Navigating Ainfluencer: A Comprehensive Guide to Payment Guidelines – 2024 Update

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If you’re a brand using Ainfluencer, it’s essential to be mindful of its community guidelines and act according to them. One of the most important steps of running campaigns on Ainfluencer is the payment procedure. This payment guideline will help you protect your fund and be safe on the Ainfluencer marketplace.

The most important thing you need to know is that offering or accepting influencers’ offers to pay them outside the platform is not accepted at all.

Here is why you shouldn’t pay influencers outside of the platform:

  1. No Fees: Your fees to the platform are $0 and 0% of payments to Influencers.
  2. Escrow Protection: Your funds will be escrowed and held by Ainfluencer for about five days till it makes sure that the influencer has delivered your campaign and published the post according to the agreed terms.
  3. Refunds: If an influencer doesn’t deliver the campaign according to your requirements, the funds will be refunded to your wallet, and you can cash them out anytime.
  4. Reviews: Getting campaigns done via the platform allows you to leave reviews on the influencer profile for future reference. Also, as a brand, you can view influencers’ previous partnerships, the brands they’ve collaborated with, reviews they’ve garnered, and insights into their social media audience. This information is accessible either on their profile pages or directly within the Chat Inbox where you communicate with them.
  5. Higher Exposure: As you work with more influencers via paid campaigns, your campaign gets ranked higher in the marketplace, and you will get a higher volume of influencers joining your campaign in the future.
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Check out this video to learn more about Ainfluencer’s guidelines:

If an influencer wants you to pay some of the payment upfront and some at the delivery time, just make the whole payment on Ainfluencer at the time of accepting the deal and then let it stay in the escrow. Then, you can communicate in chat about the way the payment will be released, and we will follow up according to your agreement with the influencer for their payouts.

If the influencer insists on paying outside the platform, you can use the “Report Influencer” button on the top right corner of the chat to report them.

If you insist on paying the influencers outside the platform or accept their offers, you’ll have to put up with the following consequences:

  • Your account may get suspended: After not following the commitments 2,3 times, you’ll no longer be a part of Ainfluencer’s community.
  • It affects your campaign’s visibility: Your campaigns will no longer be displayed on Ainfluencer’s search results.

If you face any problem with your payment procedure or wanna discuss something, do not hesitate to contact us.

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