How to grow like popular Brands on Instagram in 2020?

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Instagram now is one of the most branding inspiration social media when 90% of accounts follows at least one business on Instagram.

Based on this stat, knowing how top brands on Instagram grow and progress plays a crucial role in targeting the niche audience and boost product sales.

When it comes to popular brands on Instagram, the best Instagram accounts might pop up in your mind as a good brand example.

You are right because most followed brands on Instagram cut through in different Instagram marketing niches with three essential factors:

  1. Content
  2. Customer
  3. Instagram features and updates

It is also beneficial to know that none of these factors come true without building your authority.

Brand ambassador on Instagram
A brand ambassador shows your brand credibility

The latest stat shows that top brands put in three different categories on Instagram:

  • Popular brands(78%)
  • Creative brands (77%)
  • Entertaining brands (76%)
  • Relevant brands (74%)

What is a brand account?

A brand account is a top Instagram account that achieves its marketing goals through a creative marketing strategy to interact with a tone of the audience and sell its goods and brings customer satisfaction.

We call it Instagram branding. Brands make a smart connection with influencers if they know how and when a partnership with them.

How to get brands to sponsor you on Instagram?

we need brands on Instagram to take the right path in branding inspiration with all Instagram algorithm changes and users’ needs.

Every brand uniquely spreads its message on Instagram to reveal the benefits of making brand awareness for the customers.

  • Define your brand identity
    Most popular Instagram accounts start with building their authority to take one step ahead in developing their identity to boost product sales.
  • Do Research on your target audience and know their needs
    Knowing your target audience means you are professional enough to build a trust relationship with your customers. ASOS, as the best brand, does it well based on its niche that attracts many groups of people with different needs.
  • Create authentic content
    The rich creative content strategy will put you in front of more customers; top brands on Instagram take advantage of the Instagram inspiration to boost their value with visually appealing content types.

Visual storytelling content is a kind of emotional marketing that increases engagement on Instagram. It would be a great choice to make Instagram stories highlights to make a community around your brand and keep the branding on the brain by sharing the complete journey of behind-the-scenes for your products.

Also, remember that Instagram meme accounts are the creative brands that gain the most audience engagement.

  • Create branded hashtags
    If you craft your branded hashtags related to your brand niche, you can spread the message of your brand on Instagram. So, your followers can tag your brand on their Instagram posts and promote your brand products.
  • Post consistently with different content strategy
    Post consistency is one of the key points of a successful brand Instagram pages, but the creative idea put the customers first to engage with different top Instagram content strategy.
    Use creative images that show your brand personality in their stomach. Stay creative means you should plan out your content types in advance with a different strategy to grab multiple types of audience.
  • Build your own brand ambassador
    The Instagram brand ambassador is essential to growing your Instagram branding organic. In this way, the brand will promote user-generated content on its Instagram feed to establish interactive customer engagement.
  • Craft an eye-catching impressive Instagram bio
    Popular brands mostly craft a perfect Instagram bio to draw many eyes,  a call to action, and use a great blurb that offers something valuable tempt the audience to click your Instagram bio link and direct them into a page for more sign-up.
  • Make a cool and the best Instagram feed
    Instagram grid is a place to showcase your products. Still, nothing like playing with a tone of colors can create a beautiful content sharing feed that consists of a shade of your brand’s color. Sprouts Farmers Market is a great brand in doing this job well enough.

How to collaborate with brands on Instagram?

In short, collaboration is a way of marketing to grow your business on Instagram with both influencer partnerships or brands team-up.

Now the second vital tactic to grow your brand like other popular brands on Instagram is brand collaboration.

Brand collaborations on Instagram is a great option for growing a larger network and increasing brand awareness. Most of the brands on Instagram seek a creative strategy to join each other and promote their products to reach out to various audiences.

So, it is essential to know how to work with brands on Instagram to save time and money with a diversity marketing campaign.

Totally, collaboration marketing is a win-win marketing strategy plan that cool brands learned to make the most of it.

To know how to work with brands, go through the steps below:

  1. Clear your campaign goal
  2. Find a great brand to team up
  3. Do not underestimate your self and Know your value
  4. Build a co-branding relationship
  5. Go with the best content strategy
  6. Track and evaluate results

How to tag brands on Instagram?

  • First, open your Instagram business or creator profile
  • Tap on the menu button (the three-line button)
  • Go to setting tab
  • Tap on the business option
  • Now choose the branded content
  • Checkout to be on  ( by default it is on)
tag brands on Instagram
tag brands on Instagram

Tip: It is recommended to leave this option on; in this case, other brand accounts should allow you to tag you on their Instagram content.

Top 10 Branding On Instagram

  1. Wendys
  2. Teva
  3. ASOS
  4. Alo Yoga
  5. Vans
  6. Hubspot
  7. Lush Cosmetics
  8. Lululemon
  9. West Elm
  10. National Geographic Travel

To sum up, popular brands on Instagram use their creativity and social media marketing knowledge to promote their credibility on Instagram.

Thus Instagram inspiration is so important to come up with a new Instagram strategy to grow your business.

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