10 Best Peloton Instructors for Every Workout in 2024

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Are you aiming for a healthier lifestyle to work out at home? That’s where the best peloton instructors come in. Whether you need guidance on techniques or a mood lift, Peloton trainers have you covered. 

This guide will help you find the right instructor for your workout style, ensuring a special experience. Moreover, some Peloton instructors are fitness influencers on platforms like Instagram, making them ideal brand collaborators. By following this guide, you can discover the most popular peloton instructors who offer the motivation and vibe that match you, making your virtual classes more enjoyable and helping you achieve new personal records.

Ready? Let’s get started!

List of Best Peloton Instructors

The peloton trainers are like fitness superstars, guiding people through workouts and motivating them. Some are famous and appear on TV shows like Dancing with the Stars! 

However, with so many instructors, it can take time to pick the best one. That’s why we’ve done the work for you. Here are our best Peloton instructors (female & male)!

1. Cody Rigsby – (@codyrigsby)

Cody is one of Peloton’s best beginner bike instructors, known for his infectious energy and fun personality. People love his classes because he keeps them moving and entertained throughout. With a background in dance, he brings a unique rhythm to his workouts, especially in his groove classes, where the music sets the pace. Whether you’re into cycling, bike boot camp, dance cardio, meditation, stretching, or strength training, Rigsby has covered you. 

While he isn’t a technical coach, many beginners find his classes accessible and engaging, making him a popular choice. Beyond being one of the most popular Peloton instructors, Cody has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. 

2. Marcel Dinkins – (@officialmarcelfit)

As a former Army officer, she brings her military experience to the gym, helping people achieve their best. Marcel’s workouts are challenging but straightforward, and her energy is catching. This black fitness influencer has a strong following, especially for her military-style workouts. Fans love her no-nonsense approach.

On Instagram, Marcel has 50.4K followers. He shares more about her fitness and inspires others to push their limits. So, if you’re ready to sweat and see results, Marcel Dinkins is the best peloton instructor for you.

3. Robin Arzón – (@robinnyc)

Robin, the Peloton instructor, isn’t just any fitness guru! She’s the Vice President of Fitness Programming and a former lawyer. But don’t let her previous career fool you. She’s bursting with energy and enthusiasm. When you join one of her classes, your energy will be pumped up until the end.

She’s called the QUEEN of Peloton, and rightfully so. With Robin, your options are endless. From cycling to running, strength training to outdoor workouts, she’s got you covered. Plus, she’s even got prenatal classes for expecting moms. Exciting! Additionally, she’s definitely making waves in the fitness world with 1 million followers on Instagram.

4. Ally Love – (@allymisslove)

Ally Love is one of the most popular Peloton instructors. She is known for her joyful and inviting personality, making her cycling classes a blast. If you’re looking for a fun workout, her 30-minute Sundays with Love classes are great! She’s famous for her special rides with themes, like ones where she plays songs by Pitbull or Whitney Houston. These rides are super fun and challenging workouts that push you to do your best.

In addition to being a Peloton instructor, Ally wears many hats! She hosts the Brooklyn Nets basketball team, showing her versatility. Moreover, she’s a talented dancer and fitness model. Her popularity extends beyond Peloton, with over 900K followers on Instagram. That’s quite an impressive fan base!

If you want to reach out for personal records, I’d recommend the best peloton strength instructors!

5. Adrian Williams – (@adrianwilliamsnyc)

Adrian Williams is a popular Peloton instructor who teaches you how to build your core muscles. He’s really good at leading tough strength workouts and isn’t shy about admitting when he’s struggling. Sometimes, he’ll even joke about regretting how tough the workout is!

At the end of his classes, he leaves us feeling strong and empowered with his uplifting message: “You are kind, powerful, strong.” 🤩 He’s one of the best peloton strength instructors with a huge number of followers on Instagram with around 280K followers. Adrian’s known as one of Peloton’s top instructors, and with his background in competitive sprinting, his classes are anything but slow-paced. 

