most popular and influential dancers on Instagram is Dana, who not only has captivated her followers with her unique style of dance, but also with sharing awesome photos of her trips. Therefore, she is a dancer and traveler at the same time. That’s how she has gained 424K followers on her Instagram.

39. Robi (@robirawks)

Sharing his hip-hop dancing performances, Robi is a young dance influencer, choreographer, and a model. He has an active Instagram account with 8K followers

40. Abhilasha Jain (@dancewithabby_)

Born in India, Abhilasha grew up watching television shows and movies of India’s Bollywood film industry and dancing to them. She learned to express her own Indian style through Bollywood dance and incorporated her own hip-hop style into it.

Her passion for exploring the world brought her to the US, where she learned a variety of dance styles, including hip hop, locking, popping, waacking, and salsa. Now she is one of the most popular dancing Insta influencers with 81K followers.


All in all, the best Instagram dance influencers have something special to offer. They bring creativity, passion, and love for their craft. Their artistry is inspiring and can be seen in each of their performances. It’s clear that these individuals are pushing the boundaries of dance and creativity in exciting new ways.

Instagram dancers have the power to influence their followers to take action. That’s why collaborating with them can be beneficial for most brands, especially in the fields of dancing apparels, clothing, energy drinks, or any other related industries. You can check out the effectiveness of these influencers by joining Ainfluencer for free.


1. Who Is the Best Dancer on Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram dancing, there’s no shortage of talent out there. Some of our favorite dancers include Janelle Ginestra, Dana Alexa, and Poppin John. Janelle has been featured in videos by some of the biggest names in music, like Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj, and is known for her signature high-energy hip-hop style. Meanwhile, Dana Alexa’s sultry jazz funk always impresses her followers, while Poppin John’s popping technique has earned him a huge fanbase around the world. 

2. What Is a Dance Influencer? 

With creative movements with different music and the knowledge of choreography, a dance influencer is a person who uses their platform to promote and share different aspects of the dance world. As its their profession, they are usually expert dancers who also have background in acting in music videos, or performing for top singers on the stage. Furthermore, they are great trainers, too, and share tutorials on their social media accounts.

Dance influencers create content that connects with viewers on a personal level while providing valuable knowledge to aspiring dancers. Through their videos and posts, they’re able to bring people together from all over the world in celebration of the art form. By actively engaging with fans in comments and direct messages, these influencers create meaningful relationships within the dance community.

3. How Do Dancers Make Money on Social Media?

Like other influencers on Instagram and TikTok, dancers can make money on Instagram by collaborating with brands, through affiliate marketing or creating sponsored posts. 

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