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Influencer Marketing
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February 23, 2021 6:38 pm

How to Find Instagram Influencers the Easy Way

By Mary H

Instagram has turned into one of the best Instagram influencer marketing platforms, and this is exactly why people are looking for ways to find Instagram influencers.

In that case,  every business or brand might be looking for a highly effective way to make money on Instagram so, the answer is how to find Instagram influencers? Furthermore, how to make sure you pick the ones that fit your business?

Picturing the Instagram space without Instagram influencers makes no sense. It means that every Instagram business should put much effort into Instagram marketing activities. 

This blog can help you to find influencers for your brand based on new and effective ways.

Cheatsheet: Ainfluencer is the best option when it comes to effectiveness and budgetary control.

So let’s waste no time and jump right into our topic.         

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective social media marketing strategies that let brands promote their brand awareness using social media influencers who have a massive number of followers. So, influencer marketing works for branding and sales growth because social media influencers can increase brand trust through their loyal audience.

Benefits of Instagram Influencer marketing

Instagram influencer marketing includes several benefits that brands need to know why they should trust this marketing strategy and hire Instagram influencers to bring more than extra exposure.

1.      A cost-effective way of Instagram marketing

2.      Increase brand awareness and reach

3.      Build trusted relationships with the audiences

4.      Boost products sales

5.      Connect with numerous different audiences around the world

6.      Save much more budget  and beats advertising

How to find Instagram influencers

Finding influencers on Instagram has multiple ways, but Instagram brands want to know how to find the best Instagram influencers most easily and smartly.

Generally, there are many ig influencers to choose and work with, but here are 7 great ways that help brands find influencers on Instagram

Influencer Marketing Marketplace

Well, there are some Influencer marketplace you can use to come up with a long Instagram influencer list, but the best one that can help with different categories and niches is Ainfluencer.

Just to make it clear, An influencer marketplace is an online platform that lets influencers and brands easily connect.


Ainfluencer helps you to easily manage and do influencer marketing yourself.. This influencer marketing marketplace allows brands to browse among hundreds of offers from influencers for any promotion or branding campaign.

Ainfluencer is also a great free influencer search tool that helps to find influencers near you. The only thing a brand should do is to sign up on Ainfluencer and post a Free Marketplace Ad.

Last but not least,  Ainfluencer helps you find influencers in your niche through different influencer search filters such as keywords, location, categories, hashtags, and even the number of followers

Use Google

Google is another simple option to find and reach out to Instagram influencers. With different niches, brands can come up with many blogs to get through and find their right influencers.

Let’s go on with a food brand example;

Do a google search for the keywords like” Top Instagram influencers.” Or” 10best Instagram food influencers in 2021.

Now , you have a list of some killer influencers and all you need to do is to check their instagram pages and see if they are a good fit.


You can search for influencers based on the hashtags to find influencers for your brand. Generally, hashtags are very effective in searching for your desired content. Use hashtags such as “#sponsored” or “#ad” to see a list of influencers’ posts on Instagram.

Find an Influencer database

Databases are another place to start; you can access them through paid providers that offer a larger database of contacts that help you connect with influencers and manage your relationships and campaigns.

Search for Influencer marketing platforms

influencer marketing platforms are a kind of service that connects brands with influencers or content creators. They can help both brands and social media influencers to find each other.  Now it might be confusing with Influencer marketplaces so let’s discuss it right here.

An Instagram marketplace has a large list of influencers, and all it does is connect brands and influencers. In addition to that creates a safe place to make payments and even analytics track your campaign.

But an influencer marketing platform has a shorter list of the influencers they have a contract with. It may be more expensive due to the fact that they are the ones doing all the negotiations and management part.

Stalk your competitors

It’s no secret that competitor analysis is one of the most essential ways to create your strategy.

To be honest, you can find the most suitable influencers for your brand by just keeping an eye on a competitor.

Of course, it won’t help you much if you are in a hurry and need to find the right people ASAP.

Mine your followers

This is another amazing technique that most people don’t take seriously. Your own followers are the best place for any research. Just share a story on your Instagram account and ask them if they are already following an influencer in your niche. 

Furthermore, you can connect with them afterward and ask what they like about that influencer most. This can help you decide if the influencer has the type of value you are looking for.

How to make sure you choose the right influencer for your business?

By following these simple ways to find Instagram influencers on your niche, you already have a long list of potential influencers to collaborate with. But the main question is:

Which one of them is the better investment?

To make sure that you are making the most of your budget, always make sure to go through these few steps:

  1. Analyze their content

Just take a quick look at their stories and posts. Does this person share the kind of brand voice that you have? Or does he/she have the kind of personality that represents your brand? And most importantly how is the quality of his/her content?

  1. Consider their engagement rate

It is easy to calculate the engagement rate of an Instagram page. All you need to do is to divide its total number of likes and comments by its follower count, and then multiply by 100 to give you a percentage.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, Ainfluencer and some other influencer marketing platforms consider even more detailed factors.

  1. Don’t underestimate micro-influencers

Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you that numbers can lie to you.

There was a time when the number of followers was everything when it came to doing advertisements, but that time is gone.

Micro-influencers might have fewer followers, but those people are all  niche-specific and they trust their influencers more than macro-influencers. So make sure you consider them carefully as they can generate the most value for your promotional campaigns.


If you use the right tactics and strategies it’s not hard at all to find the right type of Instagram influencers for your brand or shop.

We mentioned all possible ways to get good results that included using Influencer marketing marketplaces, using google, Instagram hashtags, and even competitor analysis.

Although we introduced Instagram marketplaces such as Ainfluencer as our #1 recommendation, these methods are all useful in different scenarios.

Which one of these methods have you used? Is there any other method that is missing in this article?

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