Top 40 Canadian Fashion Bloggers Making Global Waves in 2024

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Fashion in Canada is a diverse and vibrant industry that reflects the country’s multicultural and creative heritage. The Canadian fashion bloggers are the ones that can showcase the functionality, comfort, and versatility of fashion in this country. No need to mention that they can be the perfect match for clothing brands whose target audience are Canadians. 

Finding Canadian fashion influencers is much easier than before; thanks to influencer marketing platforms that allow brands to find influencers for their online campaigns on social media platforms.

We’ve rounded up a list of top Canadian fashion bloggers to help you grow your brand, increase brand awareness, and connect with new customers.

How to Find Top Canadian Fashion Bloggers?

Influencer marketing is the best method to reach new audiences and find new customers. However, it is difficult to find the perfect influencer who matches a brand’s preferences and budget. 

They will have different resources that can help them find influencers in their niche, such as Google and Instagram search. But they are a time-consuming process and daunting. Furthermore, their lists will only have the selective influencers. 

So, what is the easiest way to find Canadian fashion bloggers?

Let’s see how influencer marketplaces, like Ainfluencer, can help you build an effective influencer marketing campaign.

Ainfluencer: The Best Influencer Marketing Platform 

Ainfluencer is one of the top influencer marketplaces that connects brands and influencers. It is 100% free with no hidden fees. 

Brands can join Ainfluencer and create as many influencer marketing campaigns as they want. Then, they can explore and find influencers based on location, category, gender, language, number of followers, engagement rate, quality score, etc.

Find influencers with filters

For example, in order to find the best Canadian fashion bloggers, set the location to ‘Canada’ and the category to ‘fashion’. Additionally, if you want to find French speakers or look for male fashion influencers in this country, you can set the language to ‘French’, and gender to ‘Male.’

As you can see, Ainfluencer search tool lands you on the list of the most relevant influencers to your industry. 

Check out this video for a more detailed guide on how to find the right influencers in your niche.

Top 40 Canadian fashion bloggers you should follow

Here is the list of top fashion bloggers in Canada to inspire you:

#1 Jenny Needham (@peacelovejennyblog)

With 15K followers, Jenny is one of our favorite Canadian fashion bloggers based in Toronto Her blog covers content from food to lifestyle, but her focus on fashion and styling is unique and just helpful. 

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#2 Lisa Wei (@lisawei)

When Lisa started her profession as a Canadian Instagram influencer, she wasn’t sure which niche she should choose. But later, her passion for fashion and modeling helped her enter the world of styling. Now, with 49K followers, she is one of the top Canadian fashion bloggers. Furthermore, her Instagram feed is filled with fashion trends of color, travel, and beauty.

Contact Lisa

#3 Liat Neuman (@liatyomanchic)

Liat is a stylist and a Canadian fashion blogger with over 32K followers taking Instagram by storm. She has been focused on creating mostly style-related content with the goal of expanding her reach. Therefore, her feed is filled with colorful clothing items, and her edgy style sets her apart from the competition.

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#4 Samantha Sito (@samanthasito)

If you are a fan of fashion and styling, you should know Samantha, a Canadian fashion influencer with 32K followers on Instagram. Her feed is a balanced mix of beauty, travel, and styling inspirations. She also has a Youtube channel where she posts videos about styling.

Connect to Samantha

#5 Zeba (@ellaprettyblog)

With 30k followers on Instagram, Zeba is a lifestyle and fashion blogger based in Toronto. This micro influencer teaches you how to look good and feel your best at the same time. 

Her Instagram posts show how you can basically style with the clothes you already have in your wardrobe.

Collaborate with Ella

#6 Ping (@pinggyu)

Another Toronto-based Canadian fashion blogger is Ping; a nano influencer with 13K followers. Despite being a nano influencer, her Instagram game is just as flawless. Her style envelops a casual chic vibe that will serve you some serious fashion inspiration. 

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#7 Katia Hanine (@lapiz_of_luxury)

Katia is among the finest Canadian influencers inspiring women of all sizes to be courageous and confident in their choices. Not being as slim as models was a point to her because most women want to know how to style if they are not slim. Therefore, as a Canadian midsize fashion blogger, Katia can be influential to them.

