How To Join The Farmasi Beauty Influencer Program In 2024?

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Farmasi is one of the known makeup and skincare brands in Turkey, and it is becoming popular in Europe for its reasonable pricing. Their marketing method led to their fame through the Farmasi beauty influencer program, which is a two-sided win. 

If you are looking for online business ideas, the beauty influencer Farmasi program is one of the available options. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to join this program and earn money online. 

What Is Farmasi?

Before discussing how to become a Farmasi beauty influencer, you need to know everything about this company. 

Farmasi is a Turkish skincare and makeup brand available in 125 countries. Farmasi was founded in Turkey in 2002 by Dr. C. Tuna and produces makeup, personal care, wipes, and fragrances. 

In 2018, this company invested in producing more than 2000 different products, including the Dr. C. Tuna product line (which is the company’s medical series). Their items became popular around the world for high-quality items in an affordable price range. 

Are Farmasi Products Clean?

By checking data from Farmasi beauty influencers and their official website, where they share the company’s tests and research, we can see that Farmasi products are completely clean. 

Also, this company claims to produce innovative products that are not tested on animals and  they are environmentally friendly..

How To Become A Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

Like other companies, Farmasi tried modern methods to grow its brand. So, they invest in affiliate programs to partner with social media influencers. Let’s check the beauty influencer Farmasi program to find out how to become one and earn money. 

If you are a content creator, you are familiar with affiliate marketing. In affiliate programs, you can advertise brands and products on your social media platform and receive a commission for each purchase your followers make. 

The Farmasi affiliate program is the same but with a higher commission rate than similar programs. By becoming a Farmasi beauty influencer, you can earn 50% on every sale you make. Also, you can buy products with 50% off. 

Step 1: Check The Website

To join the Beauty Influencer Farmasi program, you first need to check their website and find the ‘Beauty Influencer’ tab. Here, you can check the benefits of becoming an influencer by clicking ‘Become A Beauty Influencer’. 

Step 2: Create Your Account

Continue the process by creating your Farmasi beauty influencer account. Add your phone number, address, and zip code. 

Create The Influencer Account On Farmasi
Create The Influencer Account On Farmasi

Step 3: Farmasi Beauty Influencer Requirements

To join this program, you need to buy a Farmasi beauty influencer starter kit. Different packages are available, ranging from $19.99 to $500, and you need to choose one, pay for it, and receive it. 

Farmasi Starter Kit
Farmasi Starter Kit

After adding your starter kit to the basket, you must select your shipping address and choose the payment method (Credit Card PayPal, or Venmo) to complete the process. 

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Step4: Sell Items

By completing the previous steps, you are officially a Farmasi beauty influencer. You will receive your referral link and can share it with your social media audience. 

As we mentioned in the previous parts, you will receive a 50% commission fee for your purchase. So, the more items you sell via your followers, the more income you can make. 

Farmasi Beauty Influencer Program Alternative

In the previous parts, we discussed how to become a Farmasi beauty influencer and its benefits. But there are other methods that you can try, such as being a Farmasi influencer to increase your income. 

One proven way is to become a social media influencer and collaborate with brands in your niche. So, if you are a Farmasi beauty influencer, you can also collaborate with other skincare and makeup brands looking for creators like you. But how to find and reach out to these brands? Well, Ainfluencer is your answer. 

Ainfluencer – The Best Way To Work With Brands

Ainfluencer is a free, end-to-end influencer marketing platform connecting brands and influencers across Instagram and TikTok. This platform is perfect for influencers with over 5,000 followers who are ready to collaborate with brands but don’t know where to start. 

Ainfluencer uses an AI-powered search tool that helps you find collaboration opportunities based on different criteria such as niche, collaboration fee, location, etc. Also, by creating your influencer profile on the platform, you will be recommended to brands automatically and receive different opportunities in your inbox.

There are currently more than 500,000 active social media influencers on Ainfluencer that are earning money. If you want to join this community, you can create your profile for free and collaborate with brands.


The Farmasi Beauty Influencer Program is a great way to earn money online by promoting high-quality and affordable makeup and skincare products. By following the step-by-step guide, you can become a Farmasi beauty influencer and earn a 50% commission fee on every sale you make. 

However, if you are looking to expand your opportunities and work with other brands, Ainfluencer is a great platform to help you.  


1. What Are The Farmasi Beauty Influencer Requirements?

Everyone can become a Farmasi beauty influencer and join this program, regardless of their social media followers. The only requirement is to purchase a starter kit from their website, which costs $19.99. 

2. How To Find A Farmasi Beauty Influencer?

One of the best ways to find Farmasi influencers and check their performance is by searching hashtags on social media. For example, you can navigate to the Instagram search bar and search for Farmasi, Farmasi Influencer, or Farmasi Beauty Influencer.
Farmasi Beauty Influencer Example

3. Where Is The Farmasi Beauty Influencer Login?

After becoming an influencer on Farmasi, you can access your influencer dashboard and check your income and the number of sales your audience has made. You can also buy products with 50% off. 

To access Farmasi beauty influencers, login, open their official website, and click the ‘Accounts’ icon at the top of your screen. You can access your dashboard by adding your email and password. 


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