How to Get Verified on Instagram?

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Do you ever get excited by the idea of earning that beautiful blue tick next to your Instagram profile’s name? Well, you should first learn about the meaning and purpose of verification, and go through the following step-by-step guide afterward to get verified on Instagram.

What Does Instagram Verification Mean?

Verification is to confirm that a genuine Instagram profile belongs to you as a famous public figure, celebrity, or a noted brand. The blue marks help you with increasing your engagement rate thanks to an assurance that is given to people as proof of identity.

Keep in mind that Instagram does not prioritize you in IG algorithm so all you will receive, having got verified, is to assure people you are who you claim to be in addition to gaining considerable prestige.

Verified on Instagram

Who Can Apply to Get Verified on Instagram?

The answer is quite straightforward, everyone can apply to get verified, however, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be verified by Instagram as they check the following items to decide whether or not you meet their criteria.

  1. Authenticity
    You cannot be a meme or a fan page. Firstly, you must be a real person or a registered brand.
  2. Terms of Service and Community Guidelines
    The other must-have criterion is vital to follow the Terms of Services and Community Guidelines. Make sure to read them thoroughly.
  3. The likelihood of being impersonated
    As mentioned earlier, it is an important criterion for Instagram that you should be a public figure or a well-known brand to get verified so that you do not face the risk that others pretend to be you or your representative.
    Therefore, the basics of applying to get verified are to be highly searched for, or notable.
  4. Individuality
    Keep in mind that only one account per person or brand can get verified.
  5. A public account
    You won’t be able to get verified if your profile is private, this means that you are required to have a public account before you apply to get verified.
  6. Completeness
    You are required to have a profile photo, bio and at least one or two posts shared on your profile.
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How to Get verified on Instagram in 4 Steps?

Having read the criteria you need to meet, do you believe to be eligible to get verified on Instagram? Then follow these 6 steps to go through the process.

Get verified on Instagram in 4 Steps

Step #1 – open your Instagram profile, and tap the three horizontal lines icon on right corner of your screen.

Step #2 – Go to settings and tap account

Step #3 – tap request verification

Step #4 – fill in the application form, and tap send.

All you are required to do next, is to wait. Wait for the Instagram to review your application form and respond to it.

Keep in mind that they will never send you an e-mail or ask for money. This will be an in-app response by Instagram’s team and they will never charge you at any of these steps.

Tips to Get Verified on Instagram

As you know by now, everyone can apply for verification and no one should try to buy the blue badge, not everything can be bought with money. Here are some tips you should pay attention to.

Tips to Get Verified on Instagram

Tip #1 – always fill out the official form, and do not try to buy a verification mark.

Tip #2 – monitor for imposter accounts. If you are struggling with fake profiles then you are Instagram’s priority to get verified.

Tip #3 – while it is not officially confirmed, it is preferable to increase your followers’ count. There is no specific number indicated, but the more the merrier.

Tip #4 – always follow the rules of Instagram Terms and guidelines.

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Tip #5 – although you can add links to your website or landing pages, it is not advisable to share a cross-platform link to other platforms such as YouTube or Twitter.

Tip #6 – apply when you have got more exposure. You should apply when you are highly searched for, or your name has been in the news recently.

Tip #7 – if you have the budget, you can work with a publicist or a reputable digital agency. A request from an industry professional via the Media Partner Support panel can make you seem more recognizable.

Tip #8 – fill out your application based on facts. From your real user name to any other options in the form, every detail should be supported by governmental documents.

How to Stay Verified on Instagram?

Earning the verification is not the end of the process, it is not a difficult task to stay verified though. You are just required to be aware of some simple facts so as not to lose the blue badge.

Stay Verified on Instagram

Once you are verified as notable, not remaining notable or not continuing the activities which had made you notable will not cost you your verification, but here are some rules that doing against them may take the blue tick off your Instagram profile.

  1. Do not change your account into private
    On no accounts will you be verified or stay verified, if your Instagram profile is private.
  2. Do not stretch the rules
    Instagram might simply disable or delete an account that does not comply with the Terms of Use and Community Guidelines, however, being a verified account puts a burden of responsibility on you not to be disqualified as a senior member of the community.
  3. Do not entirely cease your activities on Instagram
    Although it is not a must to continue your activity as much as you used to, it is not recommended that you remove your profile photo and make sure to at least keep one post that you had shared earlier.
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You have tried hard to earn it after all, why would you just want it to disappear in stead of using it in favor of your marketing strategy.

verified profiles


The Instagram algorithm may no favor verified profiles over normal accounts, but the blue checkmark undoubtedly increases brand awareness and prestige. Anyone can apply for it through their Instagram app, and if you are eligible to have it, you can take advantage of it and do not struggle with imposter accounts any more into the bargain.

So what do you think? Are you ready to be one of the verified accounts in the community?