Maintaining Influencer Status 2024 Changing Trends and Creative Suite Support

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As an influencer, you’ll likely know just how amazing social media is. But, you also know the pitfalls of staying on top of trends and maintaining your influencer status in ever-growing spaces. 

Whether you are just starting or have an established online presence, maintaining your influencer status is key to achieving your goals. At the end of 2023, we’re already seeing a shift in consumer sentiment. Making changes to your influencer marketing strategies now could set you up better for the future.

The Future of Social Media Influencing

The last few years have been some of the most lucrative in terms of online marketing. It’s not difficult to find an array of affiliate links or brands that are willing to collaborate with individuals who have the right following, engagement, and influencer status. 

2023 has seen a rise in micro-influencers, as businesses look towards those with a better audience/conversion balance and great content. This is where a creative suite can offer significant advantages, but more on this later. 

CapCut Homepage
CapCut Homepage

Due to the sheer capabilities of creating imagery or videos that feature links and the fact that people were stuck at home and buying online both out of necessity and boredom, it’s not difficult to see how there was money to be made.

Unfortunately, this has saturated the market with individuals looking to make a fast buck. Also, it’s almost impossible to scroll feeds without seeing very obvious attempts at sales with low-effort content. 

Audiences are fast becoming desensitized to advertisements. Influencers who are putting in real work are beginning to see a decline in both views and click-throughs. 

This is combined with the fact that life has widely gone back to normal after the pandemic. More people are shopping in physical stores than they once were. That is alongside the changing needs of viewerships thanks to short, entertaining, impactful content that can be found on platforms like TikTok and YouTube.

With viewers increasingly coming away from accounts that they have followed for years and engagement and buying behaviors moving into new environments, it can be extremely important to understand what is going on and address consumer concerns to stay relevant. 

Just as it has always been, your content is your secret weapon. Especially when it comes to maintaining your influencer status.

A New Approach to Content Creation to Maintain Influencer Status

It’s no secret that those with professional quality posts that are dynamic, engaging, and creative will have the greatest impact. But, this is a sentiment that has been falling by the wayside in favor of generating income for far too long. 

Audiences are now going back to content creators who are sharing their everyday lives and have a more authentic approach to their online presence. This sentiment is also being reflected in other sectors. 

For example, small businesses that are sharing behind-the-scenes drone footage and using a YouTube video editor to upload it to a branded page are seeing better engagement and brand trust than larger, more established companies that aren’t operating in online social spaces.

You likely already have tools in your itinerary that help you to create your content and may even have professional help. But, it can be worthwhile to keep in mind that a new approach to content will also benefit from the latest in industry tech and can help you maintain your influencer status. 

CapCut is one of the leading AI photo and video editing websites and has developed a creative suite. It enables users to edit photos and videos from the ground up – fast, intuitively, and for free. 

Its unrivaled capabilities are going to be crucial in the coming year to maintain a presence as a person of influence on social media.

Creative Suite Tools and Capabilities

Here are some of the key capabilities of creative suits tools:

#1 Popular Video Editing Tools

Almost any digital creative suite will have a set of popular video editing tools so that you don’t have to spend time switching tabs and importing files. 

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CapCut is no different in this regard, with cutting, resizing, trimming, and splitting tools. But, these are powered by next-gen AI so that users won’t have to spend time learning how to operate the tools and sliders that are typically found on older platforms.

When you significantly reduce the time taken to create content, you’ll be able to post more regularly. You can also continue to offer exactly what your audiences are looking for without sacrificing effort.

#2 Editable Templates and an Audio Library

One of the biggest trends this year on social media has been music. Those using trending songs and sounds have been featured higher on For You pages. 

When you want to maximize creativity, editable templates can be a fantastic solution, as they give you a base to work from while allowing ultimate customization. 

Not only does this suite have thousands of photo and video editing templates that are watermark-free at your fingertips, but it also has an extensive catalog of royalty-free music and sound effects for any need.

#3 Multi-Track Editing

Social media users don’t want to see influencers pushing sales. Multi-track editing can be an extremely important tool so that you can add images, videos, graphics, audio elements, and even text for more engaging and dynamic content that will better convert in 2024.

#4 Auto Captions

Many of us view content in sound-sensitive environments now, whether this is browsing feeds while on the subway, between classes or on lunch breaks, or even late at night. 

This has led to a rise in videos featuring subtitles and closed captions. Those not fully taking advantage of their capabilities have certainly fallen behind this year. 

AI auto-captioning is a fantastic tool to have as part of a creative suite. CapCut doesn’t disappoint with error-free results that meet a host of parameters.

#5 Background Removal

It can be a difficult job taking photos and filming videos as an influencer. Especially when there is a focus on authentic content. 

You may need to ensure that the products you are trying to showcase are properly placed and not overshadowed by something left in the background. Or, you may want to blur out what’s behind you entirely to keep the focus on yourself. This can be good for beauty influencers, for example.

What Happens If Influencers Don’t Update Their Approach

The biggest impact will come for those who stay in their lane and don’t move with the times when it comes to engagement, maintaining influencer status, and earning a worthwhile income. 

Again, micro-influencers are starting to gain more favor with brands when it comes to collaborations. This is because they typically provide content first and sales second. 

It seems that those with smaller followings tend to have more dedicated content and meet more specific needs. Therefore, they can better target campaigns for a win-win situation all around. A creative suite will be a necessity when speed, quality, and maximum impact are the name of the game.

If you are making the bulk of your income from affiliate links and brand deals, you may be wondering how you can strike a balance. The good news is that all the benefits of a creative suite combine to make content creation easier and give you more creative liberty. It will be simpler to curate a more authentic presence. 

The great news is that CapCut also has cloud-saving capabilities. So, you can work on projects, share links for collaboration, upload straight to an array of portals, and more in an entirely secure way.


In this article, we highlight the evolving trends that influencers must adapt to in order to maintain their influencer status in 2024. The shift towards authenticity and a more genuine online presence is evident, with audiences favoring content creators who share their everyday lives. 

As the market becomes saturated with low-effort sales content, the article emphasizes the importance of a new approach to content creation.


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand how to maintain your influencer status:

1. How Can CapCut’s Creative Suite Benefit Influencers in 2024?

CapCut’s creative suite provides influencers with advanced video editing tools powered by next-gen AI, editable templates, a vast audio library, multi-track editing, AI auto-captions, and background removal. 

These features enable influencers to create high-quality, engaging, and dynamic content efficiently. It also helps them cater to the evolving needs of their audience in 2024.

2. Why Is the Shift Towards Authenticity Emphasized, and How Does It Impact Influencer Status?

The shift towards authenticity is emphasized because audiences are increasingly drawn to content creators who share genuine aspects of their lives. Influencers who embrace authenticity build stronger connections with their followers, fostering trust and loyalty. 

This shift impacts influencers by encouraging a departure from sales-centric content to more authentic, relatable, and engaging content. It ultimately them maintain their influencer status amidst changing consumer sentiments.

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