Top 21 Latina Fitness Influencers On Instagram [2023 Non-Celebrity]

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There are a lot of Latina fitness influencers on Instagram, and they’re inspiring others to get fit. 

These fitness stars come from all different backgrounds and ages, and they all have one thing in common: They love making people look fit and healthy no matter what their shape or size is. 

Whether you want to tone your body or learn new exercises, these Instagram fitness influencers will show you how!

How to find Latina fitness influencers on Instagram

There are a variety of ways to find these influencers. One way is to search for hashtags through Instagram. Another common way is to google Latina fitness influencers and compare them. 

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21 best Latina fitness influencers you should follow

These Latina fitness influencers are the ultimate inspiration:

1. Tata Gnecco

This Puerto Rican master trainer is on the list of best Latina fit influencers, so you know she’s the real deal. Her workout videos will get you in the mood to pump some serious iron. You might even be inspired to exercise while traveling.

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2. MarceFitness

This Latina fitness model is crazy cut, which makes sense being the chica fitness Colombia in 2014.

Being a mom of two, Marce is proof that women are strong as hell. So whenever you are looking for motivation, take a look at her IG page for inspiration.

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3. Mailu Maucci

Mailu is a micro influencer with over 50k followers on Instagram and also TikTok. This Crossfit athlete and Latina female bodybuilder, is always showcasing a wide variety of exercises and routines that will keep you wanting more. 

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4. Lore Galvez

Lore is among Latina fitness influencers who is also a physical therapist from Chile.

With around 500k fans on Instagram, she posts all sorts of fitness videos and promotes fitness-related products in her sponsored posts.

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5. Rebeca Rubio

Rebeca is one of the best Latina fitness influencers on Instagram with over 500k followers and 1.5M followers on YouTube.

This Guatemalan fitness lover knows how to collaborate with brands as a Latina fitness model.

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6. Cristianne Menezes

With more than 100k followers on Instagram, Cristianne is a fitness and wellness influencer, and also a coach. This Latina female bodybuilder gives you a peek into her life at competitions, in addition to her rigorous workouts. She’ll take you through a killer upper body set one day, and a serious lower body circuit the next.

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7. Alejandro González

Alejandro is a Latina fitness model and one of the best male fitness influencers from Mexico.

He’s more likely to share images of his lifestyle and all of the delicious and healthy food he eats. You definitely want to bookmark his account for fresh content.

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8. Cesar Augusto

Cesar Augusto is a Latina workout and fitness influencer with more than 250k followers on IG. This fitness and nutrition coach spills workout advice and manifestation tips to help you reach your goals. Check out his Stories for even more behind-the-scenes tips.

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9. Amanda Finnie

The queen of IG fitness with around 400k followers, Amanda is one of the top Latina fitness influencers on Instagram. This Brazilian fitness influencer is the creator of womensbest.

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10. yannefitness

Yanne is a Latina fitness model and bodybuilder on Instagram who is also a Youtuber and Tiktoker. One of the most amazing things about her is that she likes to take advantage of the things around the house as workout equipment for a good sweat session.

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11. Thulyo Mercuri

The personal trainer, Thulyo is one of the finest Latina fitness influencers with 18k followers. He owns a master’s in exercise science focused on strength, conditioning, and fitness helping you get in the best shape of your life.

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12. Valentina Lequeux

Valentina rode her way to social media influence by accomplishing a lot. 

With around 2 million followers, she is a macro influencer, on the list of top Latina fitness influencers. On her page, you can see content about workouts, mindset, and nutrition.

13. Mariana Jiménez

Mariana is a well-known Latina fitness model on Instagram from Venezuela. She posts both her professional life and her lifestyle.

Check out her page for instructional workouts and a lot of bikini figures.

14. Massy arias

Massy Arias is a Dominican Republic-born certified personal trainer. She has circuit workouts, healthy meals, adorable mom-daughter pictures, and more in both English and Spanish on her profile. If you could stalk just one Latina fitness influencer on Instagram, Massy is your go-to person.

15. Lyzabeth Lopez

With over 1.5M followers, it’s safe to say that this Lyzabeth is a fitness powerhouse. This Latina workout inspiration is the creator of the Hourglass Workout, an award-winning personal trainer, and holistic nutritionist. She is the best candid for your fitness influencer marketing campaigns.

16. Sascha Barboza

This Latina workout and nutrition coach has a whopping 5 million followers. Mostly posts about her own experiences, physical transformation, and the ups and downs of her fitness journey. She is also a book writer and CEO of Sascha Fitness Corp. If you are looking to increase Instagram engagement through influencer partnerships, she is your go-to person.

17. Fabiana Ferrarini

Fabiana is a well-known Latina fitness influencer on Instagram with over 700k followers. She is the number one instructor for women and helps you get real results in less time at home.

18. Melissa Alcantara

The Dominican fitness and health influencer, Melissa has 1M fans on Instagram. She is the author of “Fit Gurl” and her page is full of impressive workout videos and shocking before and after pictures.

19. Michelle Lewin

Michelle is one of the best Latina fitness models based in South Florida, originally from Venezuela. She has graced the covers of several fitness magazines, including Women’s Health Mexico. She often shares videos of her workout, brand promotions, and her amazing travel vlogs.

20. Robin Arzón

This former lawyer left her corporate job to start a new life as an ultramarathon runner and all-around fitness lover. She is among the finest Latina fitness girls who wrote the best-selling book “Shut Up And Run”. Robin is currently Vice President of fitness programming and Head Instructor at Peloton. 

21. Chady Dunmore

Chady is a beauty and wellness influencer who also shares her non-fitness world with her followers. Her account is a fun mix of workout, beauty, and lifestyle.


Latina fitness influencers are a powerful force on Instagram. They are inspiring influencers of all ages to be healthy and to love their bodies. By following these Latina fitness influencers on Instagram, you can learn about new exercises and ways to stay motivated. 

If you want to get fit, look no further than the Latina fitness community on Instagram! Not only will you be inspired by their fitness journeys, but you will also learn about some great workout tips and healthy recipes.

1- What is a fitness influencer?

A fitness influencer is someone who has a large social media following and regularly posts about healthy living and fitness. They may have their own blog or YouTube channel and often provide tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fitness influencers can be found in all walks of life, from celebrities to everyday people.

2- How do I become a fitness influencer?

1. Choose your niche as a fitness influencer
2. Develop a strategy
3. Find your voice
4. Be creative
5. Use influencer marketing platforms
6. Build credibility
7. Reach out to sponsors and advertisers
8. Track results for improvement

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