How Can I Start on Ainfluencer as an Influencer?

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Do you wonder why you should use an influencer marketing hub? What does a reliable marketing hub or influencer marketplace such as Ainfluencer do that makes it necessary for you? And how can you start on Ainfluencer as an influencer to enhance your career? Here are the answers.

Whether you are a growing micro influencer with 5K to 1M followers, an aspiring macro influencer with over 1 million followers, or just starting, you can join Ainfluencer for free. Meet brands and browse offers that are an excellent match for your audience, collaborate to develop perfect posts, and receive payments.

One major part of an influencer program for both brands and influencers is to find offers and collaborations with a mutual target audience and niche. Consequently, Ainfluencer allows you to find campaigns and offers that have been filtered by hashtags, keywords, categories, location, and language.  

On top of that, once you start using Ainfluencer as an influencer, there will be no need for DMs or emails. No more arguments over what was posted and when. Also, there will be no more messy payments and collections issues.

Influencers can make money in a safe and robust campaign marketplace. The platform even lets you calculate estimated earnings from your account profile.

Here is a video on how to connect an Instagram account to the Ainfluencer App.

Stay tuned to see how and why you should start on Ainfluencer as an influencer. 

How to start on Ainfluencer as an influencer?

In addition to getting invited to influencer programs, if you are looking for a way to get your hands on the best campaigns and make your own offers to collaborate with brands, you will need to start on Ainfluencer as an influencer ASAP. What you have to do first is download the app and sign up on Ainfluencer. Note that our service on Ainfluencer is 100% free

The following is a step-by-step guide to signing up on Ainfluencer and creating your account as an Influencer.

  • To start on Ainfluencer as an influencer, download the app and fill in the sign-up form by writing your name, email address and creating a password.
download Ainfluencer and sign up for free
  • A code will be sent to the email address you provided for account verification. Enter the code in the verification screen.
verification code
  • After that, enter your Instagram account username, and click on next.
Connect you Instagram account to Ainfluencer
  • You will see your Instagram profile. If the profile shown is yours, select “This is me”.
Verify your Instagram account
  • Choose your country, then click on next.
Choose your country for a more targeted search
  • Turning to your niche, select the category that best describes you as an Influencer and your content.
select your category for a more targeted search

Congrats! Your Ainfluencer account has been created. You can now see the app home page and dashboard.

manage your profile on Ainfluencer

Here, you can edit your profile, add multiple IG accounts to your dashboard, see the insights and analytics related to your engagement rate, check your wallets, and more.

Ainfluencer’s app for influencers - Profile

Why should I start on Ainfluencer as an influencer?

Going down the DIY route as an influencer is not without its drawbacks. Perhaps, learning how a reliable influencer marketing platform helps you will explain more why you should start on Ainfluencer as an influencer.

1. Ainfluencer helps you scale as an influencer

Once you start on Ainfluencer as an influencer, brands can find you through their search by hashtags, keywords, category, location, language, gender, and the number of your followers. 

Now, here is where you can boast about your success and make sure every little progress you make, say, your engagement rate, number of followers, etc., will be set out in your profile so brands can trust you with their promotions a lot more easily. 

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In other words, win thousands of sponsorships by brands, businesses, and eCommerce on Ainfluencer.

After searching for an influencer based on their search filters, brands can access your profile and the following information:

  • Language
  • Country
  • Q-score
  • Estimated price
  • Number of followers and followings
  • Engagement rate  

2. You can have a wide selection of Campaigns on Ainfluencer

Accepting every collaboration that comes your way is probably the biggest mistake you can make. The thing is, you should consider whether or not you and the brand you want to work with share the same values, niche, and similar target followers. 

However, turning down a collaboration could be challenging, especially when you are not presented with many opportunities. 

Therefore, this is another reason you should start on Ainfluencer as an influencer – to feel it is a pretty safe bet that rejecting a collaboration is almost an opportunity to get a better offer. 

To discover thousands of sponsored content opportunities that fit well with your style and audience and from businesses that you care about, go to the explorer tab. Then start the collaboration by making an offer on as many Campaigns as you like. 

Ainfluencer campaigns' description

3. Ainfluencer is safe and convenient to negotiate with brands

Finding a suitable approach to getting in touch with a brand and discussing a business could be more bother than it’s worth.

On Ainfluencer, however, you not only use the chatbox feature to negotiate with brands but also allow Ainfluencer to closely supervise the payments and make sure no issues will be raised later.

Here are different ways to negotiate with brands effectively out of harm’s way.

  • After finding the prospective campaign through the “explorer” tab, you can strike a conversation by pressing the “Make an offer” button. What’s more, you can go to the “explorer” and tap on the “invited” tab to access conversations that brands are trying to engage you in.
  • On the “inbox” tab, you can manage all your conversations to see whether they are pending, accepted, or rejected. On top of that, you can see the published campaigns, failed ones, and deleted accounts. Chat with buyers to finalize the post format (feed or story), creative, caption, price, post publishing date, additional links, and more. The Offer Chat feature is a one-stop-shop for communication, sharing details, collaborating on content, and publishing your post.
inbox Ainfluencer app
  • Go to “Home” and use the Ainfluencer’s built-in offer notifications and simplified workflow ensures that brands respond quickly and accept deals more often.
built-in notifications
  • In terms of minimizing the risk, you should note that your payment is secured before the post is published and held for you. You can also view revenue and campaign stats, and withdraw funds whenever you like. So, having started on Ainfluencer as an influencer, it is guaranteed that you will get paid on time through the App, and never have to chase deposits or balances again. 

4. You can be the most consistent influencer on Ainfluencer

What every brand and business appreciates most is that you never miss a deadline to publish a campaign. Since you may not be working solely on one influencer program, Ainfluencer can significantly help manage all your promotional posts. 

All you need to do is go to the “Scheduler” tab.

  • Your Influencer posts are delivered using an intelligent scheduling system. Input the content, caption, bio links, and publishing/ removal dates. The Ainfluencer’s smart Scheduler will guide the entire process!
  • Stop worrying about posting on time or setting reminders to remove content, and always stay on schedule. It’s all handled by the system.
  • Use the job state filters – “published”, “Awaiting Takedown”, “completed”, and “permanent” –  to manage your posts more effectively. 
  • Have an eye on failed posts – “Failed to publish”, “Failed to remove” – and resolve the issue before long.


Are you looking for an influencer hub that provides you with a whole host of campaigns and offers in a safe platform that payments are guaranteed? Then, start on Ainfluencer as an influencer and use the free service to explore your opportunities, talk to brands, schedule your posts and get the recognition you deserve. 

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