This Canadian fashion blogger combines classic and modern pieces with a minimalistic approach that just draws you in. As a result, she has 40K followers on her Instagram. Don’t miss her.

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#8 Safinaaz (@thegreycanvas)

One of the best Canadian fashion bloggers, Safinaaz, created her blog to share aspirational and affordable style and beauty tips. She is your shopping bestie and inspiration for minimal fashion outfits. Safinaaz constantly shares sale and deal alerts on her Instagram where she has 38.8K followers.

Chat with Safinaaz

#9 Carly Alexandra (@carlyramsay)

The Toronto-based photographer, stylist, and creative director, Carly, has more than 56k followers on Instagram. She posts mostly under-exposure shots of her style on her IG account. She’s entertaining and a lot of fun to watch.

Collaborate with Carly

# 10 Carolyna Bauer (@carolynabauer)

As an economic person who always searches for the most cost-effective items to buy, Carolyna shares all about affordable outfits, travel, and beauty tips. With more than 86K followers, she is one of the best Canadian fashion bloggers on our list.

She has found great success on social media as well as featuring on popular Toronto fashion blogs. Follow her blog for an inside peek at her sense of fashion and lifestyle.

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#11 Flora Law (@Thefloralaw)

The Vancouver-based influencer, Flora has been blogging for a long time. She believes in finding and focusing on the things in life that bring you joy, and it’s evident that her fashion and style preferences reflect her personality.

Check out her Instagram account, where she has 47.8K followers for beauty and fashion advice.

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#12 Brett Poschmann (@theposhman)

Meet Brett who dresses each and every day to inspire us with his short yet attractive Reels. This male fashion influencer has 62K followers on his Instagram and has a website, called ‘The Posh Man,’ where he talks about the importance of caring about your appearance, especially on different occasions. He is one of the well-known Canadian fashion bloggers when it comes to men’s style.

Talk to Brett

#13 Annie (@dualcitizens)

s a Canadian fashion influencer, Annie loves to share her views on fashion, tips on getting the best deals, and how to decorate with style. This Toronto-based fashion blogger collaborates with different fashion brands and helps them increase brand awareness. She has 93K followers who know she partners with brands that she knows are best for her audience. 

Connect with Annie

#14 Ashkan Hobian (@ashkanhobian)

The twin brothers, Ashkan and Roham, are both great models based in the Toronto. Ashkan is among the best Canadian fashion influencers who shares snippets of his current inspirations including fashion, food, decor, and more. He has 91K followers on Instagram. 

Collab with Ashkan

#15 Toni Olaoye (@toniolaoye1)

From fashion styles to cosmetic products, Toni’s account is full of ideas and suggestions. Toni is a Canadian clothing style inspiration with over 205k followers. Not too long ago, she began blogging and got immediately hooked.

Through her IG account, she’s able to collaborate with brands she loves and express her opinion on topics related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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#16 Deya (@Deyakannesha)

Based in Toronto, Deya is on the list of creative Canadian fashion bloggers with 289K followers. She doesn’t only talk about fashion tips on her Instagram, since she is from South Asia, she has a captivating personality that can be inspiring to her followers.

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#17 Tee (@thatsotee)

Tee’s IG account has grown into a visual diary where she shares her travel adventures, life experiences, style inspiration, beauty tips, and tutorials. This Canadian fashion influencer with over 172K followers is there to empower her audience to use clothing as a tool to gain confidence and become the best version of themselves.

Contact Tee

#18 Audrey Rivet (@audreyrivet)

The content creator and graphic designer, Audrey is a Canadian clothing style icon and one of the best Canadian fashion bloggers on the list. She is a travel addict with a love of effortless style. Accordingly, her Instagram posts are a combination of effortless fashion styles to lovely travel destinations. Audrey has 233K followers on Instagram.

