What Topics Do You Post About As An Influencer?

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Collaborating with brands on Ainflencer is a breeze. You, as an influencer, will get lots of offers from different brands, and you can accept or decline whichever you want according to your account’s style.

There are four types of collaborations that you can have on Ainfluencer:

Physical product reviews: Talking about a product or service’s positive and negative features.

Promotion: Promoting a product or service and encouraging others to buy that.

Digital products: Promoting a digital product.

Bartered: When you’re posting about a product or service in exchange for other goods or services without taking money.

Types of collaborations

Ainfluencer gives you the ability to enter all your previous collaborations’ records on your profile. To do that, you need to enter the link to your post and choose one of the above-mentioned categories.

Collaborated post's link
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