10 Quick Tips About Nano Influencers

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Nowadays, influencers are considered successful people in marketing businesses on social media.

When 89% of marketers say they believe influencer marketing is effective, we need to know different types of influencers that nano influencers are not separate from.

Long gone are the days when people know celebrities, models, artists, athletes, and musicians as the most effective social media influencers.

Now micro-influencers and nano influencers are taking the world by the storm.

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But before that, this guide wants to reveal quick but useful tips about nano influencers to test out this marketing strategy with confidence.

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Who are nano influencers?

Nano influencers are Instagram users with a small number of followers than other influencers types; They have between more or less 1K to 10K followers.

This newest influencer community is mostly motivated experts in a specialized field that best resonate with marketers who focus on unique niche products.

They put in the valuable influencer category, which can bring more fortune with that smaller audience, which is obvious from their marketing results, more engaged, interactive, and best sale achievements.

When and how to work with nano influencers?

Now that you get the nano influencer definition, It is essential to know some practical tips on choosing this influencer marketing strategy that best delivers the right marketing approach.

  • How to work

1.      Instead of rules, consider strategies

It is right to have a vivid guideline for your brand collaboration. Instead of putting many rules limiting your actions, try to focus on crucial strategies such as your product promotion, discount codes, or links you want the influencer to include.

2.      Determine marketing goals in the contract  

You need to set specific expectations and marketing goals with your fit nano influencer. Consider the accurate scheduling content, work time, and expertise when writing an influencer contract to assure they are convenient with the timing and content type you require.

  • When to work

1.      When brands are new to the online market

When you start as a new brand or business on social media, especially on Instagram, the most common approach which is highly valuable to your business is working with nano influencers.

They would prefer to collaborate with brands they are keen on and more relevant to their niche. So, marketers should get help from them while opening their new online market to position their products in more audience eyes.

If you are in your business’s infancy and hesitate about an efficient marketing decision, it is a low-risk strategy to come up with right influencers.

2.      When they want to offer free products for a specific niche

It is a great way to promote your brand identity by asking nano influencers to test out your new products or services. Using this way helps you to better position your products for genuine advertising.

Moreover, they are most open to accepting free samples for product recommendations.

And when they are satisfied form the products’ quality, they can easier convince potential customers for making purchase decisions

3.      Local businesses usually work with local nano-influencers

If you have established your local online business recently, why not think of a nano influencers partnership?

It is thoughtful of a local business to make most local influencers promote their brand authenticity.

This strategy has a significant impact on growing your business rapidly. Therefore, Instead of wasting time to find the right local influencers in your vicinity, join Ainfluencer to create a free marketplace ad, and search to find different thousands of Instagram influencers from anywhere you want.

The benefits of nano influencers collaboration

Influencer marketing is the best marketing method you can use to experience many benefits. Here we listed 5 important benefits of collaborating with nano influencers to better figure out this approach’s logic.

1. Nano influencers can easily make brands high engagement

Increasing the engagement rate on Instagram is a big challenge. The latest influencer marketing results show that nano influencers could drive more engagement which is a big achievement for gaining new reach.

Keeping followers engaged can be difficult, but as they are more approachable, they can better generate engagement.

Due to their authenticity and personality, nano influencers are more successful in making the audience’s engagement quality increase sales more from your brand.

 2. Nano influencers are more affordable and time-saving

The first and best advantage of collaborating with these influencers is that they are more cost-effective to leverage your influencer marketing strategy.

In general, they are the best choice for startups and small businesses because they mostly aim to build up their presence on the online market with a limited budget.

If you are looking for productive content types affordable, nano influencers can serve you with high-quality content to improve your customers’ journey.

“Brands need a high volume of [content], and nano influencers price points allow them to get a lot of content created,” Freeman said. “

 3. Nano influencers can increase your trustworthy

Trustworthy is the big issue in scaling up your new market; however, small-scale influencers are more professional in increasing your brand trust.

The more influencers with a small number of followers, the more authentic and innovative advertising products or services are.

Being friendly,  they can make a great impression on the audience rather than celebrity-level influencers.

 In that case, when trust in one particular influencer rises significantly impacts your brand promotion and influences your purchase.

4. Nano influencers are easy to ship with their audience

They are only type of influencers that are more likely to expose you to a wider audience because they have an easy strong connection with different audiences.

Close relationships with their followers, better engage with them in helping customers through DMS, reply to comments and likes.

Meaningful and trustful connections bring interests and loyal customers. It is the only marketing goal that brands are making much effort on the network.

 5. Nano influencers can ramp up your reach

To ramp up your reach infinity, small scale Influencers can work best. Growing your target market at a glance, the importance of nano influencers can show its power.

This strategy’s success is extremely high without spending much budget.

Seek out for effective influencers to help your reach growth. Large amounts of free products can also exceed the reach and influence of the nano-influencers.


These quick tips are very useful when working with them. Remember that Ainfluencer is the easiest way to find nano influencers based on location or category.

Remember that the best place lets you divide the influencers based on key filters and categories. If you choose your strategies based on that right information, there is a much higher chance of success.

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