Influencer Marketing Manager Job Description: What Do They Do?

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You may have heard of influencer marketing managers and wonder why you would need one. It would be best to consider influencer marketing and a manager for it to get your brand’s name out there, increase your sales, and boost your brand awareness.

Whether you are an influencer marketing manager yourself or looking to hire one, you need to know what they do, what are their basic job descriptions, and what skills they require.

Note: You don’t always need to hire an influencer marketing manager to run your social media campaigns. With a DIY influencer marketing platform, you can handle everything all by yourself. Try Ainfluencer for instance. It’s the first 100% free DIY influencer marketing platform in the world.

Who is an influencer marketing manager?

An influencer marketing manager identifies the most suitable influencers for the business, communicates with them, and manages marketing campaigns through selected influencers. In other words, an influencer marketing manager is responsible, for planning, executing, managing, and tracking influencer marketing campaigns for a brand.

Designing effective strategies to increase brand credibility and product sales, as well as ensuring the effectiveness of actions taken by measuring appropriate KPIs, also fits the influencer marketing manager job description.

An Instagram Influencer Marketing Manager Job Description

For the job description, we should explain that an influencer marketing manager job involves campaign management from start to end. This includes:

  • Strategy development,
  • Finding influencers,
  • Reaching out to influencers, negotiating terms of collaboration, and managing contracts.
  • Overseeing the execution of campaigns,
  • Monitoring and analyzing the performance of influencer marketing campaigns.

Here is a complete list of an influencer marketing manager’s responsibilities:


1. Influencer Marketing Campaign Management 

An Instagram influencer marketing manager decides which type of influencer suits your Instagram marketing campaign best and reaches out to them so your brand can collaborate with them.

They can search for your brand’s desired influencers through influencer marketing platforms. These platforms offer you long lists of influencers based on influencers’ niches, locations, languages, ages, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Such a platform is Ainfluencer.

Ainfluencer is an advanced DIY free influencer marketplace with an AI search engine, which allows managers to find Instagram and TikTok influencers using 20 different filters.


By signing up on Ainfluencer and creating an ad, you or your influencer marketing manager’s job in choosing influencers will be so easy and free of cost.

Remember, since Ainfluencer is DIY, everything is simple and easy. But still, Ainfluencer’s customer service is ready to respond 24/7.

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2. Relationship Building with Influencers

Influencer management is another task that fits an influencer manager job description. Having good relationships with influencers is crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns. You should invest in establishing relationships with an influencer manager so that you can make the most of your campaigns.

3. Marketing Communications (Marcom)

Marketing communications, also known as Marcom, are the messages and media that an influencer marketing manager chooses to use to communicate with prospective customers. Examples of marketing communications include leading presentations and sponsorships that you can reap the influencer marketing benefits with.

Marcom is one of the most important duties of a social media marketing manager.

4. Comparative Market Analysis

As an influencer marketing manager, it is necessary to be able to play the role of a market research analyst and keep up with the latest trends in social media and the influencer community.

Here is how a comparative market analysis can be done by an influencer manager:

  • Incorporating market research into their influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of their Instagram marketing campaigns and influencer strategy by calculating engagement rates and other appropriate KPIs.
  • Preparing analytical reports according to the obtained results and submission of suggestions to improve their work processes.
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What Are Instagram Influencer Marketing Manager Skills?

An influencer marketing manager or a social media marketing manager, in general, is responsible for almost everything in your campaign management. So, the person in charge of your Instagram marketing needs a lot of skills and requirements.

The following is a list of required skills to improve tasks in a marketing manager job description.

1. Creativity and Innovation

To be able to support new changes, break the routine rules if required, and sort out creative solutions, an influencer marketing manager needs to have the traits of creativity and innovation.

2. Leadership

Being able to build confidence, inspire, and motivate others is one of the most important roles that must be mentioned in an influencer marketing manager job description.

3. Campaign Management Awareness

Being an influencer marketing manager isn’t all about influencer management. It also involves managing and meeting the needs of stakeholders, understanding the company’s vision, mission, and culture, monitoring trends and challenges facing the company, and accompanying environmental changes affecting the business.

4. Marketing Communications

Establishing effective relationships with customers, constructive interaction and cooperation with others, and using Marcom (formal and informal marketing communications) are also vital for an influencer marketing manager.

5. Personal Management

And the last necessary skill in explaining an influencer manager job description is personal management. To have personal management skills means an influencer marketing manager should be a dab hand at team building and carding, compensating the services of employees, managing the performance of individuals, and providing feedback.

Does Your Brand Need an Instagram Influencer Marketing Manager?

As you maximize your influencer marketing, you’ll require more time. That’s where an influencer marketing manager comes in handy. 

An influencer marketing manager has the time you’ll need to scale up your influencer marketing campaign while continuing to deliver high-quality Instagram marketing communications to everyone involved.

However, what if you could take the reins yourself and be the one in charge of your influencer marketing campaign management?

DIY Instagram Influencer Marketing and Campaign Management

Despite the significant role of an Instagram influencer marketing manager, you may find it irresistible to think that you could be the Instagram marketing manager of your own brand. 

Oddly enough, it is not far-fetched at all. You should read carefully the marketing manager job description, and have the right influencer marketplace, like Ainfluencer, that provides you with a DIY approach to your campaign management. 

Such marketplace will allow you to set your Instagram marketing goals, define the conditions and requirements of your influencer marketing campaign, find and invite your targeted influencers to collab, chat with the influencers, and get access to insights into how successfully your influencer marketing campaign is being run.


An influencer marketing manager job description involves tasks so significant to your influencer marketing campaign that you can’t overlook the role. These tasks may include Instagram marketing campaign management, influencer management, marketing communications (Marcom), market research, and comparative market analysis.

However, you can be the influencer marketing manager of your brand with a particular set of skills and the right influencer marketing tool like Ainfluencer.

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1- What does an influencer marketing manager do?

An influencer marketing manager job description is to oversee administrative tasks associated with managing a brand’s influencer team. He or she recruits influencers and coordinates marketing communications to generate maximum results from an influencer marketing campaign.

2- How much do influencer managers make?

An Influencer Marketing Manager earns approximately $102,000 every year. This is while the median base pay is estimated at $88,289 per year and the additional pay is about $13,715 per year.

3- How do I become an influencer marketing specialist?

To become a successful influencer marketing manager you need to:
1. Pursue formal education or online courses in digital marketing, with a focus on social media and influencer marketing strategies.
2. Develop proficiency in analytics tools such as Google Analytics, social media analytics, and influencer marketing platforms.
3. Learn the technical aspects of social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
4. Familiarize yourself with tools for graphic design, video editing, and content creation.
5. Understand the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) of social media platforms and influencer marketing tools.
Moreover, having programming skills (e.g., Python) can be advantageous, especially for tasks like data analysis, automation, and working with APIs. But it’s not mandatory.

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