Connect to Audrey

#19 Kelly (@kellyhesun)

As a micro influencer with 19K followers, Kelly is a fashion blogger inspiring you to have fun, colorful, and sexy clothes in your wardrobe. She describes her account as a place for the millennial woman who loves to travel, sees beauty in the ordinary, and aims to live wholeheartedly. 

Talk to Kelly

#20 Betty (@Itsbettylam)

Want to learn more about Toronto fashion, food, or events? Betty can be the perfect influencer to follow on Instagram. With 16K followers, Betty is one of the best Canadian fashion bloggers based in Toronto. You can find amazing content on her page not only about fashion but food, lifestyle, and self-care. In fact, she is counted as a wellness influencer as well.

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#21 Jessica Lam (@jessicailam)

Jessica describes herself as a girl who loves coffee, clothes, and creepy TV shows! She is a Canadian fashion blogger based in Toronto giving your major daily style goals. This influencer has 17.5K followers on her Instagram.

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#22 Valeria Lipovetsky (@valerialipovetsky)

The Russian-born Israeli Model, Valeria, is now on the list of top Canadian fashion influencers who is an iconic figure for girls who want to be stylish and learn about the latest trends.

Valeria established herself as one of the top models in both Israel and Canada. With around 2M followers on Instagram, she is one of the best Canadian Instagram influencers.

#23 Coco Rocha (@cocorocha)

Mikhaila known as Coco is one of the top Canadian fashion bloggers and a successful model. She is known as one of the first “digital” supermodels and is known for her younger models’ advocacy. Rocha is also the founder of the Coco Rocha Model Camp and co-owner of the Nomad Management Modeling Agency. She is a mega influencer with 2M followers on Instagram.

#24 Jessica Mulroney (@jessicamulroney)

With 402K followers on Instagram, Jessica is one of the successful Canadian fashion bloggers, stylists, and marketing consultants. She is noted for her previous work with Kleinfeld Bridal, past guest appearances on Canada fashion blogs, the TV show Good Morning America, and host of I Do, Redo. She is a fashion advocate and contributor to Sun wing’s Wedding Vacations magazine.

#25 Saima Khan (@saimascorner)

The founder of Saima Corner brand, Saima Khan is a Canadian influencer known for her fashion taste and hijab tutorials. She graduated from the University of Toronto, majoring in sociology and minoring in anthropology and psychology. 

Since fashion was her passion from an early age, she decided to share her taste in fashion with others. Now as a Canadian fashion influencer with hijab, she has 482K followers.

#26 Hanan Tehaili (@hanantehaili)

The Toronto-based Canadian influencer, Hanan is a YouTuber and lifestyle influencer whose eponymous Instagram account focuses on fashion tips, cooking, and her family moments. Hanan has 369K followers to her page.

#27 Vanessa Tiiu (@vanessatiiu)

Introducing herself as a healthy girl who does fashion, Vanessa is another micro influencer on the list of top Canadian fashion bloggers. With 101K followers, she follows a classical style, does sports, and loves to talk about healthy foods and lifestyle.

#28 Catarina Moda (@caterinamoda)

As a plus-size model, Catarina is among the most influential Canadian fashion bloggers. She attracted over 355K followers to her Instagram account due to her mix of fashion and lifestyle photos.

Catarina became a known online personality due to her curvy figures like Olivia Campbell and Jess Megan. She first began her modeling career in 2013. If you are looking for a body positivity influencer, she is your go-to option.

#29 Kayla Seah (@kayla_seah)

For people who want to know about the fashion trends, Kayla’s Instagram account can be a perfect place. Kayla is one of the Canadian fashion bloggers who follows the trends in her best way. She’s the brain and creativity behind the blog which won the Webby Award for ‘Best Lifestyle Website.’ In comparison, her blog covers content from food to travel, beauty, and decor. 

Her focus on fashion trends, styling, and shopping is unique and just plain helpful. That’s how she could reach 417K followers on her Instagram account.

#30 Ania Boniecka (@aniab)

Ania’s love for fashion blossomed when she moved to Canada as a young girl. Due to a lack of extra-curricular activities at school, she turned into a model, leading to her passion for style. Her Instagram feed is filled with fashion trends of color, bold prints, and inspirational styling like no other. Ania is among well-known Canadian influencers in both fashion and lifestyle, with 127K followers.

