4 new tips for Instagram algorithm works in 2022

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Instagram is surpassing from a simple photo-sharing app to multiple purposes social media to help users discover all relevant content posted, such as new products, services, and entertainment.

 For marketers to market their Instagram business, reach users to their needs and desires, and help them not become bewildered in choosing the right Instagram pages and minimize the idle time on the platform, the Instagram algorithm works.

 When 90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram, it goes without saying that brands should know how to manage this Instagram completion by doing the right marketing actions.

The only thing that marketers should know to succeed in their Instagram marketing is going with Instagram algorithm change to update their marketing strategies to win this game.

As Instagram businesses know that the Instagram algorithm keeps changing and impacting their marketing performance, they need to learn how it works differently for feed posts, stories, the Explore page, IGTV videos, and Reels. So we are here to make this algorithm easy to understand as one of the most important Instagram hacks.

Table of content

  • Instagram feed algorithm in 2022
  • Instagram story algorithm in 2022
  • Instagram hashtag algorithm in 2022
  • Instagram explore page algorithm in 2022
  • 7 Effective ways to hit the Instagram algorithm

How does the Instagram algorithm work in2022

Gone are the days when the Instagram algorithm works based on the chronological rule that shows everyone’s Instagram feed in an organized way. Obviously, as an Instagram marketer, there is a big requirement to stand out; meanwhile, the Instagram algorithm acts mysteriously.

Separate from the Instagram algorithm that is ever-changing, understanding your audience is the first step of cutting through the Instagram noises to become a champion Instagrammer.

 The new Instagram algorithm is highly effective in driving Instagram engagement and letting brands stay on their feet. Therefore the battle is on the head of key factors that Instagram algorithm changes to help brands better appear at the top of Instagram users feed?

Instagram feed algorithm

1.     Instagram feed algorithm in 2022

Based on three prominent factors  Instagram feed algorithm can change and distinctively arrange every Instagrammer feed.

  • Relationship:

Instagram’s relationship includes the history of engagements a user made with other accounts. You follow the most important accounts, such as your friends, family, and favorite accounts. The algorithm will consider a meaningful connection to which types of accounts and followers are preferable for you or better interact with. Finding the relationship can be discovered by the algorithm via the following, you might have, from the accounts you like their content, Send direct message, Search for and know in real life.

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Tip: Instagram builds this relationship just after an Instagram user follows a new account and shows you their content in your feed.

  • Interest:

An Instagram feed is all about an overview of your Instagram manners you have already had so far. It consists of two kinds of posts: your following accounts and the other Instagram posts you have already liked.

Interests mean interaction because users determine which kinds of accounts and content they want to interact with. Interaction on Instagram includes the Instagram tag in posts, the posts you like and comment on, shares, and saves. The algorithm wants to let the people the posts they want and enjoy.

Tip: One effective way to make Instagrammers interact with your content is post consistency

  • Timeliness:

Separate from increasing Instagram engagement, the Instagram algorithm focuses on the latest posts that have been just published on the platform. The Instagram algorithm update recommends the best time to post to serve the Instagrammers with the latest content. The newer, the better because brands can grow their Instagram pages easier by tracking the best time to post on Instagram, leading to increased reach and getting likes and followers on Instagram.

Tip: knowing more about your audience demographic can help Instagram businesses know when to post on Instagram and generate more Instagram engagements.

2.     Instagram story algorithm in 2022

Instagram story algorithm works simple and useful to increase more engagement. Instagram users can only view the stories of the accounts upper their feed that mostly interacts with. For instance, If you like, share, or comment on the Instagram accounts, you most prefer to follow their stories immediately appear above your Instagram profile.

Within Instagram stories, brands can put their activities. In front of many eyes, it is really more thoughtful of Instagram businesses to consider the Instagram story as a great way to increase their account’s exposure. The more Instagram stories they share, the more promotion Instagram posts deliver and announce important events along with timeliness.

3.     Instagram hashtag algorithm in 2022

Using Instagram, hashtags still work to beat the Instagram algorithm and grow your Instagram account.  Finding the best Instagram hashtags can affect the Instagram algorithm to better your post reach the Instagram explore page.

By considering the right set of keywords, the algorithm can better discover your content category to reach your target users. This is one of the best practices for creating Instagram organic growth.

  • Niche-specific hashtags
  • Relevant hashtags
  • Branded  hashtags
  • Community and industry hashtags
The hands of men with text hashtags Premium Photo

Are necessary to not only promote your Instagram business but also move based on Instagram algorithm prerequisites.   So taking advantage of engaging, compelling content plus perfect hashtag strategy can ease the accessibility of the Instagram audience to relevant content.

To optimize and popular your profile, you need to promote your content with a set of hashtags strategy that delivers the new audience the relevant photos, captions, and content.

