How to Make Money on Pinterest in 2024

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Using social media usually equals facing one of the best opportunities to make money. This is one of the reasons why most people join platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in the first place. Besides these platforms, one platform that is less widely recognized for its money-making potential is Pinterest. Many people use Pinterest but don’t know much about it. If you want to know how to make money on Pinterest, keep reading

No matter if you’re already a Pinterest influencer or just want to start making money on Pinterest. Stay with us until the end of this article to learn some of the best techniques.

How to Make Money on Pinterest?

Making money on Pinterest can be approached in various ways, particularly if you have a considerable following and engage with a specific niche. Here are the best techniques and methods:

How to Make Money on Pinterest
How to Make Money on Pinterest

1. Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing? Here’s a simple way: pick products you like, get special company links, and share them on your Pinterest. 

When people click your links and buy stuff, you earn a commission. It’s a cool way to make money by recommending things you enjoy. 

2. Create and Sell Products

When we talk about ‘product,’ we mean that if you have a creative side, you can design and sell your own products. These products could be digital, such as printable (like artwork or planners) and e-books, or physical items that fit into popular categories on Pinterest (like fashion, home decor, or crafts). This is how to make money on Pinterest by simply posting products.

On top of that, this is a great way to make money as an influencer. It’s all about using your creative skills to craft something valuable and appealing, resonating with the interests of the Pinterest community. 

By selling your products on Pinterest, you have the opportunity to showcase your creations to a wider audience and, in turn, potentially earn income from your creative pursuits.

3. Collaborate with Brands

If more people start following you on platforms like Pinterest, brands might want to work with you. They could pay you to promote their products or services on your boards. 

4. Offer Services

How to make money on Pinterest through offering services? If you’re skilled at something like consulting, writing, or graphic design, use Pinterest to showcase your abilities. Create boards featuring examples of your work to build a professional and impressive profile. It’s a straightforward method to attract clients and enhance your professional presence.

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5. Monetize a Blog or Website

The next method is through a blog or website. When people visit your site, you can make money through ads, sponsored content, or selling stuff. However, the choice of methods depends on your niche and the goals of your content.

6. Create Sponsored Content

When many people follow you, brands might pay you to show off their products. So, they could ask you to make content featuring their products, and in return, you might get paid or receive freebies. 

7. Participate in Group Boards

Join boards on Pinterest that are about things you like. If you’re into cooking or travel, find those boards. More people see your posts on these boards because many people share there. It’s like being part of a big group where your pictures and ideas get noticed by more people who like the same things you do.

How to Make Money Through Collaborations

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Now that you know how to make money on Pinterest, whether it’s by promoting products, selling your own stuff, partnering with brands, or driving traffic to your blog, Pinterest offers opportunities for earning income. Just focus on sharing what you love, building a following, and exploring ways to turn your interests into money-making ventures.


1. Can You Get Paid from Pinterest?

Pinterest doesn’t pay you directly. But you can make money using features like product tagging, affiliate links, or brand partnerships. These features allow you to reach out to brands and explore opportunities for collaboration.

2. How Many Followers Do You Need On Pinterest To Make Money?

Making money on Pinterest isn’t just about the number of followers you have. While a larger following can help, it’s not the only factor. The key is to engage your audience and create high-quality content. 
As we said, people earn money on Pinterest through various ways like affiliate marketing, selling products, collaborations with brands, or monetizing a blog or website. 

Whether you have a small or large following, having an active and interested community is crucial. Focus on building relationships with your followers, providing value, and exploring different ways to monetize that resonate with your niche and audience. It’s the combination of a dedicated following and effective monetization strategies that can lead to earning money on Pinterest.


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