#31 Michaela Jane (@micjanee)

If you’re looking for everyday fashion inspiration and an account that is purely dedicated to fashion, then look no further than Michaela. Her Instagram posts are all about clothes, with a large majority focusing on street style. With around 150K followers, she is one of the finest Canadian fashion bloggers.

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#32 Tessa Lindsay Garcia (@tessalindsaygarcia)

Tessa’s feed is all about style, fashion, and home decor. Her fashion is fun, flirty, and fabulous, with bright colors and some killer accessories. She’s also a YouTuber who follows her early mum’s life and already features a couple of try-on hauls. Tessa is a Canadian clothing style icon with over 127K followers.

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#33 Cristina Monti (@cristinamonti)

Known as the Canadian queen of street style fashion, Cristina is in love with denim outfits, and she always mixes it up with florals to serve great looks on her feed. She has nearly 100K followers on Instagram who are fans of her styles.

You can also check out her blog, ‘The Boho Flow,’ for more fashion, beauty, and lifestyle inspiration.

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#34 Erin J (@lifew.erin)

Sustainable fashion is a new trend, and Erin is a huge fan of sustainability. That makes her one of the most inspiring Canadian fashion bloggers on the list. Erin took her lifelong passion for beauty, fashion, and travel and funneled it into her IG account where she could gather 27K followers around.

Contact Erin

#35 Vickie (@Vickielaliotis)

Based in Alberta, Vickie is a Canadian fashion blogger and digital entrepreneur. Her account covers everything from daily outfits to beauty, and hair tips. She is the founder of the shop barretta and has 36K engaged followers.

Connect with Vickie

#36 Lyndi Barrett (@stylecalling)

With 11K followers, Lyndi’s Instagram page features a range of try-on hauls as well as beauty tutorials. She is among the top Canadian fashion influencers when it comes to styling.

Talk to Lyndi

#37 Richelle Brooke (@therivercitysisters)

As a mom of two kids, Richelle has great body shape and style. Besides sharing formal and beautiful outfits with her 73K followers, she promotes cosmetic products and ingredients of healthy foods. 

#38 Grece Ghanem (@greceghanem)

As one of the Canadian fashion influencers over 40, Greece shows the world that fashion has no age. She follows different styles, including street style to party style. Her styling tips and confidence has attracted 1.5M followers to her Instagram account. 

#39 Brandon Balfour (@brandonbalfourr)

When we talk about fashion, most people think that it only belongs to women. But men’s fashion is as popular as women’s and we also have great male models on Instagram who can showcase different styles for men who wish to be stylish. 

Brandon is one of the male Canadian fashion bloggers who dresses up with different styles, from formal suits to casual looks. He has 645K followers on Instagram and can be a great influencer for marketing clothing brands and men’s fashion clothes. 

#40 Emy-jade Greaves (@emyjade.g)

Like most of the Canadian bloggers on the list, Emy-Jade is also in love with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and traveling. She is a stylish girl who knows how to surprise her 204K followers with her astonishing photos.

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By following the right Canadian fashion bloggers on Instagram, you can significantly grow your brand’s visibility and reach. With the help of these Canadian influencers, you can create inspiring and engaging content that will resonate with your target audience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start connecting with these talented bloggers today!

Start now!

1- Who Are the Biggest Canadian Influencers?

Tom Daley, Sarah Nicole Landry, and cleo_ohsojazzy are among the top Canadian influencers.

2- What Is a Fashion Influencer?

A person who influences the style and fashion choices of others through their personal style. Fashion influencers use their personal style to attract followers and help promote their brands or products.

3- How Do Canadian Fashion Influencers Collaborate with Brands and Designers?

They can join influencer marketplaces, like Ainfluencer, to make themselves more discoverable to brands who are looking for Canadian fashion bloggers. Then, they can negotiate with brands about the collaboration type, which can be promoting a product, unboxing, or reviewing.

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