Brand Marketing: Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

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Consistently marketing your brand throughout your marketing channels can increase your brand awareness and ultimately your revenue. If you like to develop an ever-growing base of loyal customers, start with a thorough brand marketing strategy. 

Now more than ever, brands need a robust marketing plan to develop and maintain a brand’s overall reputation. 

In this article, you will learn: 

1- What is brand marketing? 

2- What is a good brand marketing example? 

3- What is a brand marketing strategy? 

4- What is the purpose of brand marketing? 

5- What are the X branding strategies?

and many more things regarding branding marketing.

Here is our brand marketing guide for establishing a stronger brand in 2022.

What is brand marketing?

Brand marketing is the process of planning strategies to continuously boost your brand’s recognition and reputation. How? By establishing and growing the relationship between a brand and consumers. 

So the goal of marketing the brand is developing the base of loyal customers which is achieved by communicating the brand’s identity and values in an engaging way.

Brands even should work on their marketing plan and complete it even before they have named their company. The marketing plan includes brand strategy, developing brand identity, product development, and pricing, marketing channels, campaigns, planning distribution, sales, and retention, etc.

Sections of a great brand marketing plan

Note that there can be no such thing as a universal marketing plan. That is because each industry is different and companies have different approaches. So depending on their approaches and goals, there might be different marketing plans.

What we are sharing below is meant to be a general guide that lays out all the important sections you need to work on. Let’s dive in.

1. Scopes of the marketing plan

If you need to understand the goals and what you are taking on, start with the scope of the plan. A brand marketing strategy is a road map that lists out all of the strategies, actions, activities, and costs required to make your business a success. So for making the most of your brand advertising, launching, and running a successful business, we all agree that good planning is required.

2. Objectives  

Here, describe the market you serve as a company, brand, or business, the product or services that you are offering, and also strategic goals. In order to describe your company’s objectives best, take the following steps:

Introduction- Give any potential investors/customers background information on the brand and convince them why your business is interesting.

Products and services- Provide customers with detailed information about your products and services. Clearly describe the problems they solve and how they can make your customers’ lives better.

The market- Anticipate potential obstacles and describe market forces that may influence your brand.

Goals- Here we list down some strategic and numeric goals such as increasing brand awareness, publicity, and market share, creating partnerships, total revenues, new customers, distribution channels, etc.

3. Competitive positioning

Marketing is such a competitive landscape. Research and document the market as well as buyer personas in order to make your brand and your offering stand out in the marketplace.

4. Brand strategy

Describe the whole experience your target audience will have with your brand and offering. In the process of marketing branding, it does matter to talk about the brand story, personality, vision, and what you represent. 

5. Product, service, and pricing

First of all, describe your products and services. Then analyze their suitability in the market and define how it can help customers. Define your pricing strategy which should be in line with your positioning strategy and the value you provide to customers.

6. Distribution and sales plans

Identifying distribution channels and creating a summary of sales plans is of prime importance in the process of brand marketing to generate revenue and profit. There are many different types of distribution channels including direct sales, catalog sales, online sales, wholesalers, dealers, and retail sales, etc. It’s time to analyze and identify which ones work best and which you should focus on.

7. Marketing campaigns

You would need to research and come up with marketing campaigns that can include media such as email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, online media, etc.

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Ainfluencer-Targeting influencers for your brand marketing campaign

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The platform allows you to chat with influencers using smart workflow to lock the deal down. The tool also lets you track the success of marketing campaigns. You get access to campaign performance reports and insights, which you can use to improve your efforts.

What makes Ainfluencer distinctive from similar influencer marketing tools out there is that it’s completely free to use. Moreover, for peace of mind, Our automated system will keep track of the campaign and keep funds until the post is published in accordance with your agreement with the influencer.

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Note: Ainfluencer gives influencers the possibility to get the app either for Android or iOS users in order to browse the marketplace and make offers.

What are the main goals of brand marketing?

Broadly speaking, the goals of brand marketing can be broken down into the main following areas:

  • Making the brand identity and image recognizable
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Generating a high volume of high quality leads
  • Growing thought leadership
  • Creating brand engagement
  • Gathering brand ambassadors

Definitions of marketing vs. branding

First things first, before jumping into the brand marketing examples, let’s first cover what exactly marketing and branding are.

Marketing is defined as the set of tools, processes, and strategies you use to not only promote your products, services, and company, but also to connect with your customers and get them to buy your products and services.

On the other hand, branding is the practice of actively shaping your brand (who you are as a company). Your missions, your values, what makes you unique, and your specific brand elements such as your logo, your website, guidelines, etc. are all part of branding.

