20 Best Chicago Instagram Influencers To Work With In 2024

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Do you want to start influencer marketing in Chicago? Influencers in Chicago might not be as popular as LA influencers, but they are excellent options for expanding your business in this city. Here you can find top Chicago influencers on Instagram suitable for your brand awareness and online marketing plans.

How to find Instagram influencers? 

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20 top Chicago based influencers

1. Nahrin (@oncloudnahrin)

Nahrin is a beauty blogger on Instagram with 71.5K followers. She is one of the top Chicago influencers that not only promotes cosmetic products but also shares her daily life and enjoyable moments with her child. She is a fashion influencer and a lifestyle blogger too.

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2. Simon Goldman (@simon__gold)

With 132K followers, Simon is another male Chicagoan model on Instagram who is also a fashion designer. As a micro influencer, Simon became popular quickly and is now working with many brands and businesses.

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3. Megan (@meganthemeganerd)

Megan is a nano influencer in Chicago with 9K followers. She is a book blogger who writes and edits books. She also loves reading books and gives her opinion about them. 

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4. Jeseleyn Gonzalez (@likejesi)

If you are searching for Chicago lifestyle bloggers, Jeseleyn will be a suitable choice. She has 10.5K followers and mainly posts about fashion, her daily life, and traveling. Jeseleyn also has a beauty salon that offers facials, waxing, and microblading services.

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5. Kasandra Flores (@kasandraxmua)

Kasandra is one of the top Chicago female Instagram models with 43.1K followers. She mainly posts about fashion, beauty tips, and cosmetics. She also has another page that sells cosmetic products.Β 

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6. Opeoluwa (@opeoluwa_oos)

Opeoluwa is a young model and one of the black Chicago influencers with 65.5K followers. This black Instagram model usually promotes fashion, styling, and beauty. 

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7. Anna Shumate (@annashumatee)

Anna is one of the top influencers in Chicago, with 1.8M followers. Despite being a macro influencer, she receives much attention and engagement. Her account is suitable for promoting different products, especially clothes, bags, and anything related to fashion.

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8. Megan Homme (@meganhomme)

Megan is a Chicago-based travel influencer with 138K followers. She has created a club for lonely travelers on Instagram and posts about the places they can visit. Furthermore, she is one of the Chicago style bloggers that usually follow a sport and classic style and promotes clothes that are comfortable for traveling.

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9. Daniela (@austrianwithwuff)

People love food bloggers; they usually follow chefs like Daniela to learn more about cooking. Daniela is a pastry chef with 130K followers. She makes gluten-free and dietary cakes and cookies. Therefore, she is one of the best Chicago influencers for brands that have dietary products.

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10. Adrianna (@adriannkaw)

Adrianna is a fitness model who always shares posts about her daily workouts. She is both a lifestyle blogger and fitness influencer in Chicago. Since she is a coach who mostly has online classes, she has more engagement with her followers, who are 15K right now. Therefore, she can be a suitable influencer for sportswear and gym products. 

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11. Elisa Figueroa (@elimfn)

Elisa is a model, Instagram photographer, and traveler with 24.5K followers on Instagram. She is primarily a portrait model and promotes photographers on her account.

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12. Marjorie (@msmarjorieann)

Marjorie has a personal blog on Instagram with 55K followers. She likes fashion, styling, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling. She posts about her daily life, promotes clothes, and gives styling tips. 

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13. Assia & Soumaya (@bayoud_twins)

Collaborating with twin models is fun and creative. Assia and Soumaya are identical twins who are both models. They have an account on Instagram with 194K followers and post about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty.

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14. Jess Keys (@jesskeys_)

Jess is one of the Chicago based influencers that writes about her life and family. She is a mom, model, and lifestyle blogger with 84.1K followers. She has a classic style and usually promotes clothes.

Collaborate with Jess

15. Genien (@genie_cooks)

With 161K followers, Genien is a macro food blogger in Chicago. She makes desserts and cuisines and develops recipes. Therefore, your product can be one of the ingredients of these recipes.

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16. Sam DeCarlo (@sgdecarlo) 

It’s not fair to list Chicago Instagram influencers without mentioning painters and artists such as Samantha DeCarlo. Sam is an oil painter who loves to paint flowers. She is so talented and creative and has 18.8K followers. Sam is a micro influencer who is an excellent option for promoting painting products, such as brushes and oil paints.

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17. Jen Talbot (@jentalbotdesign)

With 48K followers, Jen is an interior designer on Instagram who gives decorating tips and tricks to her followers. She has an interior design studio cooperating with people to create more inspiring and comfortable homes. Why not collaborate with Jen to promote your homewares?

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18. Helen Berkun (@helen_berkun)

Helen is one of the top Chicago fashion bloggers with 77K followers. She loves traveling the world and uses her account to inspire her followers to wear colorful dresses. Helen is also a photographer and stylist, but she mostly posts about her daily life and promotes fashion.

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19. Jen Worman (@redsolesandredwine) 

Jen is a single mom with two boys. But she is not a mom blogger; due to her taste in fashion, she has decided to become one of the fashion bloggers in Chicago. She also likes wine, traveling, and beauty. Therefore, her account with 256K followers can be a suitable place for such businesses.

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20. Rachel Chen (@vintagedolls)

Rachel is one of the top Chicago influencers with 3.4M followers on Instagram. If you want to promote any luxurious place or product, this account is where you should be. Rachel and her husband love luxury traveling and creative life. Accordingly, they usually stay in top hotels and eat in five-star restaurants. You can also find eye-catching and wonderful travel photos on this account.

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Influencers are here to help you promote your brand more efficiently. If you want more people to become aware of what you offer and produce, the best option at this moment would be Instagram influencer marketing. Especially if you want to elevate your brand in a specific location, you can use influencer marketplaces, such as Ainfluencer, to help you search for Chicago influencers and find the right person for your business.

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1- Who has the most Instagram followers in Chicago?

Michelle Obama, the writer of the book β€œBecoming,” and wife of the previous US president Barack Obama, has 51.1M followers on Instagram and is the most followed account in Chicago.

2- Who is the top black Chicago influencer on Instagram?

Marie Beecham (@mariebeech), who has 272K followers on Instagram, became famous during the β€œBlack Lives Matter” movement in 2020. She is now a well-known Chicago influencer who mostly talks about antiracism.

3- Where do famous influencers in Chicago live?

Influencers and other celebrities enjoy living in luxury areas in Chicago such as Gold Coast, Near North Side, Forest Glen, Lincoln Park, and The Loop. So, if you live in these areas, there is a high chance that you bump into one of \Chicago based influencers while walking down the street.

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