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If you are an Instagram influencer looking to generate more revenue from your page, join Ainfluencer. Browse through thousands of premium branded offers to promote on your Instagram in the Ad Marketplace, and never miss an opportunity to generate revenue.

The Ainfluencer App has all of the tools Instagram influencers need to source and finalize deals with brands.

How can I access the Ad Marketplace?

To access Ainfluencer’s Ad Marketplace, you first have to download the app and register an account. 

After downloading the app, you will be prompted to create an account. Enter a username, password, your Instagram account handle, and a few other details. Once you’ve registered, you will see recent ad listings on the app home screen, and a complete list in the Ad Explorer tab.

Find ads On Ainfluencer

How do I connect with a brand to make an offer?

There are two ways to connect with brands in the marketplace.

  1. You can explore ads through the app. Once you find an Ad that interests you, you can simply click the “Make an Offer” button to get started.
  1. Brands can find you when searching for influencers in their dashboard, and invite you to collaborate.
Make an Offer on Ainfluecner

Ainfluencer Offer terms and definitions:

Influencers or Sellers are users in the Ad Marketplace who provide a service to the Brand or “Buyer” by Publishing a Post on their Instagram page in order to promote the products or services offered by the Buyer.

Offer(s) are exclusive proposals made by either a Buyer or Seller through Ainfluencer.

Offer Chat is the built-in collaboration tool on Ainfluencer that enables real-time communication between Buyers and Sellers once an Offer is initiated.

Offer Details or Offer Details Success Criteria is the interface provided within the Offer Chat to capture the formal agreement between the Seller and Buyer. Offer Details include various requirements for the Published Post including the duration that the Post is made public on the Seller’s page, exclusivity on the page, and more.

At any time after an Offer is initiated, the Offer Details can be acceptedrejected, or revised by either party until such time that an Offer is accepted by both parties.

Offer terms

  • Accepted Offers are Offers that are formally accepted by either the Buyer or Seller. Offers are Accepted when one or both parties selects the ACCEPT OFFER button on the Offer Details screen.
  • Rejected Offers are Offers that are formally rejected by either the Buyer or Seller. Offers are Rejected when one or both parties selects the REJECT OFFER button on the Offer Details screen. A Rejected Offer may be revised by either party in an effort to continue collaborating on the Offer.
  • Paid Offers are Accepted Offers that have been fully paid by the Buyer. By making this payment, the Buyer is agreeing with details outlined in the Accepted Offer.
  • Revenue is the money that Sellers earn from Paid Offer.
  • Cancelled Offers are Paid Offers that are canceled by either the Seller or Buyer prior to Scheduled Post Date.
  • Disputes are disagreements experienced during a Paid Offer between a Buyer and Seller on Ainfluencer.

Post terms

  • Scheduled Post or Scheduled Post Date is the date agreed upon by both parties on the Accepted Offer screen.
  • Successful Post or Delivered Post refers to the published creative assets as per the Paid Offer.
  • Failed Post occurs when the Scheduled Post does not get successfully delivered on the agreed upon date and time outlined in the Paid Offer.

Guide to making an Offer on Ainfluencer:

Sellers can only access brands and ads by first downloading the Ainfluencer app, and creating a profile on it.

Sellers can engage with Buyers in one of two ways:

  1. By accepting an invite from a Buyer
  2. By selecting the Make an Offer option inside the Ainfluencer Ad Marketplace.

Once an offer is initiated between the Buyer and the Seller, the Seller may only use the chat system provided by Ainfluencer to communicate with the Buyer. Efforts to circumvent the chat system or contact the buyer directly will result in the Seller being removed.

An Accepted Offer by both the Seller and Buyer denotes a final agreement between the parties.

Once a Buyer makes a payment, the Post agreed to by both parties will automatically be scheduled to be published on the Seller’s Instagram feed according to the Offer Details. An order may not be canceled by either party after the Post is published. If a Seller is seen to be canceling Paid Offers frequently, this may result in the Seller being reviewed or removed from the platform.

If an order is canceled for any reason, the funds paid will be returned to the Buyer’s Ainfluencer Wallet.

Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the App Wallet page following a safety clearance period after the Offer is successfully posted.

Success Criteria of an Offer on Ainfluencer:

Publishing Dates or Publish Schedule – Refers to the start date or date range the Buyer and Seller agree that the post is to be published on the Seller’s page. If a Date Range is selected, the end date denotes the last possible day in which the post can be published.

Publishing Duration – Refers to the length of time which the Buyer and Seller agree that the Post must stay posted on the Seller’s Instagram page beginning from the agreed upon start date. For example, if the Publishing Date specified is Feb. 14th, and the Publishing Duration is 5 days, then the Post must stay on the Sellers’s Instagram page until Feb 19th.

Exclusivity – Refers to the length of time that the Seller agrees to not post any other content on their Instagram page following the Publish Schedule start date.

Buyer URL on Seller’s Instagram Bio Link – Refers to when the Seller agrees to publish the Buyer’s campaign URL on their Instagram bio link for the Date Range or Publishing Duration of the Post.

Creative Format is the agreed-upon format for the creative delivery of the Post. Options include:

  • Single Image Feed Post
  • Multi-Image Feed Post (Carousel Post)
  • Feed Post with Video
  • Single Image Story Post
  • Multi-Image Story Post
  • Story Post with Video

If the Buyer and Seller wish to have multiple creative formats promoted, then the Buyer should create multiple Ads and invite the Seller to each one, where each Ad specifies the desired creative format.

Pricing Table – Refers to the pre-configured pricing table developed by the Seller either when they register an account or configure it through their Profile screen. The final price is always the one that is negotiated between the Buyer and Seller in the Offer Details screen. Pricing from the Seller’s Pricing Table is used for negotiation purposes only and will not be considered a default price.


  • Sellers can be invited by the Buyer to make an offer on an ad via the built-in email invitation system. Sellers may also make an offer on a given ad through the Ad Marketplace in the Ainfluencer App.
  • Once the Buyer and Seller agree to the terms of an offer, one of the parties may select the Accept Offer option, at which point, the Buyer must make a payment through Ainfluencer in order for the Seller to Publish the Post (Published Post).
  • The payment made by the Buyer is held by Ainfluencer until such time that the Post is Published by the Seller, in accordance with the Offer Details.
  • Sellers must fulfill the agreed upon Offer Details, and may not cancel orders on a regular basis or without cause. Canceling orders will affect sellers’ reputation and status, and may result in being removed or suspended from Ainfluencer.

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