Best Practices to Create Ads on the Ainfluencer Ad Marketplace

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Do you own a brand and want to immediately increase your outreach and sales by marketing on Instagram? Then create an ad on the Ainfluencer marketplace ASAP! 

A reliable ad marketplace that connects brands and influencers should form the core of your Instagram marketing strategy. Once you have created your brand’s message and identity, you deserve the best channel to introduce it to a wide range of audiences.

You should collaborate with an influencer that fits your style of Instagram marketing. The good news is that Ainfluencer’s ad marketplace makes it easy to find the right influencer for your needs.

To start with Ainfluencer as a brand, register your account and then create an ad. After all, there will be no promotion if there is no ad. 

Stay tuned on how to create ads with the Ainfluencer influencer marketing hub and how the Ainfluencer ad marketplace will elevate your marketing strategy.

Ainfluencer is the easiest way for brands to engage in influencer marketing, and it all starts with creating a free Marketplace ad.

post a free marketplace ad

How does Ainfluencer work?

The Ainfluencer ad marketplace is a free service that provides you with relevant and easy-to-navigate features that help you create your ads, explore thousands of high-quality influencers, and let you contact them to close the deal. 

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You can start developing your Instagram marketing strategy by learning how to create ads on the Ainfluencer marketplace. Ainfluencer continues to help you as an assistant, but you have control over the whole process.

find and invite influencers

Create ads on the Ainfluencer marketplace

As mentioned earlier, to get your strategy development off on the right foot, you should create ads on the Ainfluencer marketplace. The following is a step-by-step guide to it.

sign up for free to create ads on the Ainfluencer marketplace
  • Then, you will see five tabs on your Ainfluencer account. Select “Ads” and click on “Create a New Ad”. 
go to “Ads” to create ads on the Ainfluencer marketplace
  • You will go through the 5-step creating ads process on Ainfluencer next. Step number 1 is, first and foremost, setting your objectives. Here are the primary goals you can expect to achieve on Ainfluencer.
  1. Get Influencers to create content and promote it on their Instagram.
  2. Have influencers demo and promote your product on their Instagram.
  3. Publish your existing content & promotional ads on their Instagram.
  4. Barter product in exchange for promoting your products or services.

Select one of them, some of them, or just all.

set your goals before creating ads on the Ainfluencer
  • After hitting the “Save & Next” button, you should write a detailed title and description for your ad. Remember that your ad title and description serve as a campaign brief presented to influencers whenever they connect with you, including your goals, product highlights, the type of influencers you wish to work with, and target customer demographics. The better you explain here, the fewer confusions influencers will have in collaborating with you.
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Also, your title and description will be the first two features that appear on your ad in the Ainfluencer marketplace and are visible to influencers who may be willing to make you an offer.

write a title and description for your ad
  • The third step is to create your ad. By this, we mean you should select the type of your ad – feed posts, stories, reels, or IGTV videos.

If you select feed posts, you can upload up to 10 images and videos so your influencer will publish your ad as an Instagram carousel.

On the other hand, you may have decided your influencer to create content for you as one of your primary goals in the first step. So, you can share some visual samples and digital assets here to help your influencer get a better idea of your brand and your branding aesthetics.

Finally, if your post type requires a caption, make sure to write it as you expect it to appear on the influencer’s page and use Ainfluencer’s hashtag generator to add relevant and trending hashtags to it.

Select your post type and create your ad
  • Turning to step 4, you should define the terms and conditions of your contract explicitly. Finalize creating your ad with 3 detailed considerations.
  1. Ad publication date: Decide if you have any limitations on when influencers can post, or set a date range for when you want the content to be published.
  2. Time Span: Choose one of the options – negotiate, permanent, or set a specific date – to indicate how long your ad will remain on the influencers’ page. 
  3. Bio ad: If you want to add a link in the influencer’s bio, select “Yes” and copy your link in the box that pops up.
Finalize your ad
  • Once you have finalized your ad, it needs the admin’s approval. In the meanwhile, you can move to step 5, finding the right influencers for your campaign.
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Also, you can click on the “edit” button to make any changes to the previous steps.

Ad’s approval
  • Last but not least, you should enter a few hashtags to get Ainfluencer’s AI to help you start discovering the right influencers for your campaign.

However, it is only one of many other filters to add to your search before connecting with an influencer.

Discover and invite influencers while your ad is getting its approval.

Watch this video on how to start creating ads with Ainfluencer and attract thousands of influencers to your brand.

Explore and invite targeted, relevant Instagram influencers

Now that you’ve created your ad, it’s time to invite influencers to collaborate with. You can manually search, or let the Ainfluencer search engine find appropriate influencers for you.

Find Influencers with detailed search filter

Chat with Influencers Using Ainfluencer’s Built-In Chat Feature

Once an influencer makes an offer on your ad, use Ainfluencer’s built-in chat feature to connect, negotiate and collaborate. View your offer details, make a counter-offer, set publishing dates, and make a deal. It’s safe, secure, and easy!

Chat with influencers, use the insights, and negotiate with them

Manage payments and verify the Post

Ainfluencer’s automated AI system monitors your campaign to ensure that your post is published according to your deal with the influencer. Ainfluencer will only release your payment to the influencer after verifying that the influencer you are working with has successfully published your post in the agreed terms.

Track your performance from beginning to end

Get real-time analytics on posts, including likes, comments, clicks (if applicable), and more.

Tips to create perfect ads on the Ainfluencer Ad Marketplace

Here are a few expert tips for creating high-performing and effective ads on the Ad Marketplace to attract the right influencers.

1. Set your goal

Setting a goal for your influencer marketing campaign is the first step before creating an ad. Your goal will guide your marketing strategy and purpose, and help you attract the right influencer for the job. Here are a few things to think about:

  • Do you want to promote a product/service?
  • Make a limited-time offer?
  • Increase brand awareness?

2. Look your best

Choose high-quality and compelling images for your ad to attract attention. Influencers can post ads to Instagram in two formats: feed or story posts. Keep these formats in mind when selecting images. Eye-catching visuals will help attract attention to your ad and make the most of your influencer marketing efforts. Here are a few tips:

  • Convey your brand message through your image
  • Pick a high-quality image
  • Evoke a feeling to your audience that leaves an impression

3. Add CTAs and headlines

Make sure your ad includes CTAs and a solid headline. This will help draw eyes, guide audience interactions, and ensure that you get higher-quality leads.

4. Be clear in your descriptions

Be clear in your descriptions. Craft a caption that explains what your business does, what you’re offering, and what you want people to do. Your description should reflect your ad objective and convey your brand’s voice to the influencer.

  • Use simple language
  • Stand out– be inspirational, funny, or informative
  • Know your audience
  • Follow your brand’s voice
  • Consider length
  • Write eye-catching words at the beginning of the caption
  • Pose a question
write a clear title and describe our ad

5. Set a publish date

You can include a specific date and time in your ad and specify how long your post should remain on the influencer’s Instagram page. This lets influencers know what to expect and reduces the back and forth needed to reach a deal.


Ainfluencer offers a state-of-the-art approach to discover and contact influencers who best suit your marketing strategy. The first step involves creating an ad on the Ainfluencer marketplace.

Create your ad within a couple of easy steps and use AI-powered filters to search for influencers, close the deal, and voila! You have just experienced an influencer marketing strategy at its best.