Simply put, marketing the brand is doing what encourages people to engage with your company for the first time like your commercials, social media ads, and campaigns while branding, or the intangibles, is actively shaping your brand. 

Brand marketing examples

To paint a more vivid picture of our above definition, let’s take a look at 3 brand marketing examples of companies that have leveraged their strategies for branding to create successful brand marketing campaigns.


Although Coca-Cola is no stranger to brand marketing campaigns, one that stands out amongst others was launched more than seven years ago. With their branding marketing campaign, Share A Coke, the soda supplier has been able to deliver a personal touch and inspire kindness that few other businesses have ever come close to attaining by replacing their signature cursive branding with the names of their customers.

Bear in mind that, employing an effective brand marketing strategy enables your company to design campaigns that elicit emotional responses from your customers. It will help you build loyal customers and result in repeat business.

While people are correct in associating Coca-Cola with its drink, their brand is much more than that, Coke is associated with joy and happiness.


One Obsession campaign was launched in 2015 by athletic apparel  and sunglasses company Oakley. Their latest addition to the campaign was a commercial with the theme “it’s ok”.

In this spot, Oakley follows numerous athletes through their sunrise exercises and late-night training sessions, highlighting their struggles rather than standard sports montages.

The campaign’s purpose is to showcase the drive and enthusiasm shared by its large client base which is done so quite effectively.


Nike has always kept rising to the top by instilling a certain identity in customers’ minds. It focuses its marketing on promoting specific values such as innovation.

Nike’s “Scan to try” lets customers scan the barcode on any product to see what colors and sizes are available and learn more about the product. But this is not the only innovation by Nike. A recent innovation is the Nike Fit, a virtual app that records shoe sizes using smartphones.

What is a brand marketing Strategy?

All the successful above-mentioned brand marketing examples have strategies for branding for sure. Brand marketing strategy is a long-term plan whose purpose is to promote the entire brand. The ultimate goal of strategies for branding is to increase a brand’s position and positive perception in the market. 

What are the 4 branding strategies?

To ensure that their products and services are in high demand, brands must become more strategic in their branding activities. Their marketing team should brand products and services in a way that is consistent with their company’s values and appeals to their target audience. Here are five different types of strategies for branding you should think about for marketing the brand successfully.

1# Company name branding

Your brand name may be the first and most important element of your company’s brand. That’s why well-known brands take advantage of the popularity of their own company names to boost brand recognition. 

Consumers recognize logos, slogans, packaging, and colors as being associated with the company as a whole. So it does matter to create a specific identity for your brand. It improves your brand advertising techniques and engages with your audiences.

2# Attitude branding

Another brand marketing strategy that can bring the business to life is creating an emotional connection between the brand and its customers. Market a larger feeling that your customers come to associate with your brand. 

This isn’t often related to what you sell. It refers to feelings, a way of life, or a sense of personal identity that customers find appealing. 

It’s all about generating feelings and emotions that go beyond a specific product and instead encouraging people to positively associate your brand with their self-expression and identity.

Brands such as Nike use Attitude branding for brand marketing. Nike’s famous slogan “Just Do It” doesn’t refer to their shoes or other apparel. But it instead promotes the lifestyle that customers could have with Nike products. 

3# Individual branding

Individual branding is a marketing strategy in which a parent brand gives a product a new identity, such as a unique brand name, and allows it to function on its own. Apple, for example, is the parent corporation, but each of its brands, such as Mac, iPhone, and iPad, has its own branding strategy.

4# Brand extension branding

Brand extension is a brand marketing strategy in which a firm marketing a product with a well-developed image uses the same brand name in a different product category. Simply put, a brand extension is when a brand known for one type of product starts selling another type of product. For example, Apple: from personal computers into MP3 players.

Brand marketing manager

Being obsessed with influencer marketing managers has always been an issue for most businesses. These managers play an important role in the process of designing strategies to boost brand credibility, increase product sales, identify the most suitable influencers for the business, communicate with them, and many more. 

So, having such a manager by your side while executing brand marketing campaigns would definitely be to your benefit. 

If you consider finding a professional and experienced brand marketing manager difficult, you can leave everything up to Ainfluencer from targeting relevant influencers to tracking your campaign performance from start to finish.

Wrapping up

Marketing is an art. This guide will help you start strategies for branding according to your own situation, brand values, etc. Besides, we introduced you to Ainfluencer to let you facilitate and accelerate the process of your brand marketing on such a popular platform as Instagram.

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