20 Top Quebec Instagram Influencers To Collaborate With In 2023

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Collaborating with Instagram influencers in different countries and regions can lead to higher sales in that location. Therefore, finding an easy way to search for influencers based on their site is essential. If you want to grow your market in Quebec, here is the list of 20 top Quebec influencers on Instagram that may be helpful for your business.

How to find Quebec influencers?

How to find influencers based on their location? You may think about searching Instagram to find the right influencer for your business, but that will be a time-consuming method. The most practical way to discover Instagram influencers is through an influencer marketplace such as Ainfluencer. The technique is easy and quick; you only need to sign up as a brand and create a simple ad about your campaign. You can also search for Instagram influencers based on different factors, including location, gender, category, and hashtags. You can quickly start your influencer marketing and grow your market using Ainfluencer.

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20 top Quebec influencers

1. Jessica L’Espérance (@jessica_lesperance)

Jessica is a lifestyle blogger with 28K followers. She likes modeling, beauty, and fitness. Most of the time, Jessica shares her daily life, especially the healthy food she makes. Since she is a personal trainer and online coach, she is also in excellent shape for modeling.

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2. Vanessa Andrea(@vanessa.andrea.beauty)

Vanessa is a beauty influencer in Montreal. She promotes cosmetic products and shares her comments about them. Furthermore, with 141K followers, she is a good choice for modeling, and she has excellent taste in styling. 

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3. Lucie Rhéaume Gonzalez (@lucierheaume)

With 252K followers, Lucie is one of the top Quebec influencers who likes traveling. As a travel influencer on Instagram, she usually shares beautiful photos of her trips, mostly road trips. She also has excellent styling taste, making her a suitable model for promoting outfits.

Collaborate with Lucie

4. Emma Rose (@emmaleger)

Emma is a fashion influencer with 619K followers. She posts about her life and promotes different brands. However, she also has an online shop that sells sports outfits.

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5. Nico Locco (@akoposinico)

Nico is an actor and also a male fashion influencer. As one of the top Quebec Instagram influencers, he has 398K followers and is considered a macro influencer. Nico is a well-known public figure in Canada because he hosts events and several TV shows. 

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6. CINDY (@cindycournoyer)

With 155K followers, Cindy is one of the top Quebec Instagram influencers, a model who shares different daily styles. She loves traveling and taking eye-catching photos of beautiful scenery.

Collaborate with Cindy

7. Emy-jade Greaves (@emyjade.g)

Emy is a fashion and wellness influencer who loves traveling the world. She shares the joyful moments of her life and promotes stylish clothes and colorful dresses. Emy has 210K followers on Instagram.

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8. Renaud Blanchet (@renaud.blanchet)

Renaud is a wine influencer with 111K followers. He enjoys tasting different wines and making cocktails by mixing tasteful drinks. 

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9. Joelle (@thefarmhousedream)

Home interior design is an art that most people follow these days. Suppose you are looking for Quebec influencers on Instagram in this category. In that case, Joelle will be a suitable interior designer on Instagram that can promote your home apparel with her decorating tips. She has 40K followers and helps her followers to build a brighter and more joyful atmosphere in their houses.

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10. Sarah (@lookatmyhair) 

Sarah is a mom influencer with two babies. She is one of the Quebec Instagram influencers that loves to share her life and tell stories about her babies and family. With 30K followers, Sarah is a suitable person for promoting children’s clothes and toys. 

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11. Diana (@dianaconforti.fit)

Diana is a fitness influencer with 607K followers. On her Instagram account, she shares her recipes for healthy food and also gives workout programs to people who want to lose weight or stay in shape. Diana is also an online coach, making her an influential person for people who want to purchase workout tools or sportswear. 

Collaborate with Diana

12. Leigh Dickson (@leighdickson)

With 258K followers, Leigh is one of the Quebec influencers on Instagram with several roles. She is a photographer, model, and makeup artist. You can mostly see her unique artistic makeup and style in her posts. That’s what she is famous for. 

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13. Beatrice Bouchard (@beatricebouchard)

Beatrice is a lifestyle blogger who enjoys traveling and fashion. With 357K followers, she is a proper candidate for modeling clothes or promoting bags and comfortable shoes for traveling. 

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14. Gabrielle Pellerin (@gabepllrn)

Gabriel is a chef that cooks delicious cuisines and shares their recipes on her account. She is a micro influencer with 12.5K followers. Gabriel makes cooking easy for her followers because she writes simple recipes so everyone can enjoy cooking. 

Collaborate with Gabriel

15. Diana (@diana_gabra)

Diana is a travel influencer. On her Instagram, with 30K followers, she shares photos of her trips. Furthermore, Diana is a bikini model too. She likes to wear colorful bikinis and rest on the beach. 

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16. Marie-Anne (@jaunepop)

One of the Quebec influencers on Instagram who posts cute paintings is Marie-Anne, a top selling artist, and painter. She loves to create cute characters, which are usually animals. Therefore, if you are making a book for kids, Marie-Anne can be a helpful person for your project. 

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17. Vanessa filippelli (@vanessafilippelli)

Vanessa (Also known as VF) is a young nano influencer with 6K followers. Although she is a newcomer to the world of Quebec influencers on Instagram, she reaches high engagement from her followers. Venessa is a model and likes the boohoo style. 

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18. Andrea Ference (@vagabondhearts)

Andrea is one of the Quebec Influencers Instagram who is an outdoor enthusiast and loves exploring the world by backpacking. She also likes mountain climbing and hiking. Since she is an excellent photographer, you can see wonderful photos on her Instagram account. Andrea is a Canadian/Austrian influencer with 414K followers.

19. Franceska (@franceskafournier)

Franceska is one of the top Quebec influencers in the fashion and modeling category. She has 1.2M followers and is a macro influencer who is mainly a swimsuit model.

20. Genie Bouchard (@geniebouchard)

Genie is one of the top Quebec influencers on Instagram and a famous athlete. She is a tennis player and a model with 2.3M followers. Genie posts about her daily life and promotes fashion and sportswear. 


Instagram Influencer marketing is an efficient way to promote your brand globally. You only need to find influencers in your target location and start your campaign. If you want to grow your market in Quebec, the list of top Quebec influencers will be helpful for you. Don’t forget to sign up on Ainfluencer to find more Quebec Instagram influencers.

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