What Are Your Past Collabs Samples As An Influencer?

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Ainfluencer is the perfect marketplace for influencers and brands to connect and collaborate. You, as an influencer, can enter your collaborations’ records on your Ainfluencer’s profile so that other brands can see them. 

To do this, go to your profile and enter the post’s link:

Collaborated post's link

Then you need to choose the topic of your post, which can be Physical product reviews, Promotion, Digital products, or Bartered.

Types of collaborations

In the end, you can see all your previous collaborations on your profile with their particular label:

Influencer topic to post

It would also be helpful to share your Instagram insight with brands and show them why you would be a good match. This would be a great way to win brands.

Share your Instagram insights and show brands the demographics and analytics of your account, including your audience age range, gender, location, days and times of their activity, as well as the number of your profile visits, website clicks, and your posts’ reach, impression, shares, saves, etc.

But how can you Instagram insights and share them with brands? Let’s see.

First, you need to go to your Instagram profile and click on the “Insights” button.

Instagram insights

Or click on theMenu in the upper right corner of your profile page, and tap on the “Get Insights” button.

Get insights button

Now you can get access to many information about your account’s content, activity, and followers.

By going to the audience section, you can find different information about your followers:

Account’s followers’ insight

And by going to the activity section, you can reach all the data about your account’s interactions:

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Accounts engaged insight

You can also share the data on how well your content performed. Tap “View Insights” under each post on your feed to get the information.

Post’s insights

And for Stories and IG Live videos, swipe them up and see the insights.

Stories insights

After taking screenshots from your Instagram account’s insights, go to your “Profile” on Ainfluencer, click on the “Insight” button, and upload screenshots of your Instagram insights.

Insight button on Ainfluencer app

The brand may also request Instagram insight directly. In this case, you’ll get the following notification on Ainfluencer app:

Insight request on app

Now you need to go to the chat box and send the Instagram insights screenshots to the brands.

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