Committing to a Collaboration Campaign & Consequences Of Failing

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With the rise of digital marketing and social media, so does the rise of “influencers”. You influencers would like to monetize your audience as mainstream social media are monetizing their users’ attention.

An influencer marketplace such as Ainfluencer is created to simplify the process for you. Ainfluencer brings 1000s of businesses and brands daily at your fingertip to collaborate with, so you just discover the ones you love to collaborate with.

But is that all?

Of course not.

There are some social responsibilities that you must do in your Instagram partnerships. Otherwise, you should accept its consequences.

Continue reading to find out what these commitments are and what will happen if you do not follow them.

Influencer marketing campaign’s commitments

After finding your ideal brands on Ainfluencer and negotiating with them in the chat box, you have to publish the post according to the agreed terms, which are the discussed date, time, images, caption, hashtags, and other details about the post.

Ainfluencer post details

When you publish the post, Ainfluencer will monitor your post’s quality and performance to make sure it has followed all terms.

To have a better understanding of Ainfluencrer’s guidelines, here’s a video to help you out:

Consequences of not following the commitments

But how can brands ensure that you will honor your commitments and publish the post the way they want?

Signing up on Ainfluencer as an influencer means that you have to follow all the agreed terms. Otherwise, you’ll have to put up with the following consequences:

  1. You won’t get paid: To make things risk-free for both parties, Ainflluencer holds the brand’s paid money securely and won’t release it until it verifies that you have promoted the discussed product or service according to the campaign’s conditions.
  2. Your quality score on Ainfluencer will decrease: Each influencer on Ainfluencer has a quality score, which depends on their overall performance.
Ainfluencer’s quality score

3. It affects your account’s visibility: Your name will no longer be displayed on Ainfluemcer’s search result.


4. Your account may be suspended: After not following the commitments 2,3 times, you’ll no longer be part of Ainfluencer’s community.

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Keep these points in mind and try to honor all your campaign’s commitments. If you have any problem publishing your post, contact us or schedule a walkthrough session so that our support team can help you. We would always be happy to have you in our community.

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