Top 15 Brazilian Fitness Influencers On Instagram [2024 Non-Celebrity]

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There are several Brazilian fitness influencers, bloggers, and Instagram celebrities to brag about. 

In a country where fitness is a cut-and-dried way of life for many people, Brazilian fitness models have ridden into a battle to be considered online celebrities. 

This article is a rundown on the must-follow Brazilian Instagram fitness influencers with different follower counts for large and small businesses and helps you see how to create an influencer marketing campaign.

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Top Brazilian Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Ready to check out some of the most unique fitness content creators? Then, let me walk you through the top choices you have this year.


TREINADOR KAKÁ is a physical education professional and one of the greatest Brazilian fitness influencers on Instagram. 

He has both in-person training and an online consultant with over 1 million followers on Instagram. 

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2. Ana Carolinne Ribeiro

Ana Carolinne Ribeiro boasts about multifarious business activities and is definitely one of the must-follow Brazilian fitness females to partner with your brand. 

From fitness and dance to lifestyle, she creates high-quality content with over 22 million viewers for her Reels and 1 million followers on her IG account. 

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3. Claudia Gadelha

The retired UFC fighter, Claudia Gadelha, who is well-known in France, China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, and Singapore, to name a few, has now turned into the hottest Brazilian model on Instagram with the primary ambition to spread health messages. 

So, you may expect to have some updates on new fights every now and then, but information on nutrition and new training are what sets her IG account apart. She has 992K followers and a great engagement rate as a Brazilian trainer on Instagram.

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4. Juliane Costa

Juliane Costa is the next Brazilian fitness model Instagram has placed next to other stars. 

The Brazilian trainer, also a journalist, is game for any challenges and teaches her followers how to fulfill their goals with the same attitude. 

Currently, she has 302k followers on Instagram and a successful TikTok account. 

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5. Alê Monteiro

Alê Monteiro is a rising star among the top Brazilian fitness influencers with a balanced lifestyle, fitness tips, lots of photos and videos from her trips, beauty content, fashion styles, and 133K followers on her IG account.

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6. Kailane Ramos Ramos

26.7K people are inspired by her training tips, diet, and motivation that Kailane Ramos Ramos provides for her followers. 

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7. Andre Carvalho

What is your goal?

The Specialist in weight loss, muscle definition, and quality of life, Andre Carvalho, can help you achieve it with both in-person and online follow-ups. Considered as one of the Brazilian fitness influencers, Andre has nearly 6k followers on his IG page.

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8. Ricardo Barbosa

The Brazilian trainer, Ricardo Barbosa, is a fitness guru with customized training and cardio exercise equipment, and other tips to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and have confidence in your body. Moreover, as a Brazillian fitness influencer and trainer, he has managed to help over 300 clients reach their desired results.

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9. Bruno Nascimento

He is known as Bruno or Brunão from Rio de Janeiro. He is not only one of the top Brazilian fitness influencers on Instagram but he is also known for his photography. 

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10. David Michigan

David Michigan is an entrepreneur, actor, the CEO of the Michigan Academy, and now the most followed Brazilian fitness influencer on Instagram. 

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He does so many activities that he shares on his IG account, which has reached 18.5M followers recently.

11. Gracyanne Barbosa

One of the most famous Brazilian female bodybuilders is Gracyanne Barbosa. Former dancer, and now, the hottest Brazilian model has loaded her IG account with inspirational tips, motivational pictures of her sculpted body, and fun workout routines for her 10.9M followers.

12. Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa won the Figure Champion title in her debut competition, the 2005 NABBA Lobo Bravo Cup in Brazil when she was barely 21 years old. Soon after that, Andressa became one of the most popular Brazilian bodybuilders and Brazilian fitness influencers known all around the globe.

If you’re looking for some amazing content related to fitness, you’ll definitely join the 6.1M followers on her Instagram account who are amused by the sexy photos and reels this Brazillian fitness model shares online.

13. Bella Falconi

A Brazilian fitness diva with over 4.1 million Instagram followers and a thriving blog that incorporates online coaching sessions, Bella Falconi has managed to entertain a significant following. 

Bella’s background is in nutrition, and she has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree to prove it. Falconi’s blog is an amazing collection of accessible and practical food suggestions, meal plans, healthy eating advice, and workouts. She currently resides in the United States, and her blog is published in both English and Portuguese.

14. Felipe Franco

One of the well-respected Brazilian bodybuilders with 4.8M followers on Instagram is Felipe Franco. On his Instagram page, he shares announcements, tips on fitness, motivational reels, and pics of his family.

It’s noteworthy to say that he is also a Physical Education instructor with a master’s degree in the field.

15. Barbara Silva

The next on our list of the top fitness models on Instagram is Barbara Silva, who has successfully gathered an audience of 73.6k followers on her IG page. To do this, she’s been sharing daily workouts and inspirational reels. Also, she shares a lot of beautiful photos of herself in hot clothing.

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All in all, these Brazilian fitness influencers are worth following for their great health advice, motivational messages, and loyal engaged followers to get familiar with brands and businesses in this niche.

To stay up-to-date with their latest posts, be sure to follow them on Instagram!

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1- Who Is the Most Popular Brazilian Fitness Influencer?

David Michigan is a businessman, actor, and the founder of the Michigan Academy, as well as the most popular Brazilian fitness influencer on Instagram.
He participates in a variety of activities, which he documents on his Instagram account, which just surpassed 18.5 million followers.

How Can I Find the Top Brazilian Fitness Influencers?

There are many ways (Google search, hashtags, etc.) through which you can find the best Brazilian fitness models to follow or collaborate with. However, the best way to do so is perhaps to join a reliable influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer.

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