Top 10 Hottest UFC Ring Girls That You Are Looking For

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If you are a fan of UFC boxing and kickboxing matches, you have probably noticed the hot girls that come between the rounds with a card showing the numbers. These hot UFC ring girls are fitness athletes, and their perfect bodies and hot faces have made them popular. 

If you are interested in learning more about these female fitness models, we have your answer. In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the hottest ring girls who are also active on social media. You can check out their journeys and see how they made their way to the rings. 

10 Hottest UFC Ring Girls You Need To Check

UFC gives the match boards to some hot girls between the rounds to engage fans. Here are some popular ring girls UFC models you can see yearly. 

1. Red Dela Cruz

Let’s start the list with one of the most known faces, Red Dela Cruz. Dela is a Filipinian fitness model born in 1992 who won the first UFC Octagon Girl Search contest. She was also ranked in the list of 100 sexiest women in her country from 2013 to 2015. 

Dela is a fitness Instagram model who shares her fitness and health journey on her account. She has around 500k followers on Instagram and 2.8M followers on Facebook, which makes her one of the known ring girl UFC champions.

2. Vanessa Hanson

Regarding UFC ring girls, Vanessa is one of the most known faces. Vanessa Hanson is an American Ford model and ring girl born in 1991. She has appeared in magazines such as GQ, Maxim, and Cosmopolitan and run multiple brand collaborations with Sketchers, TJ Maxx, etc. 

3. Arianny Celeste

With over 3M followers on Instagram, Arianny Celeste is among the most popular and hottest ring girls. Arianny Celeste is an American model and ring star born in 1985 who started joining UFC games in 2006. From 2008 to 2015, she won the ‘Ring Girl of the Year’ title five times.

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As one of the most well-known UFC ring girls, Arianny has modeled for different magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Playboy, etc. She has an established audience on Instagram, and you can start collaborating with her to grow your audience. Sign up on Ainfluencer and keep your money till you receive results. 

4. Jhenny Andrade

If you follow Brazilian fitness influencers on social media, you probably know Jhenny. Jhenny Andrade is one of Brazil’s popular UFC ring girls named UFC’s Ring Girl of the Year in 2013.

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For six straight years, Jhenny was on the list of 100 sexiest women in the world, making her one of the hottest UFC ring girls. She has over 1M followers on her Instagram, and other than this, she is also active on Onlyfans, where she shares exclusive content. 

5. Jamillette Gaxiola

One of the ring girls who started her career at a very young age is Jamillette Gaxiola. Jamillette is a Mexican-Cuban model and ring girl born in 1989 who started participating in local pageants when she was three. Her green eyes and black hair have made her one of the hot Instagram influencers with over 200k followers.  

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6. Brittney Palmer

After working in the UFC281, Brittney became one of the most known ring girls UFC models. Brittney Palmer is an American ring girl, model, and artist born in 1987. She has more than 1M followers on her Instagram page, where she shares workout and healthy meal videos to stay healthy. 

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7. Chrissy Blair

Chrissy is one of the UFC octagon girls we can see with Vanessa Hanson. Blair is an American boxer born in 1989 who joined this sport to stay in shape. With around 200k followers on Instagram, she is also one of the hottest bikini fitness models

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8. Carly Baker

On the list of current UFC ring girls, we can see a hot star shining from the UK. Carly Baker is a British athlete born in 1987 who only participates in the UK and Europe rings. She started her career as a UFC ring card girl in 2013, and on her Instagram account, you can check her photos of different matches. 

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9. Camila Oliveira

Another beauty from Brazil that we can see on the list of UFC 190 ring girls is Camila Oliveira. Camila is a Brazilian model who has been a ring girl for around ten years. She became a ring girl from the UFC Sao Paulo in 2013 till this year. However, since she is pregnant, we will probably not see her in a couple of years. 

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10. Brooklyn Wren

Her charming smile has made her one of the best UFC octagon girls. Brooklyn Wren is a 29-year-old model who joined the UFC rings for the first time in 2017. But that’s not all; She has been a model since she was 14 and works with an IT Modeling agency. 

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The hottest UFC ring girls are beautiful and talented fitness athletes who have become known models. Fans admire their perfect bodies and hot faces and follow them on social media to see their journey. 

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1. How Much Do UFC Ring Girls Make?

There is no set price for the amount of money each of these girls can make, and it can vary based on their contracts and endorsement deals. But on average, Ring girls take about $1000 as a match fee and $5000 per event.

2. Who Is The Best UFC Ring Girl?

Undoubtedly, Arianny Celeste is one of the most known current UFC ring girls. For five years, she was titled as Ring Girl of the Year and has over 3M followers on Instagram.

3. Who Is The Ring Girl In UFC?

If you are interested in boxing matches, you are probably familiar with the hot ring girls. Here are some of the most known models:
Red Dela Cruz
Vanessa Hanson
Arianny Celeste
Jhenny Andrade
Jamillette Gaxiola
Brittney Palmer