How to Create Powerful Deals with Brands? [Influencers Guide]

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Apart from how compelling your social media content is, you should be able to sell your offer to brands. As an influencer, you should know that you are not the only person brands invite to collaborate. It’s your power of negotiation and creativity that can make you stand out from the crowd and create powerful deals with brands. You may wonder how it is possible. Here are some tips to help you have a better collaboration with brands.

Before getting into the tips, you should know how brands can find you for collaboration. If you still don’t know how to become more discoverable to brands and companies, opt for using an influencer marketing platform like Ainfluencer.

How to Receive Invitations from Brands? 

To expose your name to more brands and businesses, you should be available where they search for influencers. As mentioned, influencer marketing platforms are helpful tools to connect brands and influencers for a successful collaboration. At Ainfluencer, we offer free access to brands to connect with thousands of influencers in different niches. Therefore, you can increase your chance of getting brand invitations and offers by joining the Ainfluencer influencer community.

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Tips to Create a Powerful Connection with Brands 

Now that you have created an account on Ainfluencer, it’s time to learn how you can get noticed by brands and maximize your potential.

Tips to Create a Powerful Connection with Brands 
Tips to Create a Powerful Connection with Brands 

1. Offer Promotions on Other Platforms 

If you are available on different platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, you can offer brands to share their content on other platforms. By promoting brands across multiple platforms, you can help them reach a wider range of audiences, and increase their brand engagement

Furthermore, giving such offers will be highly appealing to brands because they can maximize their visibility on different platforms and gain more audience. Additionally, such promotions can show you are experienced in your job and know what can increase brand awareness and sales.

2. Be Flexible with Revisions

It is normal for a brand to ask for revisions on ideas or content of the campaign they want to run. They may make these changes multiple times. Accordingly, to create powerful deals with brands, you should be flexible with these revisions and align your content with what they offer. By doing this, you show the brand you care about the result of the campaign. Therefore, they are more likely to choose you for their next collaborations too. Furthermore, you have more chances of becoming their brand ambassador. 

3. Publish Promotions in Different Intervals  

One of the best tricks to improve your chance of creating powerful deals with brands is offering repeated content publishing. It means you promote their products or services at different intervals, for example, one now and the other next month. 

This will make your audience remember the brand’s name and offers, which is more attractive to brands because they want to be memorable to more people and increase their sales. Accordingly, it is more helpful to them if the same audience hears their names after a while.

However, you should note that your content for each promotion should be different so your audience won’t get bored. Furthermore, even if the brand doesn’t offer such a promotion, you can present to them how powerful it is to show you are aware of all types of content marketing. 

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Note that you should know when is the best time to post on Instagram to get the most from your promotions. Furthermore, knowing about the Instagram algorithm can be also helpful to make your content become viral and reach more engagement. 

4. Improve your Storytelling Talent 

People like to hear stories, and that’s one of the reasons they follow different accounts on social media. Additionally, they want to see themselves in the story and feel the moment. That’s what you can give your audience by improving your storytelling talent. Here are some tips that can make your promotions natural and narrative:

  • Share your experience with using a product or service. It is better to take your time to learn all about the product to promote its different aspects.
  • Tell them how this product or service has changed your life positively. Does it have any specific feature that is effective for someone’s daily life? Or does the company offer anything special among its products? Add your storytelling talent to create a bond between your audience and whatever you offer.
  • You can also employ your storytelling capabilities by creating a collaborative video with the brand. This way, you can make the brand feel it is part of the promotion and more engaged with its target audience.

Give your opinions and stories to the brand. When you try your best to connect your audience and brand, you show that you are professional in this position. Therefore, the brand will count on your opinions about promotions next time.  

5. Make Your Audience Feel They Are Special 

You should note that as an influencer, it’s also your job to care about your audience. Your channel is not all about making your audience buy something. You should have great offers to them, so they feel special about following you. Therefore, make your promotion so that it gives them exclusive access and experience.

For this purpose, you should negotiate with brands to offer something special to your audience to make them increase their sales, with even the minimum discount they give to people who buy their products with your name or code.

6. Give Creative Ideas 

Most brands are sick of all the old and repetitive ideas influencers have. You should be more creative if you want to set yourself apart from general influencers. Therefore, you can brainstorm with your team or even the brand’s marketing team to produce unique content to attract more people.

Bottom Line 

It’s crucial to know how to stand out in the crowded world of thousands of influencers. As an influencer, you should know how to turn the brand’s invitation into a deal. Therefore, in this post, we’ve mentioned tips that can help you learn more about how to create powerful deals with brands. Since brands are looking for new ways to introduce themselves to more people, you should be more creative, have innovative ideas, and offer new methods to show them you are up to date in this world and they can count on you.

Furthermore, at Ainfluencer, it’s important to us that brands and influencers create a successful collaboration. Accordingly, we will always give influencers innovative ideas, tips, and strategies to implement in their collaborations and get better offers. So, by joining Ainfluencer, you have more chances to become a successful and well-known influencer on Instagram and TikTok.

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What Does Brand Deal Mean?

When we talk about a brand deal, it means any partnership or collaboration between the brand and the creator. However, in some cases, a brand deal may lead to a sponsorship too. 

What Are the Different Types of Brand Deals?

Brands usually make three types of deals which are co-marketing, co-branding, and sponsorship. Generally, before they send the campaign invitation to the creators, they decide upon the type of deal they want. 

How to Collaborate with Brands?

Social media is a competitive world. That’s why brands and companies seek influencers to collaborate with and promote their products or services. Consequently, if you want to collaborate with brands, you should be visible to them. Let them discover you on influencer marketing platforms like Ainfluencer