Boston Influencers: Top 10 Creators Nearby

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With the rise of social media influencers, you can find hundreds of them in each city, creating content around different topics. Boston influencers are popular around NYC and active in different categories such as lifestyle, fashion, food, etc.

If you want to know these influencers in Boston, check out their content, and their growth secrets, this guide helps you. In this blog, we will introduce you to the 10 best influencers based in Boston. After that, we will check a safe and free influencer marketing platform that allows you to contact these creators and collaborate with them.

10 Best Boston Influencers You Need to Follow

If you search for Boston on Instagram, you can find hundreds of active creators. But we will mention some of the best Boston area influencers in the following. 

1. Kat And Ashley Hess (@thehesstwins)

Let’s start with two beautiful twins who manage one page together. Kate and Ashley are Boston influencers who create content about fashion, fun twin moments, and traveling. Most of their posts are together but Ashley loves to share stories and talk with her followers.

2. Blake Swanson (@blakeswanson)

If you are looking for lifestyle influencers who share daily vlogs on their page, you need to check out Blake. With around 210k followers, Blake Swanson is one of the cutest Boston influencers. This 27-year-old creator is obsessed with health, wellness, and traveling and shares her feelings with her followers. 

3. Meb Keflezighi (@runmeb)

You don’t need to be young to become a social media influencer; You can start from any age and it’s never too late. Mebrahtom “Meb” Keflezighi is a retired American long-distance runner born in 1975 in Boston who won the New York marathon in 2009. He is currently one of the top Boston fitness influencers with over 120k followers. His content focuses on fitness and workouts.  

4. Kat | NYC Food (@eatingallofny)

Are you looking for the best restaurants in the neighborhood? Food bloggers on Instagram have made it much easier to find a place for a delicious meal. Kat is one of the Boston social media influencers who tries new places to eat in Boston and NYC. She has 55k followers on Instagram and you can find over 100 new places on her page.

5. Ariel Shearer (@ariel.shearer)

If you are thinking about having a baby, you can check out the challenges you might face on mom influencers‘ pages. Ariel Shearer is one of the Boston influencers who is a mom of three beautiful kids. She shares helpful parenting tips on her channel as well as beautiful moments with her family.

6. Ashleigh Case (@ashleighc33)

Now it’s time for a fashion influencer with great taste in matching outfits. Ashleigh Case is one of the attractive influencers in Boston who shares fashion content on her page. You can check out her videos to learn the wardrobe essentials, colors that look perfect together, and vintage shops in Boston. 

7. Brian Kearney (@krianbearney)

If you want to have some fun after a long day, you can check out fun content creators on Instagram. Brian Kearney is one of the top Boston influencers who shares funny sketches about everyday life. He has over 400k followers on Instagram and you can see her cute partner on many of his videos. 

8. Kate Weiser (@officialkwchocolate)

Do you have a sweet tooth? Even if you are not, you can’t resist Kate’s chocolates. Kate  Weiser is one of the cutest Boston influencers and chocolate makers who shares the secrets of making the best sweets on her page. Her chocolates are edible art and you can learn how to create and decorate them on her page.

9. Boston Foodies (@tifflopinsky)

There are a lot of Boston food influencers on Instagram and Tiffany Lopinsky is one of them. She has over 160k followers on Instagram and loves photographing. She takes aesthetic photos of her new meals with a caption to share the restaurant’s information. 

10. Joanna Adach (@The_essentialist_)

Are you planning on visiting new places? Or do you love to see different parts of the world but don’t have the budget? Joanna Adach is one of the top influencers in Boston who makes it possible for everyone to imagine traveling around the world. She is a luxury Instagram travel influencer who travels around Europe, Asia, and the U.S. 

How To Collaborate With Boston Influencers?

If you are based in Boston and want to collaborate with the mentioned influencers in your location, we have an easy solution for you. You don’t need to be worried about your money and the collaboration results with Ainfluencer.

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Ainfluencer Homepage
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After setting your filters, Ainfluencer will suggest a list of active users based on your filters. You can check their profile, recent insights, and past collaborations. After paying for the collaboration cost, Ainfluencer will keep your money safe on this trust escrow system till you receive the results.

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Boston is home to a lot of talented influencers covering a wide range of categories such as fashion, food, lifestyle, and travel. These influencers provide engaging content and share their experiences with their followers. 

For businesses and brands looking to collaborate with Boston influencers, Ainfluencer provides a safe and efficient way to connect and engage with influencers. 

Sign up on the platform for free and look for active creators in your industry. 


1. Who Are the Top Boston Influencers?

Want to know top Instagram influencers in your city? Here are some of the Boston influencers:
Blake Swanson: 210k followers
Meb Keflezighi: 124k followers
Ariel Shearer: 81k followers
Ashleigh Case: 22k followers
Brian Kearney: 486k followers
Kate Weiser: 55k followers

2. How to Collaborate with Boston Influencers?

There are different methods to reach out to social media influencers and ask them to collaborate with brands. But if you want to be sure you are working with active influencers who have organic followers and can help your growth, you need to try Ainfluencer. This platform connects you to high-quality influencers for free and keeps your money safe until you view results. 


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