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4.     Instagram explore page algorithm in 2022

To get on the Instagram Explore page, you must have at least 1k followers to reach a highly-targeted audience, increase brand awareness, and attract more followers and customers.

Although every user on Instagram has a specific amount of following accounts, the Instagram explore page is useful for showing and organizing the most relevant Instagram content based on each Instagram user’s interest and much time spent. It works as a great indicator to form user and accounts relationships and effectively promote your Instagram business.

Tip: Two critical factors that are crucial to your success  are content strategy and Instagram engagement, which refer to:

  • The number of getting tagged
  • The appropriate hashtags you used
  • The shares and saves your posts receive
  • Time spent on your profile
  • The quality of words in your captions and visual content
Instagram Explore Page

7 Effective ways to hit the Instagram algorithm

1. Run Instagram Explore ads

Probably, it might take out time to grow organic on the Instagram platform and come up on the explore page. In this case, running Instagram explore ads could work best to create an Instagram feed explore ad on this social network, available in different format ads such as single photo and video ads, Instagram carousel and collection ads, and stories ads. But Instagram Explore feed ads don’t appear in the Explore feed ads only appear after a user taps an Explore photo or video.

2. Make the most of Instagram insight and analytics

Instagram insight gives brands or business accounts a detailed view to better know their audience and act according to what they want you can analyze and need. Put your audience needs in priority if you want to see immediate Instagram growth. Nothing like best-performing posts analysis can help achieve fast results in succeeding with the Instagram algorithm.

It would also be a good idea to analyze competitors’ accounts in a similar niche to note their best-performing posts. Here, tips include finding the type of posts, hashtags, and other secret points of these posts and accounts.

3. Consider Instagram stories tips

Instagram stories features are interactive tools to drive more engagement and connect brands with their audience because they are more accessible and visible for Instagram users. These features include using Instagram Stories polls, different question stickers, location tags, story filters, and effects essential to expanding your Instagram posts on many users’ minds. By using new Instagram stories features, brands can engage in their Instagram stories, simultaneously boosting your feed posts’ engagement.

The Instagram algorithm recommends following one specific topic around the Instagram app for easier categorization and attracting the target audience.  Creating engaging video and photo content can make your post viral in your niche and more bound to reach the explore feed. .  Try not to be .bombarded with brand information to gain exposure and connect with customers.

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The things that let you do it efficiently would be rich content marketing to better match the trends, events, and news around the platform. Creating an Instagram persona also is a big help to create the best possible high-quality posts based on audience tastes. In this situation, each brand needs to follow a consistent voice to easily be recognized when it appears on the explore page.

  • Following consistent hashtags
  • Engaging, compelling captions
  • Creating more engaging  video content

5. Go on Instagram post consistency

Consistency means you are alive and active in the vast Instagram world, but it does not mean you have to fill your Instagram feed with too much content to prove that you are going to beat the Instagram algorithm.

Every business on Instagram should research for the best time to post based on trial and error, discover how to be more consistent with the posting strategy by considering audience preferences, and the time their audience is most active extracted from Instagram insight and analytics.

Instagram Analytics

According to Kicksta, the best time to post to stand out and appear on users’ feeds.

  • Best Time/Day: Friday morning (9 am)
  • Best Engagement: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during work hours (8-5 pm)
  • Lowest Engagement: Saturday and Sunday – Most people have these days off from work, are more present in real-life activities, and therefore not as active on social media

6. Use top Instagram tools for Instagram growth

Instagram growth is the key to having a successful business on the platform. So, an Instagram growth service tool is what everyone is looking for, right? Every Instagram business account for quick progress should know some Instagram marketing tools to better market performance.

Managing Instagram growth is a difficult task to bear so it would be best to get the help of a powerful Instagram management service to grow their followers, boost engagement, and generate more revenue. On the other hand, it can serve businesses with different a great Instagram post scheduler to ease the post publishment.

AiGrow Instagram scheduler
Source: aigrow

7. Run Instgaram contests or giveaways

A contest or giveaway is one of the most popular and proven ways to increase more engagement that leads to getting on Instagram explore feed sooner than your expectation. This Instagram marketing strategy is more effective for new Instagram influencers or those who want to spread their identity in a short time on Instagram. The major purpose of running contests is to get likes on Instagram, Instagram follows, and tag friends in comments to grow an account following and increase brand awareness.


The best way brands can grow on Instagram is to keep an eye on the Instagram algorithm updates and changes that are more likely to happen once in a while. So, they need to make a great Instagram engagement by generating relevant content for the audience and improving the engagement to push algorithms naturally push the content, and therefore, the account. Remember that Instagram’s main attempt is to provide the best experience for users.