6. Jess Sims – (@jesssims)

Jess is one of the hottest Peloton instructors! She doesn’t just do regular cycling classes; she does something called Bike Bootcamp and strength classes. You will like her because every class I’ve done with her has been tough, but I always feel amazing afterward! Jess is good at explaining things and always cheers you on to do your best. One thing she always says is, “You can be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same damn time.” Isn’t that cool? 😀

In her classes, you’ll switch between biking and doing strength exercises on the floor. She’s good at biking, and I can’t wait to see what new stuff she comes up with. Plus, she’s super efficient and always tells you what’s coming next, so you’re never lost. Awesome!

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7. Emma Lovewell – (@emmalovewell)

Emma Lovewell, the best Peloton instructor, is followed by over 700,000 users on Instagram. She’s all about embracing nature and taking things at your own pace. Based in Brooklyn, she’s known for her laid-back vibe and positive encouragement during workouts. 

Emma’s playlists are top-notch, and she’ll motivate you to push yourself in a friendly way. She’s a great choice when you want a challenge but don’t want to be pushed too hard. Moreover, her core classes are fantastic, too!

8. Jenn Sherman – (@pelotonjenn)

Let’s introduce Jenn Sherman, one of Peloton’s beloved instructors! With a whopping 233K followers, she’s definitely popular. If you’re new to cycling or prefer a more relaxed vibe, Jenn’s classes are perfect for you. 

Unlike some of the best peloton cycling instructors, she keeps things chill and approachable. Plus, she’s super sweet! Despite being the oldest instructor, Jenn’s enthusiasm for cycling is infectious. So, if you’re looking for a supportive and motivating instructor, Jenn Sherman is your girl!

9. Kendall Toole – (@kendalltoole)

She is a Peloton instructor with a cheerleading, gymnastics, dance, and boxing background. Kendall’s coaching style is solid and encouraging without being too over-the-top. Her classes are all about spreading good vibes and helping you reach your fitness goals. You’ll often find her pumping up the energy with a rock n’ roll playlist, drawing inspiration from her boxing days.

She ensures that her Peloton sessions are always respectful and safe spaces, shutting down any trolls on the leaderboard. With nearly a million Instagram followers, Kendall Toole is more than just the best-looking peloton instructor.

Are you looking for one of the best Peloton yoga instructors? Read on!

10. Denis Morton – (@denis__morton)

He’s last on our list, but not least. Denis is a Peloton instructor who’s lived in the United States. He’s super experienced and brings that knowledge to his rides and yoga classes. People really like him because he has awesome playlists, a chill teaching style, and always rides to the beat of the music. Denis also teaches yoga, and I’ve recently started taking his classes. They’re amazing! He keeps a good pace, his playlists are great, and the classes fly by. 

Moreover, he’s active on Instagram and shares his workout videos with 249K followers. If you’re interested in yoga, try Denis Morton’s classes. You won’t regret it!

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Wrapping Things

In this guide, we’ve provided a list of the best Peloton instructors for everyone, whether you’re into cycling, yoga, strength training, or meditation. So, explore their classes, find your favorites, and achieve your fitness goals! Moreover, if you want to find and collaborate with them, sign up on Ainfluencer for Free and make a deal!


1. Who Are Peloton Instructors?

Peloton instructors are like fitness guides who help people exercise using the Peloton app. They lead workouts live or on recorded videos that users can follow. Each instructor has their own style and specialties, making workouts fun for everyone.

2. Who Is the Most Popular Peloton Instructor?

Cody Rigsby is the most popular peloton instructor, with over 1 million followers on Instagram. Cody has a class for you regardless of the workout you’re into. Whether biking, doing boot camp on the bike, dancing, meditating, stretching, or getting stronger, Cody’s has various workout videos on Peloton for everyone.

3. How Much Does the Highest Paid Peloton Instructor Make?

Cody makes more than half a million dollars yearly! And his total wealth is even more significant, somewhere between 5 and 6 million dollars.


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