3 Minute Guide to Creating Ads and Inviting Influencers PLUS How-to Videos

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Creating ads is one of the most important steps, if not the most important one, to develop influencer marketing.  As a brand, you must have already tried or at least considered growing your business with influencer marketing

So, you should know that not only does a well-thought-out ad establish certain foundations, give businesses some strategy, but it also defines your goals and expectations, which helps you find targeted influencers.

Another thing that is growing universally popular with marketers and business owners is using top Influencer marketing hubs to be better connected and more authentic.

Now, if you are reading this article, your platform of choice is presumably Ainfluencer. What you can do on Ainfluencer is certainly not limited to creating ads as Ainfluencer’s primary goals are steeped in connecting brands with the most niche influencers who fulfill certain brands’ criteria and reassuring both parties that their contract and payment strategies are safe. 

An influencer program, nevertheless, is impossible to get under way without creating ads. So, there are a few worthwhile steps to creating your ads on Ainfluencer, which make them a more reliable tool to find the right influencers for your influencer marketing.

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This article is a concise guide to each step of creating ads and finding influencers on Ainfluencer. 

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How to Get Started on Ainfluencer?    

Creating your Ainfluencer account is a breeze. 

All you need to do is type in your name and email address, then create a password and select “I’m a brand”.

Join Ainfluencer as a brand

As soon as you join the hub, you can create a new ad, schedule your post,  explore and find influencers, access offers you have received from influencers, and manage all your scheduled ads on your Ainfluencer’s calendar.

access your dashboard on Ainfluencer

How to Create Ads on Ainfluencer?

To create a new ad, you should go along with a very simple 5-step process. In fact, each step is perceived as a key factor in creating a successful ad.

Before discussing the process, let’s watch this video about creating a marketplace ad on Ainfluencer.

So, go to “Ads” first and click on “Create a new ad” to initiate.

Go to “Ads” and start creating a new ad


1. Set Your Goals

There are 4 prime objectives that you should be expecting to meet in your collaboration with an influencer. You can select just one or more of them to clearly express what your goal or goals are. 

  • Get Influencers to create content and promote it on their Instagram.
  • Have influencers demo and promote your product on their Instagram.
  • Publish your existing content and promotional ads on their Instagram.
  • Barter product in exchange for promoting your products or services.   

2. Give Influencers an Accurate Description of Your Ad

In addition to your prime objectives, give your ad a title and write a description of your goals, product highlights, the demographics of your target audience, and the type of influencer who you think suits your strategy best. 

3. Provide Comprehensive Content for Your Ad

Upload your content – image or video – and select one of the 4 types below for how it will be published. 

  • Feed posts
  • Stories
  • Reels 
  • IGTV videos

If your objective in the first step was for the influencer to create content for your ad, you can share some visual samples and digital assets to help your influencer create an ad that expresses your brand identity. 

Also, you can give your influencer the caption of your post if it is required.

4. Define the Terms and Conditions of Your Contract

Schedule the publishing date and the length of your ad if it is not permanent, and finally, decide whether or not your ad includes a link in the influencer’s bio.

5. Generate Relevant Hashtags

The final part in the process of creating your ad is a huge step towards finding the right influencer. Use the Ainfluencer hashtag generator tool, add relevant hashtags and let the AI learn what categories to look for the right influencers.

Create your ads on Ainfluencer

How to Explore and Invite Targeted Influencers

As soon as you create a new ad, you will get a message that your ad needs admin approval. However, there is also a “Save & Next” button which means you can move on to the next level – “explore and invite targeted influencers”.

Your ad needs admin approval

1. Find Influencers

Use the search filter in the “Find Influencers” tab to explore and discover influencers who share the same criteria you are looking for. Here is a set of criteria you can establish in the search filter. 

  • a keyword or relevant hashtag.
  • niche.
  • location.
  • language.
  • gender 
  • number of followers
Find and assess influencers on Ainfluencer

2. Assess the Influencers

After running a search, you will get a list of influencers, each with a profile that gives you a real insight to indicate whether or not they suit your Instagram influencer marketing. 

  • Location, language, Q-Score, and estimated price
  • Followers, followings, and the engagement rate 
  • average likes and comments per post 
  • The ratio of likes and comments to the number of followers
  • Instagram ID address 
Influencers' insight

There is also another possibility that influencers actually find you. The thing is that influencers explore ads on Ainfluencer too and select the ones they find relevant. So, you are likely to get many offers from influencers who are interested in your business. 

You can use the in-app chatbox to view the influencer’s profile and negotiate the deal. 

respond to offers you receive on Ainfluencer

3. Negotiate with Influencers

Once an influencer makes an offer on the marketplace or responds to an invite, you can collaborate using automated workflow and chat in the Offer Chat as pictured below.

You can easily see the changes suggested by the influencer and either accept or revise the offer with ease. Use the Chat Screen to;

  • Chat directly with influencers
  • Revise, reject or accept offers
  • Make payments on an accepted offer

This makes tracking changes in the price, dates, suggested graphics or videos really easy, and makes sure that everyone is on the same page.

Any time that an offer is updated, you will be notified in the “Offers” tab in your dashboard, and via email notification.

4. Securely pay and monitor the performance of your influencer

Once both you and the influencer accept the offer details, you will be prompted to pay the fee agreed upon. This is done on the “Offer Chat” screen as pictured below:

offer chat on Ainfluencer

Ainflluencer holds the funds on your behalf until the success criteria have been met from the Offer Chat. You no longer have to worry about getting what you paid for. Everything is taken care of for you. Once the post is published, you will be alerted and will have access to detailed analytics.

Let’s watch this video on how to explore and invite targeted influencers in Ainfluencer.


Nothing compares to a user-friendly influencer marketing hub with features that guarantee your success, and Ainfluencer is on them rated highly by the users, in particular for its effective features to create ads, connect with influencers, make a safe deal.